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  • I frequently make a particular mistake: I'll start editing a page, hit "preview", spend a little while browsing the preview, and then forget that I'm in preview mode (because the editing box has scrolled off the bottom), and hit "edit" again. This puts me into a second edit where my original changes have been discarded (I'm looking again at the last saved state of the page). When I make this mistake, I can hit my Back button, and refresh with the scary re-post warnings from the browser, and everything seems to work, but it's pretty counter-intuitive at that point. It seems to me that, while I'm in the middle of an edit, the "edit" link ought to be disabled, in order to prevent this happening. Can anyone offer a reason why it isn't? Many thanks - DenebMeketa 03:12, 17 November 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]