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APG approved in the amount of 99,550 USD[edit]

Congratulations! Your grant is approved in the amount of 99,550 USD, with a grant term starting 1 January 2021 and ending 31 December 2021.

In this Annual Plan, Wiki in Africa is proposing to work in four programs: Gender-Equity: Wiki Loves Women 2021, Diversity + GLAM: Wiki Loves Africa 2021, Offline and Technology support: Wiki Fundi & ISA Tool 2021, and Education: WikiChallenge African Schools + Open Knowledge Curriculum 2021. These programs are built upon five programmatic areas which in their turn, are developed on the basis of their Strategic Priorities. We especially highlight Wiki in Africa's elaborate Strategic Plan which is closely aligned with the Movement Strategy recommendations and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We appreciate Wiki in Africa’s role in supporting emerging communities in Africa, leadership development, and the formation of organized Wikimedia groups in Africa. With their current Annual Plan and programmatic activities, they plan to continue this work. The main strategic focus for the current Annual Plan is capacity building and partnership. With the help of multiple initiatives, Wiki Loves Women seeks to bridge the gender gap focusing specifically on diversity, participation, and content creation. Wiki Loves Africa is an established project of this organization that aims to encourage communities to collect photos and document the African continent. The technical support is centered around Wiki Fundi and ISA Tool 2021; with these tools, Wiki in Africa plans to assist community members and outcomes. Wiki In Africa’s education initiatives supports schools and teachers in educating students on how to edit articles for Wikipedia. This program potentially supports training in several skills, such as researching, analyzing outcomes, and collaborating.

The committee has requested that Wiki In Africa carefully consider the long-term goals of its organization for its next application. When Wiki In Africa was founded in 2016, there were relatively few highly active movement affiliates in the continent. Programming and support from Wiki In Africa, especially through its Wiki Loves Africa campaign, have been beneficial for several affiliates to reduce knowledge gaps about their communities, establish training practices around contribution, and support community engagement practices around a prominent movement campaign. However, that landscape is very different now, with several organizations having now established good practices in areas of organizational capacity, community engagement, and event planning. We agree with this assessment. Furthermore, [recommendations from Movement Strategy] suggest that grantmaking and funds distribution will transition towards decision-making models and initiatives that more directly represent those local communities. Based on these factors, it is unlikely we will be able to grow the organization’s work while also supporting overlapping needs and goals of local affiliates more directly. Based on these factors, it will be important for Wiki In Africa to prepare to address following questions in its next application in its programmatic and strategic planning:

How is Wiki In Africa enabling the affiliates it is supporting to become self-sustainable, with a plan to reduce its direct support once these goals are met? How is the organization supporting participatory decision-making around its activities involving African communities where there is an articulated need for external support? What is the organization’s fundraising strategy to support its work in the future years beyond the Simple APG program?

For 2021, Wiki in Africa requests expenses for 2 staff members — Coordinator and Communication Manager — with 1.0 FTE in total. We understand their need in having more capacity, to support African communities better, and to ensure the organization’s sustainability. We appreciate that they seek to address this capacity gap also with the help of an intern. We commend their efforts in putting the emphasis on raising their capacity for fundraising.

We approve this grant request in the amount of 99,550 USD with the following breakdown:

  • Administrative expenses: 7,650 USD (fully funded)
  • Staff expenses: 81,900 USD, 1.0 FTE, grant writer, and intern (fully funded an increase in 100%)
  • Programmatic expenses: 10,000 USD (partially funded, budget kept the same as last year)

We believe in the value of Wiki in Africa’s programs and the rationale presented for growth. However, in working with a limited budget we cannot fund all requests fully even in case of an impactful strategy and projects. While we are prioritizing support for emerging communities, including the African communities, to support organizational stability with annual plan funding, we are not able to meet the full funding requests of all applicants at this time.

We look forward to working together and seeing your work unfold in the upcoming year.

Best regards, on behalf of SAPG Committee and Staff, --VThamaini (WMF) (talk) 10:46, 15 December 2020 (UTC)