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Comments from WMF[edit]

Hello Ngozi osadebe, thank you for submitting the final report of your project and apologies for our delayed review. We truly appreciate your efforts in organizing an Art and Feminism event at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, and even though you have not met all the initial targets, it seems like overall it was successful and productive. I have reviewed your report and budget and have some questions and comments that I would like you to respond to.

  • Please note that any considerable change in the budget should be approved by WMF in advance. I am making an exception this time, but please be sure to communicate other considerable budget changes to WMF in the future.
  • The subtotals from the detailed expense report add up incorrectly. The subtotal budget for approved expenses should be 677,680 NGN, instead of 679,280 NGN, and the one for unapproved expenses should be 18,900 NGN, instead of 17,900 NGN. Therefore the grand total is also incorrect; it should be 677,680 + 18,900 = 696,580 NGN. Please fix these errors and recalculate the total expenses, as well as the remaining funds.
  • The funds remaining from this grant may be allocated to Nnamdi Azikiwe Library 2020 Wikipedia A+F edit-a-thon, if it is approved.
  • I am really sorry for the trouble you have experienced due to the block of a user. As far as I understand, the IP address has been blocked too? If it is the case, to avoid a similar situation in the future, I recommend applying for the [[:en:Wikipedia:How_to_run_an_edit-a-* The funds remaining from this grant may be allocated to Nnamdi Azikiwe Library 2020 Wikipedia A+F edit-a-thon, if it is approved.
  • Could you include a link in the report page with the list of created and improved articles?
  • What was the reason that most of your article creation requests have been declined?

Thank you again for your contributions to the Wikimedia Movement! Best regards, DSaroyan (WMF) (talk) 10:27, 6 March 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Responses from User:Ngozi osadebe[edit]

  • Dear Davit. Thank you very much for reviewing and accepting our budget. Your advice in seeking for permission from WMF for any considerable change in budget is well taken. it will not happen again.
  • I recalculated the subtotal for approved expenses and got 678,780.00NGN. For the unapproved expenses, it totalled 18,900.00NGN. Can you cross check please. I used Microsoft excel worksheet for the recalculation. I have recalculated the whole expenses and the grand total based on my new calculations.

The remaining funds is now fifty one thousand, eight hundred and twenty thousand naira only. Thirty thousand naira out of the remaining funds is the allowance made by WMF for bank charges.

  • The list of created or improved article could be tracked through our 2019 dashboard which can be located at,_Nsukka/Nnamdi_Azikiwe_Library_(May_8-9,_2019)

  • Most of our article creation requests were declined because one of us, user:ifyobim did what was considered a disruptive editing and was blocked. The blockage affected all participants in the program because all of us have the same IP address. After blocking user:ifyobim, gradually every other participant was blocked.

Report accepted[edit]

Hello Ngozi osadebe, thanks for recalculating your spending and updating the report page with the requested information. I have reviewed and accepted your final report and expense documentation. The remaining funds from your grant will be settled in the future when you are able to reapply for the Art and Feminism grant. Best regards, DSaroyan (WMF) (talk) 08:20, 6 April 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]