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report received[edit]

Thank you for submitting this report! The global metrics table is beautiful. :) I look forward to reviewing and discussing together in the next few weeks. Cheers, KLove (WMF) (talk) 17:10, 2 February 2016 (UTC)

feedback from FDC staff[edit]

  • Thanks for taking the time to explain how you reported global metrics in such detail. It's impressive to see the #s you incorporated for female participation. You also include a number of other quite interesting metrics! I'll be interested to see how how these develop over time. A few of the other metrics I'd love to know more about how you calculate them, and we can discuss more at our check in on Friday.
  • The detailed tables that track your progress against your goals are a wonderful visualization, allowing us to understand where you are at the 6 month mark. Well done!
  • the GLAM updates are good to read and I can see the results coming out of that work! I was pleased to read about the progress with the Wikipedians in Residence. Nice to hear about the interest you got and how that has been developing. A very thoughtful process indeed! I'm curious to know more about the delay in some of your work with the association of museums; we can discuss more on Friday.
  • I'd like to better understand the issues in the education program and the successes you've had, beyond the # of participants. (Let's add for our agenda on Friday too) Thank you for including your learning on "saying no." That's important.
  • In terms of OSM, it seems as though you've had some delays due to unforeseen circumstances. I'm curious to know how you'll adjust the planning for the remaining months of this year. Congratulations on being recognized as the official OSM chapter! I know that's a big accomplishment for WMI!
  • It's always exciting for me to hear about WLM. The photos are incredible!
  • Volunteers: Congratulations on getting those regional coordinators in place. I'm very keen to follow this approach and see what grows.
  • Bravo on your new website!

update from our conversation[edit]

Thanks for speaking with me today, Francesca and Giuliana! It was great to hear your voices.

  • We discussed financial issues, including general operating support versus program support. APG funds can be used to support all mission-aligned work, as outlined in the grant agreement. It is important to separately track APG funds. But because the FDC funds the whole organization, they ask for information about the whole organization's programs, strategy and finances rather than just wherever WMI decided to apply that funding.
  • You noted WMI is likely to spend full grant. We discussed underspending and how and why it matters.
  • WMI notes it's had rapid growth and had to adjust its budget, particuarly around the volunteers program.
    • very quick growth in volunteers program — 10 more than predicted, spread all over in Italy. WMI needed a community manager. WMI made call to volunteers saying the coordinators can help locally to reach as many people as possible, spread the word, organize local events. E.g. the 15th birthday for instance. Organized ~10 events. Specialized events, some in libraries, some in educational activities, etc. Had planned on this program being one of the less budget. Have just organized 2 training days to give some skills in team building. Also going do to a training on conflict management. Lots of issues and requests. Needed a person dedicated. Paolo is that person! He is part time focused on community management and other time is educational program. Both of these are growing.
  • massive new user registration from open street map. now WMI is trying to organize a course in March for the civil protection for new users.
  • new office inauguration events. opportunity make people meet up!