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Hi Kipala. Thanks for this grant request. It's great to hear that you have an opportunity to be in Dar for three months and will have some time to work on supporting existing Wikimedia contributors and engaging with potential new editors. In the impact section it would be helpful to know more about what you hope will be different after your time in Tanzania is over? What would be some measures of success for the local community in Dar or the universities you will visit? What online follow-up do you plan to do with the groups after you leave? Looking forward to your responses. Best, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 05:05, 7 April 2017 (UTC)

Hi Kipala. Noting that you responded to these questions by updating the proposal page and will go forward with approval. I also want to clarify that my question,"What would be some measures of success for the local community in Dar or the universities you will visit?" is not meant to ask you to make up numbers you think are irrelevant. We have a more nuanced understanding of Wikimedia work in different contexts around the globe. What I am asking is what would success mean for you, in this context? What would make you feel that spending your time on these activities is worth it? I would like for you to determine your own measures, that don't necessarily need to be quantitative and in no way should be just made up for this proposal. Thanks, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 16:50, 24 April 2017 (UTC)
Sorry, I was busy (amongst others with the wikigroup in Dar).
Any 2-3 people i get additionally working on sw wiki will make my work here worth while for me. I would measure that by a term of 1 year. As I can see from the Alfagems experience (Morogoro) in the right environment a group can also continue itself (far beyond what i thought) but that is why I will rather go for elder kids / uni students where the chance is larger to get some beef into the output.
I foresee that my start here at Dar will also bring some people into English. The student group started here by Jack had got stuck for weeks on not well understood technicalities and made the first few article edits now at the first meeting with me.
I see that I will not do the travel amount i had envisaged for the shorter journey i planned because I had wanted to start earlier but was held up for 1 month by some health matters in Germany and by now at 2 places my contacts have traveled out of the country. I see that I can do more in Dar which consumes less time (and also money ) for travel.
I see that I will have to use a bit more more than thought on technical expense as it will be advisable to buy 2-3 simcards with internet time which in some places give decent speed as opposed to recurring breakdowns of internet-wifi in institutions.
I will use less and return the full rest as per statement. if it is ok to send installments I would be happy to receive 800 in the first go and then report in May how it looks.Kipala (talk) 19:44, 24 April 2017 (UTC)