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Help translate messages[edit]

  • Head over to Hack4OpenGLAM page on Wikimedia Meta and translate the intro page into your language.
  • You can also help translate additional messages, such as tweets on Messages page or this page!

Help spread the message in social media[edit]

  • Follow @hack4openglam on Twitter and retweet messages. You can also translate tweets into your own language while tweeting.
  • Like and share posts on Facebook in the same way.
  • Invite creators or GLAM institutions using our standard messages or invite them to subscribe to the newsletter by sharing this subscription link: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/d4c4j7.

Help other projects[edit]

  • Familiarize with the projects on the Dashboard and connect them with likeminded projects, creators or GLAMs.
  • Register for Hack4OpenGLAM and list your superpowers. That way the other participants can contact you for help.

Document ideas on video[edit]

Make small openly licensed recordings and send them to us for a documentation video. You can record yourself or interview someone else. For example, reply to one of the following questions in a short sentence:

  • What is OpenGLAM?
  • What is knowledge equity?
  • What makes you excited about this event?

You can also make available openly licensed images and video clips of your project.

Upload the materials to Wikimedia Commons Category:Hack4OpenGLAM_2021.

Help with the event[edit]

Help to monitor the Code of Conduct or security on the platforms. Get in contact: avoinglam@okf.fi.