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Events completed[edit]

No Community Event name Number of participants Number of articles created/expanded Event page Request submitted by Support provided
1 Sanskrit Wikipedia Workshop and Editathon
2 Tamil Wikipedia Workshop and Editathon 13 6 Tamil Wikipedia editathon 1 Neechalkaran Rs.1,230
3 Tamil Wikipedia Workshop and Editathon 15 3 Tamil Wikipedia editathon 2 Neechalkaran Rs.6700
4 Telugu Wikipedia (VVIT WikiConnect) Workshop and editathon 7 11 First editathon by VVIT WikiConnect under PT2.0 Asrija1 Rs.1308
5 Telugu Wikipedia (VVIT WikiConnect) Workshop and 24 hour editathon 37 171 Project Tiger 2.0 24-hour edit-a-thon Asrija1 Rs. 4654
6 Tamil Wikipedia Workshop and editathon 25 2 Tamil Wikipedia editathon 3 Neechalkaran
7 Punjabi Wikipedia Workshop and editathon 14 20 Project Tiger 2.0 Patiala Meetup Nitesh Gill
8 Alva's Wikipedia Student's Association Workshop and editathon 7 76 Alva's Wikipedia Project Tiger Edit-a-thon Ananth (CIS-A2K) Rs 7,422

Upcoming events[edit]

  • None


If you have plans of organizing an offline event or an edit-a-thon in your local language as part of Project Tiger 2.0, please make a request here by creating another section.
NOTE: Please submit the request at least 5 days before the event so we have time to process the request.

You can follow the sample format as shown below:

Event name[edit]

  • Language community:
  • Community discussion (Village Pump link):
  • Start date of project:
  • End date of project:
  • Event page:
  • What is the expected impact:
  • Detailed breakup of the estimated budget:

Project Tiger 2.0 Patiala Meetup[edit]

  • Event organized by Punjabi Community.
  • This Event or Meetup held at 19 December 2019 at Patiala. It was a one-day event.
  • Sharing Event page Meta Page link with you.
  • In this Event, One Writing Contest Jury talked about quality of members and he notified importance of good article. Three new editors were new and they were excited to contribute Wikipedia. They want to learn more things and want more clarity about Wikipedia. Through this type of events we can attract more new editors and Introduce with Wiki.
  • I spent my own money during this event. Event timing was 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and the total bill was 1900 rs. Two participants came from Delhi and I'll mention that from their tickets. Will share tickets and bill by email.