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Report received[edit]

Thank you for submitting a complete report for Q1. We look forward to reading more about your activities. Due to the timing of the FDC funding cycle, it will take staff a little longer than usual to offer feedback about this report and post clarifying questions. We appreciate your patience with this process, and welcome any urgent questions or concerns that you may want to address before our comments are ready. Thank you and best regards, Winifred Olliff (Grants Administrator) talk 02:03, 9 November 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Budget Disclaimer[edit]

Since this report was submitted, the Board of Wikimedia Norge changed the budget slightly in its board meeting of November 5. The changes involved raising personnel cost from NOK 480.000 to NOK 500.000, while lowering office cost from NOK 100.000 to NOK 80.000. This is derived from more information that has been retrieved over the final office costs that will incur. Se the revised Budget here. See the board decision here.

In addition, there is an error in the budget given in the report - the item "All other costs" shall be NOK 40.000, and not NOK 30.000. In the reporting of budget an item of NOK 10.000 for auditing and accounting was missed out (we have had this free upto now so that was forgotten by default).

Kind regards, Bjoertvedt (talk) 22:13, 10 November 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Appreciation, questions, and suggestions from FDC staff[edit]

Colleagues, thank you for sharing your progress in this third quarter report! It is exciting to learn about your progress and work to date. Thank you for taking the time to reflect on this work and share it. KLove (WMF) (talk) 06:18, 22 December 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Financial summary[edit]

There may be an error in the sum presented in WMNO’s expenses table, as the budgeted expenses there appear to add up to 109,000 NOK (a very small difference amounting to about US$165). We are therefore reading the actual cumulative expenses in NOK as 184,63 NOK as 2% of WMNO’s budget of 109,000 NOK. Across all budget items with the exception of prizes, WMNO has spent less than 15% of the total planned budget. WMNO has indicated that spending will increase in future quarters once staff is hired and program activity increases.


  • Congratulations to WMNO on ensuring this first progress report was complete and on time.
  • Thanks to WMNO for the detailed explanation of the changes to its plan. These explanations help us to understand how WMNO is changing its plans and adapting over the next year. We also appreciate the detailed explanations provided for variances in the project budget. If, based on the recommendations of the FDC, WMNO has created a revised annual plan, please link to it here.
  • Thanks to WMNO for providing detailed numbers in the Growth section of this report. We look forward to seeing how WMNO continues to grow over time. Does WMNO have a hypothesis about what accounts for the decrease in new editors during this period?
  • We appreciate that WMNO reported against each of its objectives for its programs. It was helpful to see the metrics from previous comparable time periods.
  • Congratulations to WMNO on its successes with establishing more Wikipedian-in-Residencies in Norway. We look forward to hearing more!

We would like to learn more[edit]

  • Thanks to WMNO for writing about its advanced editing courses (7 events with 50 participants). How has WMNO been tracking the outcomes or results of these events? For example, by tracking the editing activity of users after the event or conducting a survey or evaluation of the event. Does WMNO reach out to support participants after events?
  • What will be the results of WMNO’s success with the Wikipedians-in-Residences in Norway? What does WMNO hope these Wikipedians will achieve?
  • Please provide more details on how WMNO would improve a future Wiki Loves Monuments competition.
  • Please tell us more about the Heritage Here project. How and why did it come close to being abandoned?
  • When will WMNO know whether it is receiving the public grant of 5,900,000 NOK (~US$950,000) for WMNO? If successful, would all of these funds go directly to WMNO, or would they be received on behalf of a larger consortium?

Suggestions for future reports[edit]

  • We thank WMNO for including detailed reports of activities in this first report. As program activity increases with the onboarding of staff, we also hope to see more detailed reflections and observations about its program work.
  • We encourage WMNO to move toward measuring the outcomes of its work on the projects and the editing communities involved.
  • We encourage WMNO to include more images, sounds and videos in its reports to bring its activities to life.

Once again, thank you for this report, and for your work on behalf of the Wikimedia movement! 06:09, 22 December 2013 (UTC)