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Comments from FDC staff[edit]

Dear Wikimedia Serbia Colleagues:

Thank you for submitting this complete report on time. We appreciate that you provided your report in Serbian as well as English so that Serbian-speaking community members have information about your progress! Thank you also for including some photos in this report, which give us some context for your work. In future quarters, please be sure to include detailed metrics that show your progress against the targets from your proposal. This will help the FDC and the larger community understand your progress on programs and on impact.

  • Thank you for providing the detailed table showing your quarter-to-quarter growth.
  • Thank you also for sharing some of your bottlenecks and challenges with working on activities that rely on volunteers. We also appreciate that you see increasing active volunteers as key to your future success, and we look forward to learning more about how you address these challenges in your work.
  • Congratulations on your successful EduWiki conference, which we understand was a big endeavor. We hope your success will have a positive impact on your education program work in the future.
  • Congratulations on your successful work with Arabic Wiktionary. We look forward to learning more about what you learned in future reports, and to learning how you plan to adapt this strategy if you decide to conduct similar programs focused on other languages. Sharing more learning about this project could be helpful to others interested in doing similar work.
  • Thank you for sharing your lessons around your photo safari and planning to overcome logistical challenges. This would make a great learning pattern!
  • We appreciate the impressive amount of GLAM activity that you have been implementing this quarter.

Thank you once again and best regards from FDC staff! Winifred Olliff (FDC Support Team) talk 23:30, 2 July 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]