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MediaWiki provides various keyboard shortcuts, which allow users to perform many common operations by only using the keyboard. This article lists the default English-language shortcuts defined by both core MediaWiki and its extensions.

There is a base key trigger which varies from one operating system to another, as summarized in the table below, but the rest of the key combination is common to all systems.

System Base Accesskey
Linux Alt+Shift+◌
MacOs Control+Option+◌
Other Alt+◌

That is, in some systems, the access key is the Alt key, in which case, to perform a keyboard shortcut, hold down the Alt key, then select the shortcut key. For example, to log in, hold down the Alt key, then press the character o key (see Default Shortcuts below), i.e., Alt+o. In other systems, the access key is the Shift plus the Alt key. In this case, hold down both the Shift and Alt keys, then press the shortcut key, e.g., to log in, press Shift+Alt+o (i.e., Shift and Alt, then the character "o"). In yet other systems, e.g. MacOS, the access key is the combination of the control and option keys. In this case, as above, hold down both keys together and then press the shortcut key.

You may need to experiment to find out what the access key for your system is.

MediaWiki shortcuts[edit]

This is the list of default shortcuts defined in core MediaWiki. The first column holds the name of the MediaWiki "message" for the action, and the second column holds the shortcut character. A blank value means that no shortcut key is defined for that action by default.

Accesskey name Keyboard key
accesskey-ca-addsection +
accesskey-pt-anontalk n
accesskey-pt-anonuserpage .
accesskey-blockip-block s
accesskey-compareselectedversions v
accesskey-ca-delete d
accesskey-diff v
accesskey-ca-edit e
accesskey-export s
accesskey-ca-history h
accesskey-import s
accesskey-pt-login o
accesskey-n-mainpage z
accesskey-n-mainpage-description z
accesskey-minoredit i
accesskey-ca-move m
accesskey-pt-mycontris y
accesskey-pt-mytalk n
accesskey-ca-nstab-category c
accesskey-ca-nstab-help c
accesskey-ca-nstab-image c
accesskey-ca-nstab-main c
accesskey-ca-nstab-media c
accesskey-ca-nstab-project a
accesskey-ca-nstab-template c
accesskey-ca-nstab-user c
accesskey-preview p
accesskey-t-print p
accesskey-ca-protect =
accesskey-n-randompage x
accesskey-n-recentchanges r
accesskey-t-recentchangeslinked k
accesskey-save s
accesskey-search f
accesskey-t-specialpages q
accesskey-summary b
accesskey-ca-talk t
accesskey-ca-undelete d
accesskey-ca-unprotect =
accesskey-ca-unwatch w
accesskey-upload s
accesskey-t-upload u
accesskey-pt-userpage .
accesskey-userrights-set s
accesskey-ca-viewsource e
accesskey-watch w
accesskey-ca-watch w
accesskey-pt-watchlist l
accesskey-watchlistedit-normal-submit s
accesskey-watchlistedit-raw-submit s
accesskey-t-whatlinkshere j

Extension shortcuts[edit]

The following additional shortcuts are defined by various MediaWiki extensions.

Extension Accesskey name Keyboard key
Education Program accesskey-ep-form-save s
Education Program accesskey-ep-edit-institution e
Education Program accesskey-ep-edit-course e
Education Program accesskey-ep-summary b
Education Program accesskey-ep-minor i
Semantic Forms accesskey-ca-formedit &
VisualEditor accesskey-ca-editsource e
VisualEditor accesskey-ca-ve-edit v
Wikibase accesskey-wikibase g

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