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Comments from FDC staff on Wikimedia Serbia’s Q3 report[edit]

Thank you for this report! It's great to see the progress your making. KLove (WMF) (talk) 21:40, 9 January 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]


  • Congratulations on the success of the Open education and digital competence of teachers conference.
  • Congratulations on making and implementing a plan to transition your executive directors successfully without slowing program activity. We’d love to hear more about the details of the plan to see if you have some advice you can share with other Wikimedia organizations managing similar transitions.
  • We liked learning about your collaboration on WikiCamp. Katy was especially happy to see the picture of City Hall in Subotica because she visited that beautiful building many years ago! We’re looking forward to following the outcomes of WikiCamp in future reports.
  • We were glad to hear that your FemWiki work is gaining traction, and we are looking forward to seeing where it goes and what kind of outcomes you see out of it.
  • Thanks for sharing information about content collected across programs in the growth section of your report. That made it easier to understand the results of your work.

Points for improvement[edit]

  • We encourage you to include numbers of articles created or improved (and words added on Wiktionary) in the “Highlights” section (in the table at the top of your reports). Although this information are shared in the narrative section, it is a little difficult to find.
  • In future reports, we hope to learn more about your work with volunteers in the Republic of Srpska and the workshops in Višegrad.