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Please complete this report[edit]

We thank you for submitting your Q3 progress report! Due to the timing of the FDC funding cycle, it will take staff a little longer than usual to offer feedback about this report and post clarifying questions. We appreciate your patience with this process, and welcome any urgent questions or concerns that you may want to address before our comments are ready.

We did notice some inconsistencies in your financial reporting, and some questions on the proposal form that were not answered.

In your financial reporting in Table 3, the amounts listed in US dollars for each line item do not add up to your total amount in US dollars. It appears that this total amount in US dollars is consistent with the exchange rates used elsewhere, but that the amounts for individual line items are not. Would you please edit this table so that this column adds up and so consistent exchange rates are used?

Please answer the following questions (or explain why you are not able to answer them at this time if you are not able to answer them at this time):

  1. Program 6 / Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
  2. Program 7 / What worked and what did not?
  3. Program 8 / Progress against these objectives (include metrics and # of volunteers/staff involved)?
  4. Lessons learned / What unanticipated challenges did you encounter and how did this affect what you were able to accomplish?

We thank you for your attention to this report! Winifred Olliff (Grants Administrator) talk 02:10, 9 November 2013 (UTC)Reply

Appreciation, questions, and suggestions from FDC staff[edit]

Thank you for submitting this report! We enjoyed reading it, and learning from you about your progress to date this past quarter. KLove (WMF) (talk) 06:17, 22 December 2013 (UTC)Reply

Incomplete report[edit]

Please respond to our request to complete this report from November.

Financial summary[edit]

We are reading the actual cumulative expenses in HUF as 5,109,044 HUF, or 38% of WMHU’s budget of 13,475,000 HUF. Spending this quarter has decreased to 11% from 13% in Q1 and 13% in Q2. Cumulatively, WMHU is spending less than 60% of its budget in all areas except office costs.


  • Congratulations to WMHU the Hungarian editing community on the 10th anniversary of Hungarian Wikipedia!
  • We see that WMHU is increasing its program activity, and we look forward to that continued trajectory.
  • While this report is not complete, we do appreciate that it is more informative than the reports we received in Q1 and Q2, including details about and context of its activities. We encourage WMHU to continue to improve the quality of its reports. Furthermore, we appreciate the work WMHU has put into sharing learning this quarter.
  • Thanks to WMHU for sharing images in this report. We encourage WMHU and other entities to continue to make their reporting more rich in content other than text, such as images and videos.
  • Congratulations on re-entering the Wiki Loves Monuments contest; we look forward to hearing more about WMHU’s participation.

We would like to learn more[edit]

  1. Please tell us how WMHU plans to activate its membership, improve communication and use WMHU’s office space better?
  2. WMHU includes new editor recruitment in its objectives for the WikiCamp event. Were any new editors recruited through this event and, if so, is WMHU making efforts to track their editing activity following the event? What support was provided to participants after the event? Please report on whether any new editors were recruited and whether WMHU tracked their activities after the event.
  3. Did WMHU attract new editors to the Wikimedia projects through the KSH competition? Is WMHU making efforts to reach out to and track the editing activity of participants following the event?
  4. This report highlights WMHU’s accomplishments in increasing quality and amount of content this quarter and we would like to know more about how WMHU is achieving and measuring this accomplishment. For example, as part of the event in Miskoic, were any new articles or images uploaded? Wiith respect to content contributed through Wiki Loves Monuments, is WMHU rating the quality and use of images contributed?

Suggestions for future reports[edit]

  • WMHU has submitted several incomplete reports. Incomplete reports make it difficult for the FDC, FDC staff and community to understand WMHU’s progress. We encourage WMHU to improve in the timeliness, quality and completeness of future reports. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you have questions about the process. We are here to support you.
  • While we requested additional information from WMHU about this report more than one month ago, we have still not received a response. Unlike many other entities in this cycle, WMHU was not participating in the proposal review process at the time we made our comments. We hope in the future to receive more timely responses from WMHU or to receive an explanation for delays like this, as it is difficult to fully comprehend your work with much information still outstanding.
  • While we greatly appreciate the improvements in WMHU’s quarterly reports, we encourage WMHU to reflect more deeply in its reports, especially in the section on “Lessons learned.” Accomplishments and setbacks should be described in more detail so that others in the movement can learn from WMHU’s experiences.

Once again, thank you for this report, as well as your work on behalf of the entire Wikimedia movement! KLove (WMF) (talk) 06:05, 22 December 2013 (UTC)Reply