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Grants:PEG/WM PH/Philippine WikiCon 2012

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2011-12. This is a grant to an organization.

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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Philippines, Inc.
Grant contact name
Roel Balingit
Grant contact username or email
Namayan / roel.balingit@wikimedia.org.ph
Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name
Roel Balingit
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Project manager
Full project name
Philippine WikiConference 2012
Amount requested in USD or local currency (USD will be assumed if no other currency is specified)
PHP 373,500 (USD 8,890)
Provisional target start date
May 15, 2012
Provisional completion date
June 15, 2012

Budget breakdown

Category Allotment (PHP) Amount in USD
($1 ≈ ₱42)
Meals and beverages 50,000 1,190 Around 50-60 participants is earmarked to attend the conference, as a contingency measure it is preparing to have as much as 80 participants.
  • Will cover light breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner a round of drinks on May 26.
  • Will cover dinner on May 25, breakfast and lunch on May 27 of participants who have availed of participation grant.
Venue 25,000 595 Includes rental of venue with 4 conference rooms. Venue provided over 70% discount as an ex-deal to help and teach them create Wikipedia articles.
Office supplies 3,000 70 Materials to be used during the conference.
Offline Wikipedia CDs/Promotional materials 3,000 70 Promotional material to be given away during conference
Participation grant 267,500 6,370 This would be available to chapter paying members for at least a year, administrators and contributors (with deep significant editing history) of Philippine language Wikipedias (en, tl, ceb, war, pam, bcl, pag, ilo, cbk-zam and possibly hil). About 30 participation grants are set to be provided.
  • Round-trip travel expenses (average round-trip airfare is around ₱6,000 ($145) × 30 pax = ₱180,000 ($4,285)
  • 2-day accommodation ₱2,500 ($60/pax for 2 days) × 30 pax = ₱75,000 ($1,785)
  • Accommodation for 5-man organizing committee ₱12,500 ($300)
Laptop rental for Workshop 20,000 475 An editing workshop will be held during the conference for those who have no experience in Wikipedia editing. Whole day laptop rental is ₱1,500 ($35), discounts will be worked out to obtain a lower rate.
Incidentals 5,000 120 Include allowance for four ushers at ₱500 ($12) each, and other emergency expenses.
Total 373,500 8,890

Project goals

Philippine WikiConference

The goal of the 2012 Philippine WikiConference is to gather local Philippine Wikimedians to discuss/present various Wikipedia/Wikimedia related topics (see program below) among its participants. It also targets to entice Wikimedians become members of Wikimedia Philippines to have a concerted effort in developing Philippine content in Wikimedia projects.

WikiCon 2012 will also showcase the chapter's projects and its strategic plans and help its non-Manila based members plan and execute projects in their localities. This is earmarked to jump start regional (non-Manila centered) activities and further the reach of the chapter whose members are mostly Manila based.

Other than the Tagalog Wikipedia, the seven other Philippine language Wikipedia projects are hardly growing, this Conference will gather the administrators and editors which have significant editing history to awaken their Wikipedia projects, solicit their feedback and sentiments as to what assistance the chapter can provide them in order to awaken and hasten the content development of their respective Wikipedia projects.

Most of all, it will test the capabilities of the Chapter to hold a conference and/or discussions that are simultaneously held to see if it can host international Wikimedia conference/gatherings in the Philippines in the future.

Project scope and list of activities


The 2012 Philippine WikiConference will be held in the morning of May 26. Though it has been noticed that discussions may be limited and compressed, WMPH will cover a great number of discussions that would be very important for the local Wikimedia community. Initially intended to be a two-day conference, the chapter deemed it necessary to test itself first in holding such a conference, before embarking on a grander conference.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in the afternoon of the same day, which will help ensure participation of its members, current and new alike as they are already in the same venue, ensuring a quorum to help vote on important propositions as well as the first Board election since the Chapter was established in 2012. To note, preparations were quite delayed as we had to hurdle a legal requirement to move the Annual General Meeting to another date (originally May 19 or third Saturday of May as indicated in the Bylaws).


  • May 7: Registration formally opens, invitation is sent out to admins and active editors with deep contribution history of Philippine language Wikipedias (en, tl, ceb, war, pam, bcl, pag, ilo, cbk-zam).
  • May 10: Invitation is sent out to members of Wikimedia Philippines together with the agenda of the Annual General Meeting and the text of the propositions to be voted on.
  • May 16: Last day of registration of participants seeking participation grants
  • May 25: Arrival of participants availing participation grant.
  • May 26: Conference proper (morning to afternoon) / WMPH Annual Meeting (afternoon)
  • May 27: Departure of participants who have availed of participation grants.


Philippine WikiConference 2012
Plenary Area
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Breakfast / Onsite Registration
Opening of Philippine WikiConference 2012
Wikipedia Historiography and the Wikimedia Movement
Wikipedia in the Philippines
Chapter Projects
  • GLAM
  • Philippine Wikipedias Expansion Project
  • other projects
Challenges of Local Wikipedias
Improving Philippine Content
Workshop: How to contribute to Wikipedia
  • Basic editing
  • Pillars of Wikipedia, What not to write
Wikipedia in Campuses
Building Regional Wikimedia Communities
Editor Retention
Beyond Wikipedia: Contributing to Other Wikimedia Projects
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Wiktionary, other Wikimedia Projects
  • Map creation
Project Planning
Project planning and strategies for Wikimedia Communities
Pre-Annual General Meeting Sessions
Membership Orientation
Proposed Expense Policy / Revised Bylaws Open Discussion
Debriefing / Feedback / Closing of WikiConference 2012
Break / Onsite Registration for attendees of Annual General Meeting only
Annual General Meeting Proper
  • Call to order
  • Validation of Quorum
  • Agenda
  • Reading of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
  • Adoption of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
  • Affirmation of Amendments in 2011
  • 2011 President's Report
  • 2011 Treasurer's Report
  • Presentation of Revised Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation
  • Adoption of Revised Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation
  • Presentation of Expense Policy
  • Adoption of Expense Policy
  • Call for Candidates/Presentation of Board/Auditor Candidates
Recess / Familiarization with Candidates
  • Election of Board Members/Announcement
  • Presentation/Open Forum about Strategic Plan (2012-2017)
  • Adjournment
Socials/Dinner (Venue: TBD)

Participation grant


The chapter intends to provide an opportunity for its members who are based outside Manila to participate in the Philippine WikiConference and the Annual General Meeting, to solicit their feedback and suggestions for the assistance the chapter can provide them in developing content. As such participation grants will depend on their involvement in the projects:

  • Contribution history: They will qualify for participation grant, as long they have not been inactive for 365 days for contributors, 550 days for administrators as measured here AND:
    • Tagalog and Cebuano Wikipedia: at least 500 edits
    • Waray-Waray, Kapampangan, Ilokano, Pangasinan, Chavacano, Central Bicolano Wikipedia: at least 100 edits
    • Certain considerations may also be made to ensure at least each local language Wikipedia is represented by two participants.
  • Chapter membership: If at least a member for a year and is currently a regular (paying) member.

Those availing participation grants must attend both WikiConference and Annual General Meeting as a condition for their grants.

Fare coverage

  • Air travel – will be provided if regular travel (by land/sea) time is greater than 6 hours.
  • Accommodation – will be in a nearby budget hotel. Check-in by May 25, check out by May 27. Consideration for accommodation may also be given depending on the availability of earliest trips/flights back home.

Non-financial requirements


Video message of Sue Gardner for the participants of the conference.

Fit to strategy


This project will help the chapter in fulfilling its plans to:

  • Increase participation – WikiCon 2012 will definitely gather longtime contributors and potential contributors, this will be a forum for them to exchange ideas in a free flowing discussion centered on the topics provided in the program below. To ensure continuity of the projects, the chapter would be tapping university students who are younger than the average age of editors so they will already be immersed in the projects by the time they reach the age of 22.
  • Develop Philippine language Wikipedias – It has long been a plan to turn around the stunted growth of Philippine language Wikipedias, however contributors couldn't find a direction on how this should be done. The chapter is taking the lead to obtain their input, knowing that they know well their respective projects and the available infrastructure and institutions in the heartland of their respective languages. In this way WMPH could assist in coming up with projects that are best suited in their localities where their languages are spoken. Aggressive promotion, contact with key institutions would be needed but this would have to be done in the pace and capabilities of their communities (outside Manila).
  • Implement projects that are in line with its purposes – As a matter of compliance, WMPH is required to have projects that are in line with its objectives as stipulated in its Bylaws. With the chapter on its second year, it intends to fulfill this by making sure that it develops projects that directly targets existing and potential contributors that will benefit Wikimedia projects.
  • Address hounding issues – There are issues hounding local Wikipedia projects like translation and orthography which have resulted into lengthy online discussions that have not been resolved. Sometimes these disputes result into the discontinuance of contributions to the projects. With the WikiConference, editors will be face-to-face to settle these issues and come up with a compromise if not permanent resolutions.
  • Attract new chapter members – the viability of projects will rest upon the availability of volunteers, at the moment there are 61 chapter members which is a sweet number to ensure that there are volunteers to carry out projects and will not overstretch the chapter officers. A successful organization is an organization with a good number of members because it means they are creating an impact in the community. The conference will tackle and clear out a lot of misconceptions and confusions about Wikipedia/Wikimedia projects especially among potential members. It will also present what the chapter is doing so the members can find their niche in the organization.
  • Tap members with potentials – With the presentation of various projects during the conference, this will provide an opportunity for volunteers to come forward and choose which projects they would like to be part of and what can they commit to do. In the recent months professionals have been signing up with the needed skills that WMPH could tap in order to help professionalize further the organization.
  • Become a certified "Donee Institution" – The agenda includes the ratification of a new Bylaws for WMPH, which incorporates provisions required the chapter needs in order to comply with the other requirements to become a "Donee Institution".
    Donations in the Philippines are taxed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) following a progressing matrix of taxation[1], but in order for donations to non-profit organization not to be taxed, the organization has to be a certified "Donee Institution". The Philippine Council for NGO Certification is a private network of NGOs responsible for endorsing an NGO if its meets the requirements to become a "Donee Institution". Among its minimum requirements, as provided in BIR Revenue Regulation No. 13-98:
    • Administrative costs does not exceed 30% of expenses in a fiscal year (for 2 years), as shown in its Financial Statements and an explicit provision to this effect must be included in its Bylaws;
    • Explicit provision on:
      • Trustees do not receive any compensation ( already existing)
      • The distribution of the organizations asset to another similarly oriented NGO upon its dissolution
      • No part of the organization's property or income shall inure to the benefit of any member, officer or any individual person

Other benefits

  • WMPH would be to pass the much needed amendments to its Bylaws in the Annual general meeting that follows to meet the requirements to become a certified NGO, which will pave the way for donations to it to be tax free.
  • The expenses incurred in these activities will help boost WMPH bid to meet the requirements to be a certified non-profit organization, whose admin expenses do not exceed 30 percent of its expenses in their fiscal year. A certified non-profit organization will allow donations to it to be free of Donor's Tax as indicated under "Revenue Regulation 13-98."
  • The Department of Education would be implementing a Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education beginning 2012 using the 12 largest regional languages, eight of which have their respective Wikipedia projects.[2] WMPH should seize this opportunity to develop content and work with the Department of Education and show them the Wikipedia platform where teacher can develop topics for students.

Measures of success


This activity will be considered a success if:

  • attended by 50-60 participants, of which at least 30 are non-Manila based or contributors of Philippine language Wikipedias
  • the setting up of a Wikipedia campus organization within 6 months
  • 10 additional new chapter members
  • 2 non-Manila based activities initiated by members from outside of Manila