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Endorsment from Bukky658 (talk)[edit]

  1. The proposal is will provide Ghanians at glance with abstract information on how schools and other public institutions in the Kumbungu District can be located and supported via Wikidata.
  2. The proposal is well-crafted, with clearly stated goals and implementation strategies using Workshops and edithathons.
  3. This proposal is based on an observation carried out which discovered that public institutions such as schools and governemnet parastatals are not well represented on the online space and the Kumbungu District is no exception.As a result, this project has the potential to significantly increase their visibility online.
  4. This project will help improve contents on Wikidata and Wikicommons. The project aligns with the recommendations of Wikimedia 2030 Movement strategy which include:
    • Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement
    • Improve User Experience

--Bukky658 (talk) 11:30, 5 August 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]