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Notice of delay[edit]

Due to Swedish holidays, Wednesday being half-day off and Thursday a full bank holiday, our financial information will unfortunately not be completed before Friday. Everything else in the report is done though, and might make for some good reading in the mean time. --Jan Ainali (WMSE) (talk) 22:10, 30 April 2014 (UTC)Reply

Comments from FDC staff[edit]

Dear Wikimedia Sverige Colleagues:

Thank you for submitting this complete report, and for notifying us of the delay in submitting your financial information in a timely way, due to the Swedish holidays. We appreciate your getting in touch with us about this in advance. Thank you also for including tables with progress bars showing your progress against targets visually. These are very helpful. In future reports, please also consider providing the numbers or explanations that show your progress as well. This will make it easier for us to understand progress across organizations and programs.

  • Congratulations on your success with Meet Wikipedia: it seems like a unique event and in future reports we hope to learn more about how you see such events increasing reach in the future.
  • We notice that, for many programs, you did not report on what worked well and what did not and that few details about challenges were included in the section about learning. We are glad everything is going so well, but we encourage you to include more information about what you have learned and how you are addressing challenges in future reports. On another note, please do and be sure to answer every question on the form or to provide a note explaining why you are not answering the question. This makes it easier for us to understand your context, and to make sure that forms are complete. We just created a learning pattern about this here: Grants:Learning_patterns/Forms_with_blank_responses_can_be_confusing!
  • Good observation that others may also be thinking about how to optimize turning replies into actual participation at events when using social media tools like Facebook. We don’t have a learning pattern on this yet, but there is a space on the Program Evaluation portal for questions. Perhaps if you leave your idea there, someone will create a learning pattern in response:
  • We appreciate that you have learned that Wikimini is being implemented so effortlessly by teachers. If there is more you have to share around this experience, it could make an interesting learning pattern.

Thank you once again and best regards from FDC staff! Winifred Olliff (FDC Support Team) talk 23:31, 2 July 2014 (UTC)Reply