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I am working at Vigyan Ashram as a Computer lab instructor. I use Vigyan Ashram facility for working on Wikipedia & Wikisource. But I can not give more time for Wiki projects as I don’t have any facility at home. I want to contribute more on Wiki projects about locally important topics in rural areas. I would like to use this support for outreach training programmes in rural areas. Also, we are planning Wikipedia readership program for the students.

Future activities[edit]

  • At Vigyan Ashram, we are working on various rural technologies. Our plan is to write articles about those technologies as well.
  • I also want to arrange the workshops in Senior colleges which are situated near my village. Young members can get opportunity through this.
  • I am working Vigyan Ashram as computer lab instructor. I teach every year minimum 40 students. I want to add Wikipedia topic in our syllabus. So, It will be helpful to Marathi Wikipedia to improve Marathi article.
  • Vigyan Ashram is a research centre we are working here on many research level projects . So we will get many topics related to project to convert in marathi. And it will help to students also explore and improve knowledge.
  • In Vigyan Ashram students come into different states and communities so we will conduct workshops for improving other languages on wikipedia.

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