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9/29/15 Proposal Deadline: Reminder to change status to 'proposed'


Hi again, Dispenser,

I'm writing with a reminder that the deadline for IEG submission this round is September 29, 2015. I see that this draft still has a number of empty fields. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your proposal, let me know. We're hosting a few IEG proposal help sessions this month in Google Hangouts. I'm also happy to set up an individual session. Warm regards, --Marti (WMF) (talk) 20:38, 20 September 2015 (UTC)Reply

Differences with wikipedia-telnet (Node)


There is a wikipedia-telnet Node package offering such functionnality.


What are the differences between your implementation and this telnet server? --Dereckson (talk) 14:09, 2 October 2015 (UTC)Reply

Besides lifting my artwork without proper attribution, his implementation is completely unsuitable for most terminals without enormous scrollback buffer. It strips all hypertext markup, including links, formatting, and tables. Likely owing to that it was quickly written after I created this grant.
In contrast we want to fork n-curses browser like Lynx, Links, or Elinks with new interface designed specifically for reading and editing Wikipedia. Specifically, the cursor will move up and down instead of following links with the target in the status bar. Other functionality we'd like to implement is a new search interface, dictionary, note taking, and a rudimentary image to ASCII art converter. We think the technical challenges of translating the user experience will improve other renditions of Wikipedia. Dispenser (talk) 18:12, 26 October 2015 (UTC)Reply
As stated on the README and wiki page, my package was based on the gist by Ori dated Nov 8, 2012, which predated this IEG grant by three years. The timing of my fork was coincidence; I forked Ori's gist on Sept 15, 2015 as a lark. After sitting forgotten for a while, we revived it for the 2016 April Fool's signpost. Someone did point me to Dispenser's user page for inspiration at some point, and there is a credit in the wikitext source of en:User:Cscott/Telnet (which is the dynamically-generated source of wikimedia-telnet's start page). But I should have made the credit more obvious, and I've done so now. I apologize for that.
There's no mention of this IEG grant on Dispenser's user page, and indeed today is the first time I've seen this grant proposal. I'm in support of it -- as the issues page for wikipedia-telnet indicates, some folks are quite serious about wanting to use telnet (or ssh) to access the wikis, and I'm not likely to be able to devote any more time to this project myself, especially since OCG has been deprecated. Cscott (talk) 04:38, 27 February 2018 (UTC)Reply

Changing status back to 'draft'


Hi Dispenser, as per my email, I'm going to move this proposal back to draft status because it is incomplete. You are very welcome to continue developing it for submission in the next round in the spring. Let me know if you would like further support in developing this proposal for the next round.

Cheers, --Marti (WMF) (talk) 17:40, 19 October 2015 (UTC)Reply

April 12 Proposal Deadline: Reminder to change status to 'proposed'


The deadline for Individual Engagement Grant (IEG) submissions this round is April 12th, 2016. To submit your proposal, you must (1) complete the proposal entirely, filling in all empty fields, and (2) change the status from "draft" to "proposed." As soon as you’re ready, you should begin to invite any communities affected by your project to provide feedback on your proposal talkpage. If you have any questions about finishing up or would like to brainstorm with us about your proposal, we're hosting a few IEG proposal help sessions this month in Google Hangouts:

I'm also happy to set up an individual session.

Warm regards,
--Marti (WMF) (talk) 06:05, 2 April 2016 (UTC)Reply

Telnet Gateway


This now (partially?) exists, per Telnet gateway and w:en:Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/2016-04-01/Technology_report. I'm not sure if this proposal could still potentially add more features to that existing basis? Suggest overhauling this proposal, if so. Quiddity (talk) 01:14, 17 April 2016 (UTC)Reply

I've covered it in #Differences with wikipedia-telnet (Node). Its a slight improvement over Telnet on port 80. Dispenser (talk) 17:45, 18 April 2016 (UTC)Reply