How can we help preventing damage to the body by Wikipedia

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Wikipedia can cause damage to your body via RSI (Repetitive strain injury)

There is a fundametal problem with Wikipedia: Many of the really active Wikipedians do have also a job where they use a computer full time.

Using a computer full time at work can be ok but can also cause RSI.

For people who add to the "work-computer-time" every day some "Wikipedia-computer-hours", the risk of RSI increases dramatically. The body needs rest to recover from the computer-typing-stress.

The saddest thing about RSI is that it probably will hurt the very active Wikipedians the most.

Wikipedia has also a responsibility towards the Wikipedians. Especially to the really involved Wikipedians. I propose to set up some way to get in contact with people who are in risk to be damaged by Wikipedia, to warn them, to find a way to establish an equilibrium.

A Wikipedian contributing 150% in 5 years (and then leaving permanently due to RSI) helps Wikipedia (and himself) less, then a Wikipedian only contributing 50% but over 20 or more years.

Keep in Mind: Wikipedia is a project for generations. You don't have to write an article/answer today. If it is done tomorrow or in one week, Wikipedia goes on nevertheless. No one in Wikipedia (not even Jimbo) is so important that Wikipedia would stop working without him.

Take your time, so you will enjoy Wikipedia for many years to come.

Anyone having ideas how we could get in contact/detect/help people that are potential "Wikipedia RSI candidates" please add your thoughts here.

We all have the responsibility to protect our fellow Wikipedia friends from damage to their health.

Thanks a lot (especially from Wikipedians that don't know yet about the risk).