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MediaWiki provides various keyboard shortcuts, which allow users to perform many common operations quickly using only the keyboard. This page lists the default English-language shortcuts defined by both core MediaWiki and its extensions.

Each shortcut consists of a "modifier key" plus a single "access key" character. The modifier is one or more keys that must be pressed and held down while typing the final character. The appropriate modifier to use depends on which web browser and operating system you are using; some possibilities are listed in the table below. For any given shortcut, the final access key will be the same for all systems; a list of these is found in the next section.

Modifier keys by browser and operating system
Browser Operating system
Windows Linux MacOS Chrome OS
Firefox Alt+ Shift Alt+ Shift Ctrl+ Option
Google Chrome
and Opera 15+
Alt or
Alt+ Shift or
Alt+ Shift+Ctrl
Alt+ Shift Ctrl+ Option Alt or
Alt+ Shift or
Alt+ Shift+Ctrl
Internet Explorer
and Edge
Safari Ctrl+ Option

Thus, for example, in Firefox on a Linux system, one must press and hold down the Alt and Shift keys while typing the final character for the desired shortcut (for example, Alt+Shift+z will take you to the wiki's Main Page). In Safari on a Mac, you must hold down the Control and Option keys while typing the final character (Control+Option+z). In Internet Explorer on Windows, you must hold down only the Alt key while typing the final character. For systems not listed in the table, any of the options (or maybe even others not listed) might work. You may have to experiment to find a modifier that will work for you. (Note that sometimes different modifiers are required for different access keys on the same system.)

MediaWiki shortcuts[edit]

This is the list of the default shortcuts defined in core MediaWiki. The first column specifies the particular context in which the shortcut is available; the second column describes the action taken when the shortcut is invoked; the third column shows the access key for the shortcut (i.e., which key on the keyboard must be pressed in combination with the appropriate modifier key, as explained above, to invoke the action); the final column holds the name of the "system message" where the shortcut is defined (i.e., the page in the MediaWiki namespace containing the character found in the third column). A blank entry in the third column means that no shortcut is defined for the action by default.

Note that the system message is determined based on the id attribute of the element and there is no additional code needed for an extension to make a hotkey functional; if you are attempting to add a shortcut key for an extension not listed here, you may simply use the element inspector and determine the location based on its id attribute.

Note: The entries are initially sorted by the final part (in most cases) of the MediaWiki page name (e.g., "addsection", "anontalk", etc.). If desired, the table can be sorted by any of the columns.

Context Action Access key MediaWiki page name
Talk namespace Start a new section on this page + accesskey-ca-addsection
Any page (if not logged in) Go to talk page for my IP address n accesskey-pt-anontalk
Any page (if not logged in) Go to user page for my IP address . accesskey-pt-anonuserpage
Page history View Atom feed for this page accesskey-feed-atom
Special page for blocking users Block the IP address ("save") s accesskey-blockip-block
Page history (after choosing two revisions) Compare selected revisions v accesskey-compareselectedversions
User namespace View contributions of this user accesskey-t-contributions
Any page (if not logged in) Create an account (and log in) accesskey-pt-createaccount
Any page Go to current events page accesskey-n-currentevents
Any page (if possible) Delete this page d accesskey-ca-delete
Editing a page Show changes from current version (without saving/publishing) v accesskey-diff
Any page Edit this page e accesskey-ca-edit
User namespace Email this user accesskey-t-emailuser
Special page for exporting Start exporting ("save") s accesskey-export
Any page Go to help pages index accesskey-n-help
Any page View page history (list of changes to this page) h accesskey-ca-history
Special page for importing Start importing ("save") s accesskey-import
Any page View page information accesskey-t-info
Any page (if not logged in) Log in o accesskey-pt-login
Any page Go to main page (home page for the wiki) accesskey-p-logo
Any page (if logged in) Log out accesskey-pt-logout
Any page Go to main page (home page for the wiki) z accesskey-n-mainpage
Any page Go to main page (home page for the wiki) z accesskey-n-mainpage-description
Editing a page Toggle switch for marking the changes as minor i accesskey-minoredit
Any page (if possible) Move this page m accesskey-ca-move
Any page Go to my contributions (list of my edits to the wiki) y accesskey-pt-mycontris
Any page Go to my talk page n accesskey-pt-mytalk
Any namespace View the subject page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab
Category namespace View the category page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab-category
Help namespace View the help page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab-help
File namespace View the file page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab-image
Main namespace View the content page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab-main
Media namespace View the media page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab-media
Project namespace View the project page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab-project
Special namespace View the special page accesskey-ca-nstab-special
Template namespace View the template page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab-template
User namespace View the user page ("content", as opposed to "talk") c accesskey-ca-nstab-user
Any page View this particular revision of the page using a "permanent link" accesskey-t-permalink
Any page Go to community portal accesskey-n-portal
Preferences Save preferences accesskey-preferences-save
Any page (if logged in) Go to my preferences accesskey-pt-preferences
Editing a page Preview changes (without saving/publishing) p accesskey-preview
Any page View printable version of this page p accesskey-t-print
Any page (if possible) Protect this page = accesskey-ca-protect
Any page Go to randomly chosen page x accesskey-n-randompage
Any page Go to list of recent changes to the wiki r accesskey-n-recentchanges
Any page View list of recent changes made to other pages that this page links to ("related changes") k accesskey-t-recentchangeslinked
Page history View RSS feed for this page accesskey-feed-rss
Editing a page Publish changes ("save") s accesskey-save
Any page Search the wiki (jump to search box) f accesskey-search
Search box Search and go to the page with this exact title, if it exists (otherwise show search results) accesskey-search-go
Search box Search the wiki for this text (do not go directly to page with matching title) accesskey-search-fulltext
Any page Go to special pages index q accesskey-t-specialpages
Editing a page Jump to edit summary box b accesskey-summary
Any non-talk page View talk page corresponding to this one (discuss this page) t accesskey-ca-talk
Any deleted page (if possible) Undelete this page (restore the page's edit history) d accesskey-ca-undelete
Any page (if possible) Unprotect this page = accesskey-ca-unprotect
Any page (if logged in) Unwatch this page (remove it from my watchlist) w accesskey-ca-unwatch
Special page for uploading a file Start uploading ("save") s accesskey-upload
Any page Upload a file u accesskey-t-upload
Any page (if logged in) Go to my user page . accesskey-pt-userpage
Special page for setting user rights Set the user rights ("save") s accesskey-userrights-set
Any protected page View source for this page (since it cannot be edited) e accesskey-ca-viewsource
Editing a page (if logged in) Toggle switch for watching/unwatching the page being edited w accesskey-watch
Any page (if logged in) Watch this page (add it to my watchlist) w accesskey-ca-watch
Any page (if logged in) Go to my watchlist l accesskey-pt-watchlist
Editing watchlist Remove selected titles ("save") s accesskey-watchlistedit-normal-submit
Editing raw watchlist Save changes to watchlist s accesskey-watchlistedit-raw-submit
Any page View list of pages that link to this one ("what links here") j accesskey-t-whatlinkshere

Extension shortcuts[edit]

The following additional shortcuts are defined by various MediaWiki extensions.

Extension MediaWiki page name Access key Usages
CiteThisPage accesskey-citethispage Codesearch
Drafts accesskey-drafts-save g Codesearch
EducationProgram accesskey-ep-form-save s Codesearch
EducationProgram accesskey-ep-edit-institution e Codesearch
EducationProgram accesskey-ep-edit-course e Codesearch
EducationProgram accesskey-ep-summary b Codesearch
EducationProgram accesskey-ep-minor i Codesearch
FlaggedRevs accesskey-ca-current v Codesearch
FlaggedRevs accesskey-ca-stable c Codesearch
ListTransclusions accesskey-t-listtransclusions Codesearch
MediaUploader accesskey-save-upload-campaign s Codesearch
MediaUploader accesskey-cancel-upload-campaign c Codesearch
PageForms accesskey-ca-formedit & Codesearch
TweetANew tweetanew-accesskey e Codesearch
UploadWizard accesskey-save-upload-campaign s Codesearch
UploadWizard accesskey-cancel-upload-campaign c Codesearch
VisualEditor accesskey-ca-editsource e Codesearch
VisualEditor accesskey-ca-ve-edit v Codesearch
WatchSubpages accesskey-watchsubpages-submit s Codesearch
Wikibase accesskey-t-wikibase g Codesearch
WikiEditor accesskey-wikieditor-realtimepreview ) Codesearch

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