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Covid 19 Deaths[edit]

So, some editor deleted all that I have entered. I am very annoyed to say the least. I saw entries of a simple "doctor", then I enter someone who was President of the National Association of Doctors etc. and "sorry I don't think these people are notable"??? How do you decide the list of people?

Project Veritas[edit]

The entire article is a hitpiece for a group that is trying to stop the media bias. It is unnecessary to enter the opponent depiction of their service as if it is 100% factual opinion. They don't like being told liberal slanted information. If you don't allow people to interject and place the comments that boldly criticize it, then you must not know about all the court cases they have won. I am certainly close to quitting wikipedia and I do have a lot of followers that are both liberal and conservative. You can't lock pages and leave that rubbish as if it were fact. Sad.