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Report accepted[edit]

Dear Felipe,

Thank you for submitting this midpoint report. Please accept my apologies for the slow review, which is due to my own lag and not a reflection of your work. I'm accepting this report now, with the following comments:

  • Congratulations on adoption by the French, Russian and German Wikipedias. I'm glad to hear that localization work is going well and I'm excited to see adoption continue.
  • Per our phone conversation, I appreciate your sensitivity to the needs of users who prefer the older version of the gadget. As you mentioned, it's likely that as improvements continue, more and more peopole will come to prefer the advanced version of the gadget. However, it's supportive to the original gadget users, who are already familiar with a previous iteration, to continue to have access to it, too. I can understand why this might feel frustrating, given all your hard work to make improvements, and so your willingness to respond to a wide variety of needs is all the more appreciated.
  • When we next speak, I'm eager to hear how Wikidata integration is going and whether you would like any additional support with that work.

Our grants administrator will reach out to you by email regarding your next disbursement.

Warm regards, --Marti (WMF) (talk) 22:18, 13 February 2017 (UTC)