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Thanks so much for submitting this detailed report. It's great to hear that Edit Ghana was such a success! It's nice to see that you have established a good relationship with the Linux Accra User Group and that they donated the venue for the editing sessions. We also appreciated hearing the interesting story about the Dumsor article! We have a number of follow-up comments/questions and look forward to your response:

  1. How many people were on your project team and able to support new editors at the sessions?
  2. What were the activities at the schools mentioned?
  3. Do you have a category on Commons for the photos uploaded during the photo walk events? If yes, please provide the link.
  4. It's great that you have made such varied efforts to follow-up with the new editors -- mailing list, regular updates, editing support, etc. Is there any one strategy you think engages more people between or after the sessions?
  5. The report says you have about 15 active editors as a result of the sessions. Looking at the last of participants and their contributions, it looks like 6 have made edits since February. Has the team been able to continue follow-up communication since the end of the sessions?
  6. We appreciate the detailed response to the learning question. We really like your approach to teaching -- presenting good and bad articles side-by-side and working through improving articles together.
  7. Please endorse or add a learning pattern for this project. A learning pattern about follow-up would be very useful or your strategy for group feedback/critique at the end of editing sessions to improve articles.
  8. We'd like to discuss how this project has informed your plans for a next phase of Edit Ghana. We can talk more in Berlin!
  9. The remaining funds can be deducted from your upcoming Inspire grant.

We appreciate your time to review this and hope this will be great resource for similar events in the future
  1. The project team comprised of Felix Nartey, Raphael Berchie and Enock Seth Nyamador. Enock was busy with school work so most of the campaign was handled by Raphael and myself, however he joined in the last session (Photowalk in Capecoast).
  2. At the schools we took pictures and tried to gather information to develop articles on senior high schools.
  3. Kindly find link to the category for the Photowalk here
  4. I think between all the other post-event follow-ups the most efficient is the constantly engaging with new recruits either through calls or text to remind them of their commitment and possibly motivate them.
  5. We have been in constant communication with them about whats new in the community, what they can possibly edit and upcoming activities. As I shared in my report, we have noticed that not everyone edits on their own, such people resort to activities of the community and group based editathons.
  6. Thank you for the commendation and will strive to come out with better approaches that work.
  7. I have created 2 learning patterns (Grants:Learning patterns/Volunteer feedback and follow-up, Grants:Learning patterns/Mode of Training) that may be useful to those who decide to plan similar events and the usefulness of follow-up or recruits engagement after an event or project.
  8. I am glad we discussed Edit Ghana in Berlin, we will be looking at continuing the series of photo walks to capture the Ghanaian scope, to ensure articles are created about pictures that don't already exist and monthly editathons to ensure contents (on) or bout Ghana.
  9. The remaining funds may be directly deducted from the upcoming inspired grant.
We are looking at actively engaging the community in Ghana with these activities and to offer our support for those who are committed to the task of regular editing Flixtey (talk) 18:59, 20 May 2015 (UTC)
Hi Flixtey. Thanks so much for the details responses. I enjoyed looking at the photos -- would be great to see more of them used in articles soon! Cheers, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 22:50, 25 May 2015 (UTC)