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Grants:PEG/WM RS/Wikimedia CEE Conference 2012

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2012-13. This is a grant to an organization.

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Legal name of chapter or nonchapter group
Wikimedia Serbia
Grant contact name
Mile Kiš
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
General secretary
Project lead name
Mile Kiš
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Wikimedia CEE Conference 2012
Amount requested in EUR
Provisional target start date
Provisional completion date

Budget breakdown[edit]

Please note that the budget breakdown will be in Serbian dinar (RSD) for exact calculation, US dollar and EUR value only for comparison purpose.
Rate: 1 USD ~ 91 RSD; 1 EUR ~ 114 RSD

Preparation & Fundraising[edit]

A No Preparation and fund raising Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR) Comment
1 Communication cost (cellular and fax) 2 persons 3 months 2,000.00 6,000.00 65.93 52.363 covered by WMRS
2 Print and papers 3 months 1,000.00 3,000.00 32.97 26.32 covered by WMRS
Subtotal RSD 9,000.00 USD 98.90 EUR 78.95

Crew's training[edit]

B No Crew's training Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR) Comment
1 Auditorium rent cost (beginners training and advanced training) 2 auditorium 2 days 20,000.00 40,000.00 439.56 350.88 covered by Dom Omladine
2 Trainer meals and transportation 2 persons 2 days 2,000.00 4,000.00 43.96 35.09 covered by WMRS
3 Snackes & refreshments (beginners and advance training) 10 persons 2 day 2,000.00 4,000.00 43.96 35.09 covered by WMRS
4 Papers 12 persons 2 days 1,000.00 2,000.00 21.98 17.54 covered by WMRS
Subtotal RSD 50,000.00 USD 549.45 EUR 438.60

Accommodation, meals and transportation for the organizers[edit]

C No Accommodation and meals Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR) Comment
1 Accommodation 1 apartment 4 days 7,980.00 31,920.00 350.77 280.00
2 Meals 4 persons 4 days 8,000.00 32,000.00 351.65 280.70
3 Transport for Home-Belgrade-Home 55,000.00 604.40 482.46 Budget for 4 persons (2 from Serbia and 2 from abroad) possible changes after the election of all the organizers
Subtotal RSD 118,920.00 USD 1,306.81 EUR 1,043.16


  • The organizers have to come a few days before the conference. Rent a hotel room for several people for several days is much more expensive than renting apartments. Also, in Hotel we do not have a work space. The apartments can be easier for organize our work. Here we present the price of accommodation and meals for days before Conference.

Meals for crew[edit]

D No Breakfast & Lunch Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Breakfast & Lunch 10 persons 2 days 700.00 14,000.00 153.85 122.81
Subtotal RSD 14,000.00 USD 153.85 EUR 122.81


  • Many volunteers and staff who will be in this Congress will come to work several hours before the arrival of other participants, and stay more after their departure. There is several people from Dom omladine (security, technical staff ...) and it would be good to give them a meal. Staff from the venue usually eaten at separately time of their choosing.

Accommodation for participants[edit]

E No Accommodation Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Hotel rooms 50 persons 3 nights 4,560.00 684,000.00 7,516.48 6,000.00
Subtotal RSD 684,000.00 USD 7,516.48 EUR 6,000.00


  • Here are shown the individual and the total cost of accommodating for 50 people, One night for one person is ~40€ (tax and breakfast included). This is only an optional number of participants that includes two delegates from thirty countries. The final number may be changed. In this total cost, probably is several people from chapters who can support their delegates.

Meals for participants[edit]

F No Meals for participants Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Lunch 55 persons 2 days 1,938.00 213,180.00 2,342.64 1,870.00
Subtotal RSD 213,180.00 USD 2,342.64 EUR 1,870.00

Snacks & refreshments[edit]

G No Snacks & refreshments Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Juice, water, coffee, snacks and plasticware during the break-time 65 persons 2 days 45,500.00 91,000.00 1,000.00 798.25
Subtotal RSD 91,000.00 USD 1,000.00 EUR 798.25

Technical equipment[edit]

H No Technical equipment Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR) Comment
1 Video projectors with projection screen 2 units 2 days 7,500.00 15,000.00 164.84 131.58 one by WMRS, two needed more
2 Laptop 2 units 2 days 5,000.00 10,000.00 109.89 87.72 one by WMRS, two needed more
3 Cables 4 units 1,200.00 4,800.00 52.75 42.11
4 Flipchart table 2 unis 10,000.00 20,000.00 219.78 175.44 one by WMRS, two needed more
Subtotal RSD 49,800.00 USD 547.25 EUR 436.84

Name tags[edit]

I No Name tags Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Name tags 65 persons 120.00 7,800.00 85.71 68.42
Subtotal RSD 7,800.00 USD 85.71 EUR 68.42

Program leaflets[edit]

J No Program leaflets Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Program leaflets 70 units 100.00 7,000.00 76.92 61.40
Subtotal RSD 7,000.00 USD 76.32 EUR 61.40


K No Venue Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR) Comment
1 Venue 1 venue 2 days 342,000.00 684,000.00 7,516.48 6,000.00 covered by Dom Omladine
2 Technical support 3 persons 2 days 51,300.00 563.74 450.00 covered by Dom Omladine
3 WiFi 2 day 10,000.00 20,000.00 219,78 175,44
4 Security 2 persons 2 days 17,100.00 187.91 150.00 covered by Dom Omladine
5 Cleaners 2 persons 2 days 5,000.00 10,000.00 109.89 87.72 covered by Dom Omladine
6 Decorations of venue (posters, etc.) 2 persons 2 days 22,800.00 250.55 200.00
Subtotal RSD 805,200.00 USD 8,848.35 EUR 7,063.16


L No Gifts Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 T-shirts 65 units 1,000.00 65,000.00 714.29 570.18
2 Bags 65 units 500.00 32,500.00 357.14 285.09
3 Pens 65 units 100.00 6,500.00 71.43 57.02
Subtotal RSD 104,000.00 USD 1,142.86 EUR 912.28

Press conference and Social events[edit]

M No Events Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Press conference (venue, promo paterials, posters, cataring, etc.) 1 press conference 50,000.00 50.000.00 549.45 438.60
2 Welcome event and early registration (Friday) 1 event 60,000.00 60,000.00 359.34 526.32
3 Socila event (Saturday) 1 event 70,000.00 70,000.00 769.23 614.04
Subtotal RSD 180,000.00 USD 1,978.02 EUR 157.95

Miscellaneous expenses and fee for organisators[edit]

N No Miscellaneous expenses Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Miscellaneous expenses 100,000.00 1,098.90 877.19
2 Bookkeeper 1 person 2 months 15,000.00 15,000.00 164.84 131.58
Subtotal RSD 115,000.00 USD 1,263.74 EUR 1,008.77


  • Miscellaneous expenses are unplanned costs for emergency situations or costs incurred due to differences in exchange rate. These are actually reserves of money and we will send it back if there is no need for them.
  • Bookkeeper: Serbian law requires that we have to have bookkeeper or someone who will take care about taxes and other national legal regulations about money. This can be very expensive, but we find an accountant who will give us a big discount. (This same bookkeeping agency worked for us several times)

Traveling and Visa cost for participants[edit]

O No Traveling Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR) Comment
1 Traveling 729,600.00 7,845.16 6,400.00 The Budget calculation for travel is on this page: [1] *
Subtotal RSD 729,600.00 USD 7,845.16 EUR 6,400.00


  • The total budget calculation for travel for participants who may need scholarships is €6,360, calculated on the assumption that we'll have 2 attenders from each of 25. However, we are not sure we will have attenders form each territory. Registration is still open, and we will know in the end how many people we will have. The team prefer to have €6400 in budget for travel and any unspent funds will be returned.

Current sponsors for this budget is Wikimedia HU with €1000 and Wikimedia PL with €3500.


Total A + B + C + D + E + F + G + H + I + J + K + L+M+N+O RSD 3,178,500.00 USD 34,928.57 EUR 27,881.58

Note: There is not included budget for traveling. The organizational team are in the negotiation process with chapters who that have expressed a desire to support this (WM PL and WM DE)

No Revised Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 WM RS, Dom omladine and Others 821,400.00 9,026.37 7,205.26
2 WM HU 140,000.00 1,818.59 1,376.68
2 WM PL 399,000.00 4,384.62 3,500.00
WMF 1.844.100,00 20,264.84 16,176.32

Project goal[edit]

This conference is organized to bring as many as people from the CEE countries as possible on one place and encourage them to raise their questions and participate in the creation of further mutual cooperation among the communities from the region. Some of the countries have never had a chance to reach the global community at any of the international conferences related to Wikimedia by having representative at these conferences, so this would be a good chance for them to state their own opinions and share their experiences with the other participants. It’s also a good opportunity to discuss some of the topics broadly and to analyse the role of the CEE countries in the global Wikimedia Movement. The main goals of the Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2012 can be devided as followed:

  • development and strengthening of the existing Wikimedia Chapters in the region;
  • development and strengthening cooperation between the chapters;
  • encouraging the people from the CEE countries with no local chapter to participate at the conferences related to Wikimedia;
  • supporting the participants from the countries who haven’t established a Wikimedia Chapter yet, but are striving to do it in the time to come.

Project scope and list of activities[edit]

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2012 is due to be the first conference of Wikimedians from the region of Central of Eastern Europe. It is planned to be a two-day conference that will host two representatives from each of the 25 countries from the region, who will participate in order to help produce a stronger mutual cooperation among the communities in the region and help establish new values that will bring massive development of the region and the global Wikimedia Movement. The community or chapter from each country is obliged to send an official note that the people that will attend are endorsed to represent the specific community or chapter.

List of activities:

  • Wikimania 2011: The first meeting of the CEE group was held at Wikimania 2011. Present at the meeting were people from the following countries sorted as founding countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, and Serbia. Other invited coutries include: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. Countries from a broader region that support the CEE partnership are Austria and Germany, while observing country is Kazakhstan. It was discussed the first Wikimedia CEE Meeting to be held in 2012.
  • Chapters Meeting 2012: The next meeting of the CEE group was held at the Wikimedia Conference 2012 in Berlin. In this occasion, it was mostly discussed about the upcoming CEE Meeting in Belgrade, the conception of its program and the Wikimedia Chapters that are invited to participate.
  • Wikimania 2012: Wikimedians from CEE countries also had a meeting at Wikimania 2012, where it was further discussed about the program and the further proceedings.
  • May-July 2012: Wikimedia Serbia and the local organizational team had some meetings with the people from the Dom Omladine (Youth Center). The negotiations ended with defining the final date for the conference and the further cooperation between the involving parties in the sense of technical, logistic and the media support of the CEE Meeting.
  • July 2012: - The local organizational team have invited some hotels and hostels in the city to deliver their offer with information about the accomodation capacity and prices for the participatns. The team have accepted several offers and finally decided to choose the one that guarantees a price reduction up to 40% and accomodation in the centre of the city.
  • August 2012: The interested members participated in the creation of the conference program. By the end of the month, the final version of the program was announced.
  • September 2012: First half of the month is planned to be spent for creating the grant application form and discussion with some of the Wikimedia Chapters that are interested to extend financial support for the Wikimedia CEE Meeting to take place. The organization team will send letter of invitation to the communities with general information about the conference and call for the endorsement of two representatives.
  • October 2012: The conference is due to take place in Belgrade from 13-14 October (Schedule).

Non-financial requirements[edit]

  • Participation of representatives from the Wikimedia Foundations.
  • Participation at the press-conference.
  • Involvement in the sessions related to Wikimedia Foundation grants and the Fund Dissemination Committee.

Fit to strategy[edit]

The potentials of the Wikimedia CEE group and the build-up of a strong international community of smaller communities and Wikimedia Chapters from the region mostly contributes to a further development of the general ideals and perspectives of the Wikimedia Movement. Every progress locally is very important for spreading the ideals of the whole Wikimedia Movement, thus enabling the global contribution towards global development.

If we simply devide Europe into East and West inside the Wikimedia Movement and consider that CEE region mostly falls within the East, we hope to reach a development that will enable the community from East Europe to become a stable partner with the global community from West Europe.

Other benefits[edit]

We hope that this conference will not only help the development of the communities in the CEE region, but will also encourage other Wikimedia communities to unite their selves and try to contribute as much as possible to the spreading of the ideals and perspectives of the Wikimedia Foundation. It is not only meant to be a starting point for further development of the CEE region, but a positive and motivating example for other interested parties as well.

Measures of success[edit]

We will consider this conference a success if we have:

  • at least 30 participants from CEE country;
  • decent media coverage;
  • develop future global projects and cooperation.

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