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This midpoint report has been accepted. Congratulations on completing the first 3 months of this Individual Engagement Grant.


Hi Yaron, thanks for sharing your progress and learnings in this report - you've obviously covered a lot of development ground in the past 3 months. A couple of comments:

  • Thanks for posting the link to demos so that people can get a taste of what's been developed so far. I'm really looking forward to links to your code repository etc being posted during the second half of your project, as those become something you're ready to share! In your final report, I'd also love to see more screenshots, links, etc, so that you're showing us what you've done as much as telling - these will be extra useful for others who come after you to get more exposure to what you've been producing along the way.
  • I appreciate the thought you've given to the challenges of this project - will be interested to hear how you solve the mobile app challenge over the coming 3 months, and of course we're all waiting for the big name reveal :-) Have you already shared specifics with the Wikidata folks about the challenges you've found with data retrieval?
  • Good to know the monthly check-in calls are helpful!
  • A few things seem to be missing from your listed next steps. The measures of success you'd defined for this project after 6 months are all about making your code available, having others use it, creating a community, etc - in other words, success is defined by sharing and uptake of what you're building. During the first 3 months, developing your code to the point where it was ready to share has obviously been the focus. But, this means that sharing it will need to be part of your next 3 months, right? As such I'd expect to see some next steps around code release, documentation, etc. listed in that section too, besides your development next steps, because I do expect that both aspects are relevant and planned.

Looking forward to seeing what the next 3 months will bring. Cheers! Siko (WMF) (talk) 18:25, 19 July 2013 (UTC)