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Comments from Wikimedia France:


The activities carried out by Wikimedia Norway with the Sami populations is an example for the movement to follow to achieve our goal of Wikimedia projects representative of human diversity and to enable everyone to join the Wikimedia movement. Thus the work that Wikimedia Norway wishes to undertake on the documentation of its activity is essential. From its experience, it seems normal and consistent that Wikimedia Norway seeks to specialize around this issue of linguistic and cultural diversity on Wikimedia projects. Creating a hub around linguistic diversity seems to me to be a very good idea. However, to achieve this, Wikimedia Norway will have to continue its work to internationalize its program and its activity, in particular towards the continents which have a much greater linguistic diversity than Europe. Thus the collaborations announced with UNESCO seem promising. Faced with these will to restructure its activity, it is normal for Wikimedia Norway to review its program and its activities with a defined objective and according to the resources available to the chapter. We feel on reading the document that this work is still in full maturity and that, perhaps, Wikimedia Norway has not yet fully found how to merge or bring together these previous activities to make them converge towards the chosen objective. But the approach seems relevant for the chapter and for the movement.

However, I wonder about the choice of indicators and in particular that concerning the "Blog posts about underrepresented and indigenous languages and the Wikimedia projects". Although I understand the importance of awareness-raising actions to mobilize and inform on the themes that the chapter wishes to promote, I think that given the strong choice that Wikimedia Norway wishes to take, a more qualitative indicator is missing to measure the effects of the project. Sami for example in the long term. For example, by measuring the retention rate of the Sami populations trained in Wikimedia projects. I am well aware that these are indicators that are difficult to assess and take time. Within Wikimedia France, we still have a lot of difficulties in making this type of measurement. However, I believe that in order to measure the effects of the strategic positioning chosen by Wikimedia Norway, it is important that this reflection on indicators be completed. Due to the privileged relationship that Wikimedia Norway seems to have with the Sami, this work could be carried out jointly with them. If Wikimedia Norway succeeds in putting in place qualitative indicators about the inclusion of an indigenous population in Wikimedia projects, I am sure it will greatly benefit the Wikimedia movement and all other affiliates who are trying similar experiences.

Rémy Gerbet WMFr (talk) 14:20, 8 June 2021 (UTC)Reply