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Growing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Support/ਨਿਸ਼ਾਨ ਸਿੰਘ ਵਿਰਦੀ

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Contact details[edit]

Wikipedia username
ਨਿਸ਼ਾਨ ਸਿੰਘ ਵਿਰਦੀ
Email (optional)

Your contribution[edit]

Please tell us which existing Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Commons, etc.) and language versions you are contributing to, and some of your best contribution towards the project and movement. Please add relevant Wiki/external link wherever applicable

  • * Global edits (Near about 1,300)
  • I got first prize for Hockey World Cup 2018 Edit-a-thon by creating most articles from Punjabi Community. Photo
  • I was the part of most of our monthly meetups and also some of our big events like MiniTTT Punjab 2019, Project Tiger Training in Amritsar and Copyright Workshop, Delhi.
  • I am active on Wikisource and Wikipedia from the first season of Project Tiger Campaign.
  • I am working on the translation of books on Wikisource.
  • Participated as a trainer in some events like workshop at Punjabi University, Patiala.

Support details[edit]

Support type[edit]

What type of support you need

  • Chromebook
  • Internet


Why do you need this support (Internet and/or Chromebook)

  • I need Chromebook because my laptop is too old and It's not working properly. I contribute Wikimedia Projects from my friend's laptop. I repaired my laptop several times but the condition is bad. It will cost too much to change its parts or to upgrade my laptop.
  • I am looking for Internet support because daily data limit is very low. I am a research scholar and 1 GB data per day is very low, also the speed of my current network is very bad. I will change my network after internet support and upgrade its data limit by good internet plan.

Future activities[edit]

How will you use this in the next six months?

  • By getting Chromebook, It will be good for me to contribute Wiki without any tension of battery backup. I can contribute more actively with Chromebook. As I see, Chromebook is supportable to internet more powerfully, we can do much like putting data and like other Window laptops, so my concentration for next six months will be to contribute Wiki projects and specially Project Tiger 2.0.
  • Internet connection will help me to contribute without getting tired because of low network. So, I will be very helpful for me economically also.
  • I will submit my report after 6 months that how getting Chromebook and/or Internet connection helped me. I mean to say I will share my experience after the support also.

Community discussion and endorsements[edit]

Please keep the discussion friendly, and note number of endorsement may not be the only way to assess an application's merit

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