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Soporte y Seguridad/Recursos contra el acoso

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At some point in their lives, nearly everyone will find themselves in a stressful situation that drives them to seek support. In our communities, this kind of stress can be likely for Wikimedians who are active in controversial topic areas, anti-vandalism, and administrative work. However, harassment, stalking, bullying, and personal attacks can and do happen across the Wikimedia community. While friends, family, and fellow Wikimedians are often great resources in such situations, you may find that you want to talk to someone outside the movement who has experience with similar issues. The Wikimedia Foundation Trust & Safety team has curated the following list of resources for support and guidance. Please feel free to share the link to this page with anyone who may find it useful.

Remember that it's never shameful to ask for help! If someone is being abusive toward you on-wiki, you always have the option of reaching out to a trusted community member, for instance, local administrators or, for global issues, Stewards. If you need help finding support within Wikimedia, or if you have further concerns about coping with harassment that this page doesn't answer, you can reach out to the Trust & Safety team at ca@wikimedia.org.

If you know of a high-quality resource we can add to our list (especially for countries with few or no options in the current list) please leave a note on this page's talk page rather than editing it directly. We want to make sure the Trust & Safety team can learn more about potential resources before they are added.

Recursos de ayuda

Seeking support is never a bad thing when you're feeling overwhelmed or at a crossroads. The following links are designed to help you find the support and resources you need.

Online SOS

Online SOS is a nonprofit project that can help provide you support and professional resources and advice on what to do moving forward. Checkout their websites for various checklists and cheatsheets to help you review what is happening and what actions you can take.

Trevor Project

  • Contact: 1-866-488-7386 as well as text and online chat

Focusing on LGBT youth, the Trevor project is a resource that can help you both in a crisis and when you need to reach out to find additional support or resources for the experiences you're going through.

Página de recursos de Twitter

The Twitter resource page is a well curated collection of international resources for multiple different needs whether you need more immediate and hands on support or want written advice and resources on what to do next.

Stay Safe Online – Acoso a través de Internet

Cyberbullying and harassment specific resources and tips. Aimed at parents trying to protect their children but useful for anyone who wants to know best practices and advice on what to do.

Seguridad y recursos legales

Protecting yourself online is important for everyone but especially important when you're worried about people misusing your information or about online harassment or cyberbullying where that type of misuse may be more likely. The links in this section are designed to assist you in both cleaning up after someone has already misused your information and protect yourself if you're worried about it happening in the future.

División de delitos telemáticos del FBI (Estados Unidos de América)

A pesar de poder actuar sólamente dentro de las fronteras de los Estados Unidos de América, si usted se encuentra dentro de dicho territorio, este sitio web le permitirá denunciar delitos telemáticos (incluyendo acoso) ante la Oficina Federal de Investigación (FBI).

Have I Been Pwned

Sitio web que monitoriza cuentas comprometidas que te ayuda a buscar si tu cuenta ha sido "hackeada". Puedes buscar por nombre de usuario y/o correo electrónico.

Account Killer

Clear directions on how to shut down your account on different social media websites. Available in English, Dutch, Spanish and German.

Stay Safe Online

Collection of resources to help with everything from computer security (such as malware or hacked accounts) and online security (such as passwords and ID theft) to online bullying.