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The Twelve Chairs[edit]

Now, this is a funny piece of literature. On the humorous side, I would especially like to highlight one sentence: "Formal complaints can be submitted only by the Board Chair of a funding-seeking entity." (My bold.) Basically, FDC demands that every fund-seeking entity must have a Chair. It is with a great pleasure and exhilaration that I admit that Wikimedia Eesti does not have a Chair and has no intention to procure one. Instead of a classical corporate pyramid, we have a flat structure and I can recommend it to everyone, including FDC. I wonder: would that make us ineligible for the whole process or just unable to submit a complaint? Or could we ask some other funding-seeking entity's Board Chair to kindly submit it for us? After all, the BC must belong to "a funding-seeking entity", not "the funding-seeking entity" that complains. Could we proclaim every board member to be a Chair, to satisfy FDC's hunger for the organizatory furniture?
(It gets even funnier if we notice that FDC does not actually demand that the complaint should be legitimate: a Board Chair could submit it on their own, because no decision from the board or general meeting is necessary, being on the top of the pyramid is enough to legitimiza an action. Clearly, FDC has not realized some organizations do no apply absolutism as their basic principle.)
To be clear: no, WMEE did not submit a proposal for Round 1, although we discussed the option. But we'd very much like to have a clear picture of the actual rules. --Oop (talk) 23:01, 18 November 2012 (UTC)Reply