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Eligibility confirmed, round 2 2015[edit]

This Individual Engagement Grant proposal is under review!

We've confirmed your proposal is eligible for round 2 2015 review. Please feel free to ask questions and make changes to this proposal as discussions continue during this community comments period.

The committee's formal review for round 2 2015 begins on 20 October 2015, and grants will be announced in December. See the schedule for more details.

Questions? Contact us.

Marti (WMF) (talk) 02:21, 4 October 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Aggregated feedback from the committee for Proofreading semiautomatically the Catalan Wikipedia with LanguageTool[edit]

Scoring criteria (see the rubric for background) Score
1=weak alignment 10=strong alignment
(A) Impact potential
  • Does it fit with Wikimedia's strategic priorities?
  • Does it have potential for online impact?
  • Can it be sustained, scaled, or adapted elsewhere after the grant ends?
(B) Innovation and learning
  • Does it take an Innovative approach to solving a key problem?
  • Is the potential impact greater than the risks?
  • Can we measure success?
(C) Ability to execute
  • Can the scope be accomplished in 6 months?
  • How realistic/efficient is the budget?
  • Do the participants have the necessary skills/experience?
(D) Community engagement
  • Does it have a specific target community and plan to engage it often?
  • Does it have community support?
  • Does it support diversity?
Comments from the committee:
  • While each language is important in its own way, the Catalan language is really crucial for our mission in Spain. Spelling and grammar in Wikipedia are extra important there, because the Catalan speaking/reading population is unusually young and more likely to read online sources such as Wikipedia.
  • Tool could probably be applied to other wikis.
  • Very achievable once the rules are established, counting the edits.
  • Project lacks details.
  • Judging from his experience in language corrections I would say the applicant is suited for the job.
  • There isn't enough information (specifically about the 'semi' automatic part) for there to be a good way to evaluate the project’s feasibility.
  • Has only one endorsement by Vriullop, who is also a valued member of the Catalan community.
  • Is the community they engaged small? I'm seeing very little evidence of community involvement.
  • More details are needed.
  • Glad to see Catalan Wikipedia paying attention to this (I have contributed there and have not seen my contributions corrected)
  • I don't understand the cost of development. For example: person per hour?
  • Not enough information, but it is a good idea. Also, they suggest there would be server costs, without explanation. A “why” is needed when there is WMFLabs.
  • Would like a more detailed plan for how it will be applicable across wikis. Perhaps approval from the Catalan user group would help.

Round 2 2015 decision[edit]

Congratulations! Your proposal has been selected for an Individual Engagement Grant.

The committee has recommended this proposal and WMF has approved funding for the full amount of your request, $3,373

Comments regarding this decision:
The Committee agrees that this will be a very useful tool for the Catalan community, and are curious to see the results of this project in its application for other communities in the future.

Next steps:

  1. You will be contacted to sign a grant agreement and setup a monthly check-in schedule.
  2. Review the information for grantees.
  3. Use the new buttons on your original proposal to create your project pages.
  4. Start work on your project!
Questions? Contact us.