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Learning Journal.
What did you learn hosting the storytelling workshop? What worked well? What can be done better next time?
As a facilitator, use this space to register your experience hosting the Storytelling workshop.
Follow the guidelines for further advice:

  1. Create a new topic.
  2. For the title, use the date and city where the workshop was held.
  3. Create new sections using third level titles (=== [Section] === ) for each module with questions on the Learning Journal.
  4. Share links to the etherpad, learning patterns created, case studies and more!
Presentation tailored for the event.

Amanda Bittaker and Nikola Kalchev

Shared lessons
  • Give shorter time span for the first break out group activity. If you give 5 full minutes at the beginning, participants might try to solve the entire worksheet in advance, and they will not pay attention to the rest of the workshop. Change to 1 minute, instead, and time it.
  • Choose your examples carefully. In the presentation tailored to CEE Meeting 2015, we changed the example video for the first section of «Chorus / Content» («Sing to the rhythm of key messages») and showed a video advertisement for Coca-Cola. Some participants told us later (via a feedback survey) that we shouldn't promote brands in the workshop. Examples, in this sense, should be relevant to the movement.
  • Some slides are better presented as handouts than projected on the screen. The slides that have resources on how to tell a learning story (only one on the presentation for this meeting, 3 slides in the original presentation) serve their purpose better if they are printed out and handed to participants, than if they are presented on. This is because, if they are printed, participants can read through them in their own time, and ask questions one on one. The content, specifically in the flowchart slide, is dense, and it is more challenging to present on and expect everyone to follow at the same pace.