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This is an attempt to develop a version of HTML comprehensively translated into right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. This may have application inside and outside Wikimedia.

/Translatable strings from loose.dtd

/Translatable strings from loose.dtd ar

/Translatable strings from loose.dtd he

Notes about Arabic translation[edit]

Beside the obvious:

  • BR = كخ , I used كخ because the words are 'line break', into ar becomes كسر خط so I took the initials of each it is كخ.
  • COLGROUP = مجموعة-عوا because the words are column group, مجموعة عواميد I wrote group and trimmed column to عوا is still long though..
  • DD = عو 'define description' -> 'عرف وصف' -> 'عو'
  • DEL = محذ deleted محذوف reduced to محذ
  • DL = قت definition list قائمة تعريف -> قت
  • DT = عك define term عرف كلمة -> عك
  • DFN = كلت definition term كلمة تعريف كل+ت =كلت
  • EM = نم emphasized text نص مشدد = نم