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Report accepted[edit]

Hello M-Mustapha, thanks for submitting this final report and organizing the Wikipedia 20 Celebration in Kaduna! I have reviewed your report and have the following questions:

  • Please correct the total spent amount in the detailed expenses table. The total spent amount adds up to 1991 USD (749,907 NGN).
  • You mentioned that you had over 50 participants. However, in the project page, I can see that only 10 users made any contributions to Wikimedia projects. Could you please explain this?
  • Congratulations on editing more than 1000 articles! It is an amazing result. Have all articles been edited during the event?
  • How did you determine if an article was created in terms of this project?
  • Additionally, who and how did you select the contest winners? Could you please add winners usernames to the report page? Did you offer any prizes to the event facilitators?

The final report for this grant is now accepted. Thank you again for your contributions to the Wikimedia Movement. Best regards, DSaroyan (WMF) (talk) 11:21, 2 June 2021 (UTC)

Thanks DSaroyan (WMF) for requesting this clarification.
  • I have fixed the amount now.
  • Yes! I made mention that over 50 participants participated, these are the people who attended the celebration workshop
  • Yes! All the articles were created during the contest period, between 1 to 15 of March 2021 because we made interval between the workshop and the contest as suggested by the participants during the workshop to give them more time to get their hands in the editing experience which would allow them to fully participate and compete in the fully in the contest. Unfortunately, this wasn't achieved as only a few of them have been able to participate.

. Unfortunately, this wasn't achieved as only a few of them participated in the contest.

  • As I said above, we specified a date for the contest and every participant is required to sign up at the contestants page and also list their created entries there I made used of this tool like this one here where it tells me all the created pages of an editor during the contest period
  • Yes! There were rules and regulations for the contest and the judging was meant to be done by the competitors themselves where every participant will assess their own articles base on the criteria specified in the contest rules section which is similar to the KISS method but this was not achieved because most of the participants complained that they don't know how to do it themselves although I've tried and explained to them how to do it, so this ends up by choosing the people with the highest entries to be the winners, link here, and to attract women participation seeing that we have many of them who attended the workshop, I specified 1 of the two android mobile phones for the female highest contributor and the other for the male and third prize for anyone who follows them. I hope this is clear. Thanks M-Mustapha (talk) 22:47, 2 June 2021 (UTC)