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('was about how people don't read news on community pages et then complain not
being informed)
<domas> I can lock databases
<domas> with a banner 'go to wikimania'
<domas> then whole community would notice %)
<Misza13> and to vandals: "don't you assfucks have anything better to do?"
<JoeUK> :D
<JoeUK> theyd say the same to us
2004-05-13 01:19:09 <enrc>  Edna Bay, Alaska [...]
2004-05-13 01:19:09 <enrc>  Kessick  [...]
2004-05-13 01:19:09 <enrc>  User talk:Timwi/Archive/Apr 04 [...]
2004-05-13 01:19:09 <enrc>  Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal [...]
2004-05-13 01:19:09 <enrc>  Tocharian languages [...]
2004-05-13 01:19:10 <enrc>  Classic Maya language  [...]
2004-05-13 01:19:12 <enrc>  Nature (journal) [...]
2004-05-13 01:19:16 <enrc>  User talk:Timwi [...]
2004-05-13 01:20:20 <--     enrc has quit (Excess Flood)
<[newbie]> Somebody has usurped my userrname
  <bumm13> which is?...
<[newbie]> I am Cimon Avaro.
   <Jeedo> lol. that sounds SOOO much like
           the openining line of a porn movie
   <Jeedo> 'i have gome to tingle your deepest desires'
<TimStarling> open source software represents a leap in
              the efficiency of production of software
<TimStarling> like the transition from "cottage" textiles
              to mass production
<TimStarling> the quality is worse, but it is much cheaper
<FennecFoxen> that's debatable
<TimStarling> nobody wants hand-made socks anymore
<FennecFoxen> it may have been worse at first...
  <Submarine> TimStarling: open source software represents
              a leap in theefficiency of production of
              software --> ????
<TimStarling> for some reason when people hang around
              on IRC long enough, they think coherent
              arguments can be made entirely using the
              question mark character
<AdamBishop>  I also pronounce "lieutenant" the British way,
              as we're supposed to, but most people don't...
<kingturtle2> is lieutenant pronounced al-OOOOOOO-MIN-eee-um?
    <itai> i found a bug in the hebrew site
    <itai> found a bug in the english site :|
  <Angela> what's the problem?
    <itai> can't tell :x
<Gentgeen> that makes it hard to fix
  <Angela> itai: could you explain where the bug is?
    <itai> the site isn't secured
   <JeLuF> secured?
    <itai> yes
    <itai> un protected
  <Angela> anyone can edit it?
    <itai> yes
<TimStarling> it was raining, I was riding along an internal road in
              the university, with people walking along the footpath
<TimStarling> and idiot girl with hood decides to suddenly change
              direction and step out onto the road without looking
<TimStarling> no peripheral vision, she didn't see me until I emerged
              from behind the hood, a few cm from her face
   <skimpIzu> so? any contact with girls is positive. treasure your
     <bumm13> lol
  <camembert> heh, so speaks the desperate man
 <CimonAvaro> Speak of what ye lack!
  <camembert> "I run girls over on my bike so I can touch them"
   <SethIlys> Hmm... I'm getting 500 errors.
     <Cyrius> yay technical difficulties!
<FennecFoxen> SethIlys- that's a lot of errors.
    <Raul654> Jeedo - the best way to end those is
              with a uniltateral declaration
    <Raul654> (Like I did for Thatcher)
<FennecFoxen> heh. And when it is contested?
    <Raul654> I edit the manual of style accordingly
              and then cite it :)
<FennecFoxen> Wikipedia is throwing 1205s everywhere.
    <Raul654> it's as dead as elvis, here
     <Cyrius> dead as elvis here too. By that I mean it's up
              and running but I don't expect anyone to believe me
<fabiform> What is more constructive than wikipedia?
<Jamesday> On a bad day, hitting your head with a brick
<sannse> please imagine that pink
<Xirzon> I'd rather not
<Xirzon> & is an evil magical character
<Xirzon> if you use it in your article
         titles a curse will lay upon them
<Xirzon> and no good shall ever become of them
<Xirzon> I recommend "+" or "and" as non-magical
<CimonAvaro> I have seen the fnords!
    <Xirzon> you mean fjords CimonAvaro
<BillyH> If we're having Klingon, we shoud have Caveman too. ;)
<BillyH> "'''Ug''', ug ug ugugugu ug ug, ug ug, ug, ug. {{ug}}"
<Burgundavia> Hey, a place in the Gaza strip, would that
              fall under Places in the Gaza Strip Category?
<Raul654> how the hell did [[List of people on stamps of Gabon]]
          get on my watchlist?
  <Raul654> I mean, is it POV to say that (for example) George Bush's
            enviromental policy is terrible? No, it's a fact.
<dannyisme> we cannot say that it is terrible
<dannyisme> we would be killed for that
<dannyisme> ed poor would have a heart attack
    <Raul654> Fennec - obviously. You aren't going to be using highways
              to transport stuff between California and Hawaii
 <OldakQuill> We could nail a carriage onto the back of a blue whale...
<FennecFoxen> OldakQuill, but I don't think the whale acheives optimal
              speed at near-surface depths.
  <SethIlys> lol. SpaceShipOne only passed the 100km mark by 400 feet. :)
<OldakQuill> Ah dear - what a terrible sentence that is Seth
<OldakQuill> You should gouge your eyes out for mixing Imperial and
             Metric measurement systms
<Misirlou> SI OR DIE
<Kingturtle> You also are using english instead of esperanto
<Raul654> So anyway, could one of you please
          put together a coherent arguement?
<Raul654> come on, isn't anyone here an admin on meta?
 <BillyH> I think Raul654 is.
<VascoDaGama> Good day, friends
       <kim_> Misirlou, it is?
   <Misirlou> kim_: I DON'T KNOW LET ME CHECK THE EKG
   <Raul654> Just ignore me. My [[human brain|brain]] is misfiring
     <larne> Raul654: you need some [[Coffee|wikimedicine]]
             * Grunt` smirks.
    <Grunt`> wikimedicine could mean: * [[Coffee]] * [[Tea]] * [[Fruit juice]]
             * Other [[beverage]]s * [[Nothing]] {{disambig}}
     <larne> Grunt`: {{npov}}
     <larne> coffee is the *only* wikimedicine
   <Raul654> Ironically, as I said earlier, I have a picture from the US
             Botanic Garden with a tea bush growing next to a coffee tree
             ... the two staple wikipedian beverages
             * Grunt` smirks.
    <Grunt`> Reverted changes by larne to last version by Grunt
     <larne> Reverted vandalism by Grunt
    <Grunt`> rv
     <larne> {{vfd}}
    <Grunt`> {{delete}}
     <larne> #redirect [[wikicabal]]
             * Grunt` thinks this channel is starting to go wikiwacko. :P
    <Grunt`> The neutrality and factual accuracy of this channel are disputed.
     <larne> The sanity of this channel is disputed.
     <larne> actually, it's not. I think everyone agrees it hasn't any :)
    <Grunt`> This channel has been listed on Channels for Deletion. Please
             see its entry there for details.
   <Raul654> Oh god, what have I started?
     <larne> *Delete.  Pointless rambling. ~~~~
             *Raul654 commits [[Wikipedia:Missing wikipeidans|Wikisuicide]]
  <SethIlys> Haven't we been through this before?
    <Grunt`> *Delete.  Unsavable POV nonsense. -- ~~~~
    <Grunt`> Yes, SethIlys. :P
<AdamBishop> Delete, vanity. ~~~~
      <Timwi> == Should the next major version of mIRC
              support parsing wiki markup? ==
      <Timwi> === Votes for ===
      <Timwi> # ~~~~
     <Grunt`> # -- ~~~~
              * larne opposes
              * larne is an irc traditionalist
<TimStarling> mIRC already supports free links
<TimStarling> simple ones, anyway
      <Timwi> TimStarling: Only in the sense of making them
              clickable, not in the formatting sense
      <larne> == Should the next version of mIRC support
              subst: templates with variables? ==
<kim_> heh, immediately when I try to lookup tinc,
       wikipedia reports a database problem ;-)
<AdamBishop> Reason for deletion: content was:
             'I have haxored wikipedia!!! i am leet linux haxor!!! :P'
<AdamBishop> I bet that guy thought he really hacked Wikipedia
              * Grunt` prods.. I'm getting blank page syndrome again..
      <nadav> Me too
 <Vikingstad> yeah... it's all over I think
     <Grunt`> We're dooooooooooomed!
 <Vikingstad> hehe.
 <Vikingstad> wikipedia will NEVER get back.. muhahaha
     <Grunt`> HEATHEN!  INFIDEL!
 <Vikingstad> ok, that's it for doomsday.. back up :)
     <Grunt`> YaY. :P
<VascoDaGama> Don't you just love the ability to turn
              doomsday on and off at will? ;)
     <Grunt`> VascoDaGama: 99% of action movies will do
              that to some degree. :P
     <Grunt`> VascoDaGama: big scary doomsday device all ready
              to go, and pushing one button or flipping one
              switch turns it off. :P
<VascoDaGama> Time to next Wik attack: [insert ridiculously
              huge digital countdown here]
<SethIlys> lol. Enterprise is getting the death slot. :)
 <Raul654> which one?
<SethIlys> Raul: Friday at 9pm.
 <Raul654> Pfft
 <Raul654> let's take the set of potential star trek enterprise viewers
 <Raul654> and subtract out all the people who have something better to
           do on friday night
 <Raul654> ...have we significantly reduced the set?
      <larne> Today's task:  find an image for [[OpenVMS filesystem]]
     <Grunt`> larne: Find a hard drive that uses OpenVMS, rip it apart,
              and take a pic of the platters.  ;)
<DavidGerard> larne: the gates over hell, with "ABANDON HOPE ALL
              YE WHO ENTER HERE" over them
<DavidGerard> if you can find a GFDL image
     <Grunt`> LOL
      <larne> I imagine most images of the gates of hell are
              copyright by satan- he doesn't seem like the gfdl type
     <Grunt`> larne: I suspect someone could do an artistic rendition
    <emRick`> Satan invented copyright ... is the modern form of Babel
     <Grunt`> larne: Don't know who 'someone' might be, but there must
              be at least one person out there ;)
<DavidGerard> artistic renditions aren't encyclopaedic!
     <Grunt`> DavidGerard: if they're unartistic enough, sure they are.
 <AdamBishop> like the artistic rendition of bigfoot?
     <Grunt`> DavidGerard: I'm thinking of pictures in the style
              of prephotographic portraits. :P
      <larne> what about an artistic rendition of a photograph?
     <Grunt`> Or a photograph of an artistic rendition.
     <JamesF> What about a computer 'artistic' effect
              applied to a photograph?
     <JamesF> Or a photograph of a photograph.
     <Grunt`> Or a rendition of a rendition.
      <larne> what about a sepia effect applied to an artistic rendition?
     <JamesF> Or a POVRay re-rendering of the scene? :-)
     <Grunt`> Whatever works and is GFDL is okay by me. :P
<DavidGerard> I HAVE CRAYONS
     <Grunt`> DavidGerard: you know what to do, then! :D
      <larne> I think an image of the gates of hell could be considered POV
      <larne> for one, how do we know hell has gates?
<DavidGerard> larne: you are of course right. it should be
              illustrating [[NTFS]]
    <emRick`> larne: hell won't get get gates for a few more decades ...
              bill is still pretty healthy
     <JamesF> Some American twit on /. is saying that the people
              who went to the US went to avoid "taxation without
              representation". *sighs*
     <JamesF> David> To say that he's a twit? ;-)
<DavidGerard> SEE!!!!
     <JamesF> Actually, pro-Communist, but never mind :-)
 <AdamBishop> well that is what Americans are taught in history classes
 <AdamBishop> he's probably some 15 year old kid who hasn't
              taken a real history class yet
     <Olathe> YOU'RE GONNA DIE, CLOWNS !
<DavidGerard> I THINK
<DavidGerard> *dies*
    <emRick`> DavidGerard: Wikipedia is granola crunchin'
              hippie-lovin' Woodstock ... no Randriods please
     <Olathe> Wikipedia is a distributed computer program...
              no puny humans, please.
    <emRick`> Wikipedia: please don't hurt us when you become
              sapient ... remember, we on #wikipedia adore you
              and worship you
     <JamesF> I am myself merely a small and short-term cog-part
              of the great machine that is Wikipedia.
     <JamesF> So, who are the spanners? ;-)
      <larne> I *am* Wikipedia.
    <emRick`> larne: I worship you
<DavidGerard> larne: stop crashing so much. just because you
              want more computers.
      <larne> DavidGerard: FEEEED MEEEEEEEEEE
    <emRick`> larne to DavidGerard: I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that
          * Grunt` grunts.
          * Slizor hunts
          * Grunt` wonders if Slizor is hunting Grunt
          * Slizor hunts tastier things then Grunt`
          * Grunt` takes offense at the fact that he isn't tasty!
 <Grunt`> Have you ever tried roast Grunt? It's dee-licious.
 <Grunt`> Trust me. It is.  ;P
          * Slizor would only hunt Grunt` if he was making sausages
 <Grunt`> But..but..there's so much more potential in me!
<Raul654> Mmm... tasty
  <larne> What if you were making gruntcakes?
 <Slizor> (larne) : You need really fresh Grunt`
<Raul654>  Mark - just to be an asshole, I should
           mention that F-9/11 broke a record
<Raul654>  It had the highest opening weekend
           for a documentary, ever
 <Lysine>  Raul654: asshole.
       <yath> Mark_Ryan: this movie seems to have the
              potential to influence political events.
              It's more important than spider man.
<FennecFoxen> yath- that's POV! :)
       <yath> Oh damn!  *kicks self*
  <Mark_Ryan> yath: it's just a movie. I'd rather report
              on its political effects when they happen,
              not speculate on them beforehand
 <AdamBishop> are you suggesting Spider Man will not
              influence world politics?
 <AdamBishop> I am appalled, sir!
        (regarding Orkut)
<Jeedo> i recently checked back to find 150 messages
        in my inbox among them 30 'give me gmail' and
        105 'join x and y group'
<Grunt`> Jeedo: What were the last 15?
<Lysine> Grunt`: 'enlarge your penis'?
<Grunt`> Lysine: probably :P
<frazzydee> just to check if it's an issue with my skin,
            could somebody try switching their skin
    <Jeedo> frazzydee: just at the beginning of your sentance,
            i thought it was a medical question;)
    <Jeedo> "...i got this rash..."
<Quozl>  i want a local copy in case of major meteor strike,
         and i only speak english, is it therefore sufficient
         to get the en.wikipedia cur at 272mb from
<Raul654> am I the only one who gets a perverse please from
          seeing [[Yo Mama's Last Supper]] listed on the
          recentchanges requested articles?
<Pladask> I hope so
<Raul654> I mean, I feel required to request weird ones, or
          else we'd just be left with stuff like [[poetry]]
          and [[List of bondage positions]]
* blankfaze resigns from the Wikipedia parliament
  for "personal reasons"
* SethIlys nominates an Oreo to fill the unexpired term.
* Grunt` elects the Oreo.
* Spe88 elects two oreos
* FennecFoxen eats the oreos and nominates Grunt` and blankfaze.
* Lysine nominates an oreo
* Grunt` re-elects the Oreo.
* Grunt` "accidentally" eats the Oreo and runs for the
  empty seat.
<Lysine> "[[w:You have two cows|You have two oreos]]..."
<Lysine> vfd should be divided into "Votes for Deletion of articles
         that should be deleted" and "VfD listing by RickK"
    <Lysine> bleh, royalty sucks anyway.
<OldakQuill> Yes
<OldakQuill> Shall we commit regicide?
<Callidus> I assume sarcasm before I assume the person in question
           is a complete idiot.
<Callidus> It's the polite thing to do.
         <Lysine> She was killed by the evil repilian peope-eating aliens
         <Lysine> Didn't you hear?
<TheCustomOfLife> I said the same thing, minus the reptiles, about
                  Ronald Reagan about a week before he actually died.
<juxho> here are the basic assumptions i'm relying on: there
        will be [[opinion wiki]] where strict syntax will be
        required to get aggregate information to [[publish wiki]],
        non-neutral-pov is the rule. there will be research
        wiki where all non-neutral-pov stuff will get axed
        immediatelly with a kind notice to go mess around in the
        [[opinion wiki]]. [[publish wiki]] will import from
        [[research wiki]] pending that someone will bet their own
        credibility in declaring some information so certain that
        it needs to be published. also aggregated (via SQL scripts
        written in a not-yet-decided language) will be used to
        automatically update the articles in [[publish wiki]] with
        the aggregate information from [[opinion wiki]] with
        highlights and links to the whole mess of opinions
      * juxho gone to drink more beer
   <nsh> I'm currently putting off over 200 individually important tasks
<Grunt`> nsh: how many of them involve putting off work? ;)
   <nsh> Grunt`, most of them, but that's the beauty of it
<clarknova> water isn't cheap at all. it comes at a tremendous
            hidden cost.
  <Raul654> It falls from the sky, for free!
* Kurt__ goes back to planning his capitalist revolution
* blankfaze goes back to planning his libertarian revolution
* iostream goes back to planning his opensource revolution
* Grunt` goes back to planning his revolution revolution
* morwen goes back to planning her punk rock revolution
* AdamBishop goes back to revolving around the sun
* SethIlys goes back to.... umm... well, nothing, really.
<OldakQuill> OMG there is no article on World War II!
 <blankfaze> haha yes there is
<OldakQuill> :D
 <blankfaze> you silly.
<OldakQuill> OMG there is no article on Pokemon!
    <Grunt`> OldakQuill: The sanity of this person is disputed.
 <blankfaze> Oldak: We WISH.
<OldakQuill> OMG there is no article on US geography
<AdamBishop> OMG there is no article on every type of Pokemon and minor
             Pokemon character ever!
    <Grunt`> OMG there is no article on [[there is no article]]
   <fredrik> there is no article on world history !
    <Grunt`> frederik: OMG
 <clarknova> OMFG
    <Kurt__> OMG there are no articles at all!
    <Grunt`> OMG we've been taken over by insidious vandals who have
             blanked all the pages!
  <SethIlys> OMG people are being incredibly silly in #wikipedia!
    <Grunt`> OMG insanity levels are spiralling out of control!
 <blankfaze> OMG i just messed myself!
    <Grunt`> OMG
 <blankfaze> GMO
      <ivan> GMOOMG
 <blankfaze> MOOG GOM
    <morwen> how about we have a poll to make me dictator?
   <Raul654> you're not brutal enough
   <Raul654> :p
<OldakQuill> You want to replace King Jimbo of Wales?
  <Hemanshu> Option 1. Make me dictator
  <Hemanshu> Option 2. Suffer when I become the dictator
    <Hemanshu> Raul654: haven't u heard of the coup? Lir took over.
               The rule of law shall prevail now.
<EddEdmondson> I for one welcome our new vandal and troll overlords
 <VascoDaGama> Wow. Sgt Nigel Leaky had a hell of a lot of guts.
<Comrade_Nick> who's that?
 <VascoDaGama> Some guy who was awarded the VC.
<Comrade_Nick> what did he do
     <Raul654> with both legs blown off, he crawled into a german
               machine gun nest and killed the lot of them with a
               sharpened thimble
     <Raul654> he then grabbed the machine gun, and turned it on
               an approaching panzer column, and wiped the lot of
               them out, despite losing 3 hands in the process
        <yath> and his liver, and his favorite thimble
   <bumm13> iron isn't that good for males, even in safer forms
<Mark_Ryan> why, bumm
   <bumm13> men don't need as much iron as women
 <earHertz> and women like to iron.
<TimStarling> I was just hassling someone for writing criticism
              on a brainstorming page
<TimStarling> I was thinking... maybe we'd get better, more creative
              brainstorming if we actively deleted all criticism
<TimStarling> in a group discussion that's not usually possible,
              so perhaps a wiki is better for brainstorming
              than a group discussion
    <Raul654> why not just delete the critics?
<TimStarling> you can't delete people
    <Raul654> you're not being creative enough
 <Lysine> wikisloooooooooooow.
<Raul654> Lysine - blame me :)
 <Lysine> Raul654: I did, see above.
<Raul654> for a pre-opt transexual, calling them by their preferred
          gender is both POV and factually debatable.
 <Lysine> Raul654: So is *not* Doing that.
<Raul654> Lysine - agreed
<Raul654>, since we're boned both ways, we might as well make
          a policy
 <Lysine> Grunt`: yes; blame raul
 <Lysine> he is a vindicious roll trying to destroy wiki
<Raul654> I like being a delicious roll :)
    <morwen> Call yourself Xxland, get the ".xx" domain, sell it for
             lots of money to portnographers
     <Avala> now
    <morwen> what is .sr really?
<OldakQuill> Surename
     <Avala> .cs=counter strike somebody proposed to sell it to gamers
     <Avala> :)
      <Mero> hehe portnographers
  <Fennecus> like geographers, but for harbors?
<OldakQuill> Heh - cartographers
      <Mero> they tailor to the sailor
    <morwen> of course when serbia and montenegro split they will have
             to get new TLDs again
      <Mero> "Barmaid Wenches Gone Wild"
<OldakQuill> Beastly Knaves Getting Dirty
      <Gachet> Hi everyone. I am not sure to understand the topic
               of the channel: is WP horribly slow because it is
               on display in the UN Foyer?
        <yath> Gachet: No, it's just nifty that it's on display there.
               It's slow because it's always slow.
      <Gachet> Who is in the UN Foyer? Three billions users surfing WP? :-)
      <Slizor> It's slow because of single mothers and asylum seekers
 <FennecFoxen> it's slow because we are insufficiently rich to keep it fast
               with as many users as use it.
      <Slizor> (FennecFoxen) : And we are insufficiently rich because of
                single mothers and asylum seekers!
               TO SLOW DOWN" - Daily News
 <FennecFoxen> SEAKERS, seekers, or sneakers?
             * FennecFoxen wants asylum sneakers!
 <FennecFoxen> I want *squeaky* asylum sneakers!
 <VascoDaGama> Asylum speakers?
 <FennecFoxen> Asylum STREAKERS!
      <Slizor> Asylum streaky bacon, yum
        <yath> Buff Haitians zooming across the Atlantic
<enrc> The Universe   N
       Kevyn  (New Redirect Page; points to Universe (Cool! I got
       to "Create The Universe!" *g*))
    <entmoot> the nice thing about CC movement is that it's based
              on parametric licenses
    <entmoot> it just needs some improved license coices to deal
              with moral/attribution rights, restrictions on
              military or police state use, and "green" issues.
<FennecFoxen> "green" issues... EVIL POLLUTING POWER PLANT COMPANIES
<FennecFoxen> an encyclocyclopedia... of bicycles.
<FennecFoxen> or not power plants, but the evil biotech companies maybe? :)
     <jwales> It can be redistributed only on recycled paper?
<Jeedo> ""Our staff has completed the 18 months of work on time and on budget.
        We have gone through every line of code in every program in every
        system. We have analyzed all databases, all data files, including
        backups and historic archives, and modified all data to reflect the
        change. We are proud to report that we have completed the "Y-to-K"
        date change mission, and have now implemented all changes to all
        programs and all data to reflect your new standards: Januark, 
        Februark, March, April, Mak, June, Julk, August, September, October,
        November, December as well as: Sundak, Mondak, Tuesdak, Wednesdak,
        Thursdak, Fridak, Saturdak. I trust that this is satisfactory, because
        to be honest, none of this Y to K problem has made any sense to me.
        But I understand it is a global problem, and our team is glad to help
        in any way possible. And what does the year 2000 have to do with it?
        Speaking of which, what do you think we ought to do next year when the
        two digit year rolls over from 99 to 00? We'll await your direction.""
 <bluefoxicy> the "Related Images" thing
 <bluefoxicy> should just have the image names, not the images.
     <Lysine> bluefoxicy: if you're using [[Image:foo]], use [[:Image:foo]]
<FennecFoxen> what Lysine said
    <Pladask> what FennecFoxen said
     <Lysine> what I said
    <Pladask> what you say !!
<FennecFoxen> what you sa- what Pladask said
     <Lysine> someone beat us up the dead horse
<WikiFan04> Let's hope that [[Pornography]] is never an FA- otherwise we'll
            have hormone-loaded 12 year olds coming on here going...
<WikiFan04> uhh man i noes what u means
    <bumm13> My guess is that Lir is a he
   <Raul654> I agree - no woman could be that annoying... come to
             think of it, I take that back
   <Raul654> seriously though, I agree that Lir's comments to strike
             me as distinctly masculine
<OldakQuill> Such as "I'll stab you with my penis"
<Angela> maybe I should start doing more controversial things.
         It wouldn't bug me so much then when people complain
<Lysine> Move to main page to Welcome_Mat
<Lysine> to be, er, less americo-centric
   <Lysine> squash123: you should steal de's stub notice
<squash123> 'Dieser Artikel ist bedauerlicherweise noch ziemlich
             kurz. Er enthält möglicherweise zu wenige Informationen.
             Wenn Sie mehr zum Thema wissen, überarbeiten Sie ihn bitte
             und machen Sie ihn zu einem guten Artikel.'
  <earHertz> Does that say to invade Poland?
<AdamBishop> it's a joke from an old Yahoo post, let me see if I can
             find it
   <Raul654> Oh lord, the yahoo quiz bowl list
   <Raul654> the only place geekier than the wikipedia IRC channel
   <Raul654> except possibly #furry
<DavidGerard> also, if one person does it all,
              he may take it as a personal attack
<DavidGerard> whereas if two warn and a third blocks,
              it's obviously a cabal!
  <bluekamil> Where do you from?
<FennecFoxen> #wikipedia
  <bluekamil> From which country, I'm from Germany
<FennecFoxen> I'm from en.
  <bluekamil> oh, I would like to study in en. It's great
  <bluekamil> Have you ever been to germany?
<FennecFoxen> well, I've been to de once or twice, but that's about it
  <bluekamil> In which city do you have been?
<FennecFoxen> [[De:Fennek]] if I recall correctly
<FennecFoxen> Wüstenfuchs and all that
  <bluekamil> I don't konw this city, I was once in en, in eastborne
              * FennecFoxen is a minor elected official in en. Department
                of the Interior and all that.
<Raul654> Rather than punish other wikipedians by making us pick
          up the edit war pieces, we should just chastise the
<Raul654> so every edit war means they lose a finger
<Raul654> see? Problem solved
<Raul654> after 10 edit wars, they won't be able to fight anymore
<Lysine> What if they're mutants?
<Lysine> (Which is quite likely when editing, say, [[Chernobyl]])
<dysprosia> raul: don't underestimate accessibility technology
<dysprosia> you'll have those stick typer thingies soon enough
<dannyisme> it reminds me of the time rk described some event incorrectly
<dannyisme> and when i corrected him, he said i had no idea what i was
            talking about
<dannyisme> he read about it in the press
<dannyisme> and i answered, yes, but i was the person they were writing about
<bluefoxicy> geogre:  I'm more concerned with the effectiveness
             though; how long can a man string a gay man along
             just teasing?  A half hour?  Fifteen minutes?  Will
             the guy get bored because he's not getting any and go
             find someone else?
<bluefoxicy> geogre:  Versus how long a female can drag it on with
             a straight guy without even touching him.  I'd believe
             it if a girl said she held out on a guy for 5 hours
             before giving him any.
   <Raul654> "I'd believe it if a girl said she held out on a guy
             for 5 hours before giving him any." --- Blue, it's
             called a first date  :)
    <geogre> Raul654: You have good second dates.
(regarding irssi, a textmode IRC client)
<yath> It has fabulous perl scripting.  just ctcp version me.
-yath- VERSION kvirc (NOT!!) - Apple ][ [MOS 6502/1.00MHz]
  <Arminius> right hand went numb I think that is a good signal
             it's time to stop editing
<bluefoxicy> Arminius: 'editing' riiight.
     <Jeedo> hehe
    <Cyrius> we all know you're flaming people on talk pages!
  <Arminius> lol
     <Jeedo> 'playing' with your 'pen' ?
  <Arminius> I guess I sortof asked for that one
<Raul654> As my girlfriend (who works in a sperm lab for rats) says -
          "No, I just cut off the testicles, pierce them with a pin,
           and drain out all the fluid"
<bluefoxicy> and i"ve seen speeds of 13k/s
    <bumm13> pr0n makes a good test of downloaded speed... ;)
   <Raul654> Blue - 13 is physically impossible. That had to have been caching
<bluefoxicy> Raul654:  it was downloading of a porno movie.
   <Raul654> so because it's porno your modem went faster than it's capable of?
<bluefoxicy> Raul654:  I once went 3 months
<bluefoxicy> Raul654:  I came the instant my lips touched the head.
     <Jeedo> you can suck your own penis?
   <Raul654> Good job. You just killed the channel
     <Jeedo> dude
<bluefoxicy> (3 months + autofellatio == <3)
<bluefoxicy> Jeedo:  dude yes
     <Jeedo> dude
<earHurts> emRick: doing what with animals??
  <emRick> earHurts: well, I do need a substitute for the women
 <Raul654> Wikipedia cyber kiosks?
  <JamesF> Yeah.
    <yath> What is the point of a wikipedia cyber-kiosk?
<jeronim`> wikipedia on your PDA, telling you about your
           surroundings - they  were dreaming about it on the
           mailing list
<Jamesday> jeronim, with the geocoding work, that's becoming feasible
  <JamesF> Jeronim> Yeah, with location co-ordinates.
 <Raul654> I can see it now
 <Raul654> We could do it with AI technology and sensors
 <Raul654> it could learn to anticipate you
 <Raul654> "It seems like you could use information from the
           following article: [[List of bondage positions]]"
    <yath> It looks like you're trying to break into your
           competitor's offices. Would you like information on
 <Raul654> "You are writing a [[suicide note]]."
 <Raul654> "You might want to read [[after-death experiences]]"
  <JamesF> "You're in court. Would you like to learn about the
           [[courts system in the United Kindom]]? Please note
           that Wikipedia does not give out legal advice."
 <Raul654> "After that night of partying list night, would you
            like to learn about [[sexually transmitted disease]]s?"
<Mark_Ryan> anyway, class time
  <Raul654> In July?
<Mark_Ryan> cya all later :)
 <Raul654> Classes?
<Mark_Ryan> Raul654: it's winter
<Mark_Ryan> :)
  <Raul654> oh yea...
  <Raul654> Crazy australian weather
  <Raul654> :)
<Mark_Ryan> i know! fancy being anti-US in our weather ;)
<Mark_Ryan> lol
<Mark_Ryan> cya
            * Mark_Ryan has quit IRC
  <Raul654> I should have asked him if his toilets go in the
            proper American direction :)
 <spiderly> hah raul I was just thinking about that
   <FoeNyx> same here :P
<earHertz> It is so early, and I am up with nothing to do today.
           Sure I could clean, run errands, and take care of the
           bills I always put off, but none of that sounded as fun
           as trying to meet a sexy woman for a few hours of
           touching and orgasms.  I am a fit, buxxom, woman with
           short hair, who does not look butch, but I love to take
           control in the bedroom, or on the living room floor,
           where ever the mood strikes us.
<earHertz> oh, sorry, wrong window. please ignore
<Submarine> Well, I don't think Wikipedia is worse than your typical press.
    <zocky> heh, some guy wants to list all films where Drew Barrymore
            appeared nude
<Austin> Isn't one of the requirements for being a bureaucrat knowing how to
         spell it?
<Austin> We might as well just call them "Sysop-makers."
<Austin> What do they call bureaucrats on simple?
<Angela> Austin: "Angela"
<AdamBishop> one of my earliest memories is sticking my finger in an
             electrical socket
<AdamBishop> I have only done it three times
<dannyisme> SJ, I have removed the misplaced comma you inserted to irk me
<dannyisme> do not think that your attempt at vandalism has not gone unnoticed
<enrc> Exchequer  [...] * Jdforrester * External links ->
                  External link, as there's only one, and we're not wholly
<TheCustomOfLife> Cunctator.
<TheCustomOfLife> How dirty.
                  * TheCustomOfLife giggles.
        <Raul654> Custom - it's latin for "Someone who delays"
        <Raul654> It was the nickname of a famous roman general
<TheCustomOfLife> I wonder why.
<TheCustomOfLife> Wink wink, nudge nudge.
        <Raul654> he always delayed battle
    <Snowspinner> How fitting for a member of the arbcom. :)
<TimStarling> we already have kid editors
<TimStarling> they write about pokemon
<TimStarling> or the school they go to
<TimStarling> first they learn about how to edit a page, then they learn
              about VFD
<jwales> Well, spam that claims to be *from* wikipedia, oy.  That's
         just... ugh.
<jwales> It's from Estonia.
<jwales> What good is having a war mongering President if we can't
         invade Estonia to kill spammers?  I AM JOKING DO NOT QUOTE
         ME ON THAT.  :-)
           * Grunt` grunts
           <-- FennecFoxen has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection
           timed out))
  <Grunt`> ..that was a powerful grunt. It killed Fennec.
           * Cyrius hands Grunt a breath mint.
           * Grunt` grunts his thanks...oh wait dammit no!
           * yath pulls the mask over his face and checks the seal
           * Cyrius falls over.
           * Grunt` watches yath's Apple ][ sputter and die.
           * yath wonders why he installed that four-stroke engine
             in the first place
           * Grunt` fuells up the Apple ][ with premium fuel. :D
  <Grunt`> s/fuells/fuels/
           * Grunt` starts up the Apple ][ again and watches it go!
<earHertz> is breath that even reaches through and overpowers the
           rank smell of a fur suit?
    <yath> it's like godzilla and mothra
           * Grunt` pulls a fur veil over earHertz's head and grunts
           at him.
<gentgeen> how many 13 year olds does it take to make one 90 year old?
 <Raul654> Gentgeen - a six pack, a broken profalactic, and about 90 
           years and nine months
<morwen> node_ue: Well, suppose [[foo bar]] is a term in economics and 
         [[Foo Bar]] is an album
<morwen> I said that
<morwen> but there's still no point
<bumm13> morwen: using logic on node is dangerous and could be harmful to 
         one's health
<bumm13> use caution
         * bumm13 puts on his protective IRC client gloves
   <bumm13> In informal U.S. English, a noogie is a hard rubbing of one's head
            with a closed fist
<dysprosia> geogre: no wonder your brain's on strike ;)
   <geogre> bumm13: Ok, let me try that.
   <bumm13> (done by someone other than one's self)
   <geogre> dysprosia: If it keeps up, I'll vote Republican.
   <geogre> node_ue: I'll try, but I think it's just being whiny.
   <geogre> node_ue: I think I brought this on myself, when I told my brain 
            that there were 5 brains in the developing world that could do the
            job better at pennies on the dollar.
   <bumm13> it's also known as a "Dutch rub"
   <bumm13> it's mean to be unpleasant to the person receiving it
   <geogre> bumm13: I've been smiting my head with a closed fist, and it's not
   <bumm13> s/mean/meant
<dysprosia> but don't forget to include the comma in the rubbing!
   <bumm13> nah, it shouldn't
   <bumm13> heh
   <geogre> bumm13: However, I am finding Dick Cheney easier to understand.
   <bumm13> rub softer
<Fennecus> get RMS to agree to make it CC-compatible. =b
 <Raul654> Fennec - Jamesday said that's exactly what they're doing
<Fennecus> Raul654: I also hear that RMS is the main FSF holdout in the matter.
 <Raul654> Damn him
 <Raul654> long haired hippie
 <Raul654> causing us problems
 <Raul654> :)
 <Raul654> (No, I wasn't talking about Uncle Ed)
<Comrade_Nick> but that would funny if lir became an AC member he'll be the
               People's AC
<Snowspinner> If the People are like Lir, the People should probably be banned.
   <Arminius-> whats the difference between a stub and a sub-stub?
      <Grunt`> Arminius: a substub is at most two sentences
<Slowking_Man> Arminius: Stubs are short; substubs are /very/ short
      <Cyrius> Arminius-: depends on who you ask.
       <Kate-> a substub is like a stub but it has a stupid template on it.
<prumpf> ouch.  [[artificial limb]] has a {{stub}} tag
<blankfaze> KATE!
<blankfaze> KATE!
<blankfaze> I THOUGHT YOU LEFT!
    <Kate-> blankfaze: then you didnt read my user page. :-)
<blankfaze> Oh, Kate!
    <Kate-> oh, blankfaze! i love you too!
<TheCustomOfLife> Time for a poetry reading!
<TheCustomOfLife> He's a cold-hearted snake.
<TheCustomOfLife> Look into his eyes.
<TheCustomOfLife> Uh-oh, he's been telling lies.
<TheCustomOfLife> Fin
     <CryptoDerk> Not sure what to make of that
<TheCustomOfLife> Poetry encore!
<TheCustomOfLife> Straight up, now tell me, do you really wanna love me 
<TheCustomOfLife> Oh oh oh!
     <CryptoDerk> How about... no?
<TheCustomOfLife> Some bitches don't appreciate good poetry. :-(
     <CryptoDerk> Are you one of them? :)
<TheCustomOfLife> I'm an artsy bitch.
          <Kate-> TheCustomOfLife: are you taking poetry lessons from sinfest?
<TheCustomOfLife> My muse is a non-traditional beauty.
<TheCustomOfLife> Girl.
<TheCustomOfLife> Forever Your Girl.
<Snowspinner> We're all sockpuppets of Lir, though.
<Snowspinner> It's sort of like Alice in Wonderland.
       <yath> Are you calling Alice a troll?
     <Kate-> why are wikien-l discussing how to revolutionise western
             civilisation or something?
   <jeromin> wikipedia does that to people :)
<AdamBishop> because everyone knows internet mailing lists are the
             appropriate space to begin sweeping social change
             * Grunt smirks.
 <adiabatic> Of course. Just ask
<node_ue> Raul: You are trying to say, "We haven't done this in the past.
          Therefore, we won't do it in the future."
<Raul654> Node - Right. That's called arguing from evidence
<Raul654> you might want to try it sometime
 <vespers> Gandhi
<Arminius> Gandhi was dam annoying
  <britta> gandhi bugs me because so many people refer to him so much
  <britta> and so superfluously
  <geogre> Gandhi was a damn hippie!
 <Raul654> Just wait until they publish his secret memoirs
 <Raul654> I can see the movie version of it now
 <Raul654> "Gandhi - the Revenge"
 <Raul654> starring Vin Diseal as Gandhi
 <Raul654> directed by James Cameron
<Arminius> "nonviolance this imperalist assholes!" tat tat tat tat
 <Raul654> With William Macy as Jawaharlal Nehru
<Arminius> with hilary duff as Gandhi's wife
 <Raul654> Tim - that Wikipedia thing was doomed from Day 1
 <Raul654> maybe we should just let god tear it down
 <Raul654> after all, it's dangerous and repugnant
   <Grunt> Raul, how it got this far is a mystery..
   <Grunt> After all, we know it's just a haven for trolls :p
<Arminius> wikipedia is an ABOMINATION! full of MOGREL HORDES!
 <Raul654> I think Jimbo is a war criminal for founding it
 <Raul654> Grunt, be fair 
 <Raul654> it's not *just* for trolls
 <Raul654> there are lots of POV pushers too
   <bumm13> and vandals
<squash-> woah... tragic
    <mav> squash; I thought that only sercurity guards in the U.S. were that 
    <mav> I mean, if they let Garry Coleman be one, then what do you expect?
<Raul654> Mav - no one ever went broke by wagering on people being stupid ;)
    <mav> lol
<Raul654> In fact
<Raul654> Some people count on it to make money :)
 <Cyrius> yeah, but it's bad for business to shoot your customers
<Raul654> Cyrius - not at all
<Raul654> it shows them the consequences of taking their buisness elsewhere
          * zoney is just glad we don't use Starfleet 50kV consoles!
<Raul654> Those poor ensign redshirts
<Raul654> someone should really point out that the enterprise is unsafe at any 
      <jwales> That's the loudest nick I have ever seen, THISISMYNICK
               * THISISMYNICK grins
      <jwales> I'll just call you timn for short.
<THISISMYNICK> and who are you, jwales ?
<THISISMYNICK> james wales?
<THISISMYNICK> jeremy? john?
      <jwales> I am Jimbo.
<THISISMYNICK> nice name of yours, but I like mine more
 <bumm13> you'd make a good Amish person, squash
<squash-> amish ?
<kturner> [[Amish]]
          * squash- checks
<squash-> NO WAY!
<squash--> i created
 <kturner> You created another comparison article?
  <bluefoxicy> baby jokes suck
     <squash-> think of the children
<Slowking_Man> You don't want to know what I think about children.
  <bluefoxicy> squash-:  little girls love the cock.
     <Raul654> An old man and a little boy are walking alone in a forest
     <Raul654> The boy says to the man "I'm scared"
  <bluefoxicy> eww manboy sex
     <Raul654> The man says back to the boy "You think you're scared? 
               I have to walk out of here alone"
  <bluefoxicy> eww snuff
      <bumm13> at least that's not pedophilic
  <bluefoxicy> paedophilic :o
<Mike_H|Zzzzz> Oh, don't even go there
     <Raul654> Blue - snuff films always have the most realistic acting :p
   <Mark_Ryan> can we have some jokes that don't involve pedophilia or 
               people dying? we get enough of that on Wikipedia itself...
     <Raul654> Mark - you're new to the internet, eh?
  <bluefoxicy> wait
  <bluefoxicy> you people were joking?
  <bluefoxicy> o.o;;
               * bluefoxicy hides!
     <Raul654> Aww Blue, don't worry, I wasn't ;)
   <zocky> the american english filter should add random suffixes to latinate 
<Gentgeen> and the be one should add random "U"s to words for no good reason
 <kturner> Gentgeen: there is a good reasoun
<Gentgeen> the union that makes typeface u's has lots of political power?
 <kturner> not using u is a form of discriminatioun
<Gentgeen> not using z is also a form of discriminization
 <kturner> z is already used in words like "frozen", so that's ok.
<Gentgeen> that's a "zee", not a "zed" by the way
 <kturner> There's no such letter as Zee
<Raul654> So you're saying we should do it like Klingons
<Raul654> the two strongest from each party take a batleth
<JimLane> Raul, mav wanted a reality show.  So instead of a fight they'd do 
          something extreme or disgusting.  Who can eat the most live 
          earthworms in one minute, maybe.
<Raul654> Jim - not entertaining enough
<Raul654> Hrm, maybe that's how we should decide the house of representatives
<Raul654> they do the disgusting stuff
<Raul654> and then, we cap it off with the presidential bout
<Raul654> two men enter the ring, only one leaves
<JimLane> Well, maximum of one leaves.  You'd have to provide for the 
          possibility of simultaneous deaths.
<Raul654> Jim - third party candidate ;)
  <Kate-> What is the word for something that reduces stress?
<Raul654> Kate - gun
          * Cyrius has a vision of a day... a long time from now... 
            "Today's featured article: Gdanszigk"
<Raul654> Cyrius - I can see the FA for the day before that
<Raul654> "Celebrating 100 years of martian colonies"
<Jamesday> Maybe you should run a typo bot and correct all misspellings 
           of colour ?:)
<Jamesday> Would you like help setting up the bot?:)
 <Raul654> Jamesday - I've noticed that. People seem to type colour when 
           they mean color
<Jamesday> It's a congenital disorder. Their parents failed to send them to 
           US schools.:)
   <Mark_Ryan> those of you using mIRC, for a neat trick, hold down shift and
               click the "#wikipedia" button up the top
<Slowking_Man> I'm betting that closes it.
   <Mark_Ryan> nah it does a 3D animation
               * Parts: neilc
               * Parts: squash- ("Leaving")
               * Joins: squash-
     <squash-> it works on xchat too
        <squash-> Stranger  |  Normal  |  Acquantances  |  Friends  |  Hugging
                  |  Kissing  |  Touching  |  Sex
        <squash-> the scale of intimitship
         <bumm13> scale?
     <AdamBishop> no touching before hugging?
        <squash-> something like that
        <squash-> i'm not perfect
     <AdamBishop> or before kissing at least
<TheCustomOfLife> Wow, I'm actually high up on a social scale
<TheCustomOfLife> Go, me
        <squash-> wikipedia should have that type of scale
        <squash-> informative
        <Luigi30> "If they use PC, say we're Apple. If they use Apple, say 
                  we're PC. If they have both, say we're Linux. If they have 
                  that, tell them to f*** off."
       <Misirlou> according to squash-'s scale, I guess my dad is really close 
                  to having sex with me
          <chase> oh god
      <JoiIto> is anyone here working on CROSSBOW?
<Slowking_Man> No, I prefer RIFLE SHOOTING
   <Mark_Ryan> I like to READ BOOKS
      <Austin> I like HANDGUNS, myself.
<Slowking_Man> Now go EDIT WIKIPEDIA
<TheCustomOfLife> My stub on [[Pam Dawber]] is bigger than the stub on 
                  [[Mark Harmon]]
<TheCustomOfLife> Shocking.
         <bumm13> I could never name my kid Pam
         <bumm13> it's non-stick spray for frying pans, for crying out loud!
         <bumm13> and it's not even good for that
 <servmon> slaughtered 3 threads for 'single expensive searches'
<Fennecus> Multi-kill!
<servmon> (key: [time] thr/qps/lag) ariel: 3/1578/0  18767s 9243s 5s 5s 5s
           goeje: 2/6/7640 suda: 1/415/0  18348s 3s 0s 0s 0 albert: 2/6/70
           bacon: FRIED; diderot: 1/6/70  squid: (coronelli maurus rabanus)
           req/s: 107 163 151 hit/s: 65 107 100 (total: 422 reqs 273 hits 64%)
<jeronim_> bacon is still fried
          * ugen64 uses "death" because grunt is insolent
          * Grunt : Magic Resistance
          * ugen64 stabs grunt with a +1 gazillion rapier
          * Grunt : casts Dispel Roleplaying
<Raul654> I'm going to have to implore a channel admin to cast "kick/ban"
<avar> the wikipedia soap opera continues, will he end up on RFA? 
       Will Angela comment on it? Will someone list the mess on
       VFD? stay tuned for the next episode...
<Raul_away> User:Haydes is creating a whole bunch of substubs. 
            Rickk seems convinced he's the B-movie bandit. I am
            starting to think the same thing.
    <cimon> RickK is having an identity crisis?
 <yelyos> is wikipedia becoming more like nupedia?
<kturner> yelyos: yes, we only have 21 articles now
<Raul654> Aaron - there's a variable that echoes that echoes a particular 
          page's namespace
<Raul654> see my user page - I have a link to all the variables there
 <bumm13> Raul: that was for effect, right? ;)
<Raul654> (the meta pag ewith all the variables)
<Raul654> Aaron - yes, the meta page with the variables lists them, IIRC
<Raul654> Bumm - what was for effect?
<Raul654> whoops
<Raul654> hehe :p
 <bumm13> how ironic
<servmon> slaughtered 47 threads for 'high load search'
<servmon> slaughtered 164 threads for 'search queries'
<servmon> slaughtered 28 threads for 'single expensive searches'
<servmon> slaughtered 38 threads for 'single very expensive searches'
<servmon> slaughtered 2 threads for 'history'
<FennecFoxen> servmon: GODLIKE.
<TimStarling> but I imagine most contributors to other-language wikipedias 
              would prefer to talk about those wikis in another channel
<TimStarling> since they have historically been keen to do so
<kturner> that may be because they think this is the english channel
<kturner> (english channel .. hehe)
<jeronim_> roflol
* silsor swims
 jeronim_ gives kturner a cookie
<silsor> _____^o________
<silsor> _______^o______
<silsor> _________^o____
<silsor> ___\...C_^o____
<silsor> oh dear it is a sea monster
* Signoff: silsor ("glub")
<Slowking_Man> fabi: Ah yes, Wikipedia, harnessing the power of 
               insomniacs the world over
<AdamBishop> I don't mind splashing myself with my own urine
<cimon> AdamBishop: Can we quote you on that?
<AdamBishop> I'm going to stop talking now
<Raul654> there goes the DNS
<Raul654> and all that porn along with it
<avar> not the kinki ipv6 pr0n
<Raul654> The only pr0n you can get over IPv6 is geek pr0n, which is creepy 
          because it involves Tux in all sorts of disturbing positions
<avar> indeed, pounding of his penguin hiney
<bumm13> :-/
<Raul654> sporting a [[monoglove]], [[spreader bar]], etc
<Slowking_Man> The mental images, they burn
* gentgeen has joined #wikipedia
<Raul654> Mav - so you're advocating cartoon porn on the main page now?
<Raul654> After all, you requested it ;)
<blankfaze> mav:  yes, but titties nonetheless!
<maveric149> Raul: yep - one step at a time. Soon we will have Mickey 
             and Minney...
<gentgeen> this is an interesting conversation to come into the middle of
<earHurts> Girls who see clits get the wrong ideas about sex, like it 
           should be pleasurable for her
<earHurts> and not just the man who owns her
<bumm13> Raul: when they start calling you "fascist", that means you're 
         doing something right
<Raul654> Bumm - by that logic, then when they vandalize your user page with 
          a hitler pic, it means you're doing something *really* right?
    <avar> seamen, men of the sea
<Fennecus> Seamen? Are those like mermaids, but the opposite gender? =b
    <avar> yes
<Misirlou> Fennecus: You mean, of the opposite sex?
           * Grunt smirks
    <avar> Fennecus: they always come in spurts too.
 <Raul654> lol
   <Grunt> ...
<Misirlou> yeah, that one went too far
    <avar> and make a *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* sound while swimming
<Misirlou> yeah, that one went too far
<Misirlou> yeah, that one went too far
 <Raul654> Poor misir
 <Raul654> we're deflowering his virgin ears
<Raul654> Guess what DVD I am holding in my hand!
<Raul654> Legend of the Overfiend : )
<AdamBishop> that would be a quality DVD
* brion has joined #wikipedia
<kooo> wheee tentacle raping! :D
<yelyos> Hi, brion
<yelyos> care to join us?
<yelyos> :D
<brion> no way man, you people scare me
  <brion> $this->saveUploadedFile( $this->mUploadSaveName,
          $this->mUploadTempName );
  <brion> if ( !$nt->userCanEdit() ) {
  <brion>       return $this->uploadError( wfMsg( 'protectedpage' ) );
  <brion>     }
  <brion> isn't that the wrong order?
 <Cyrius> one would think, yes
<zwitter> do you know what saveUploadedFile() does?
<zwitter> i bet $15 that it doesn't save the uploaded file
  <brion>   if ( ! move_uploaded_file( $tempName, $wgSavedFile ) ) {
        * brion collects $15
<zwitter> cheater
  <brion> it's open source, you have only yourself to blame ;)
<zwitter> i can't read
 <brion> return $this->uploadError( wfMsg( 'protectedpage' ) );
       * FennecFoxen read that wrong and thought it said "wtfMsg"
 * Netoholic gets his [[Wikipedia:2004 Arbitration Committee election 
                        controversies and irregularities]] page ready.
 <Wikinaut> Did I say, that I spent roughly 300 hours now for Enoitf ?
     <dori> wikibugs, we all spend too much time on wikipedia one way 
            or another, this place is a black hole
  <evanpro> dori: I think you've been spending too much time on
            Wikipedia if you're talking to wikibugs.
 <wikibugs> Tell me about it.
  <evanpro> B-)
     <dori> evanpro, we're had plenty of wonderful conversations,
            he's a good listner
<Reene> mouse balls are chewy
<DanteAlighieri> Next thing you know, people will be ADVERTISING that they're 
                 not campaigning.
                 * DanteAlighieri would like everyone to know that while he IS 
                   running for ArbCom, he is NOT campaigning. :)
                 * johnleemk would like everyone to know that he only 
                   campaigns passively on his user page.
                 * DanteAlighieri doesn't even campaign there! ;P
                 * johnleemk crucifies Dante for not campaigning at all.
                 * DanteAlighieri dies for your edits.
          <towo> Dying for one's editS?
          <towo> Wiki Christianity?
     <jill^crux> he died for our reverts!
       <Raul654> Towo - exactly
       <Raul654> Crucify them all and let Jimbo sort them out ;)
     <johnleemk> In the name of Jimbo, Ed Poor and RickK, I absolve you of 
                 your edit warring.
       <Raul654> lol!
       <Raul654> Rickk is more like the wiki angel of death
<DanteAlighieri> Poor RickK
       <Raul654> Rickk, off to slaughter the firstborn trolls
     <johnleemk> Now we can have "Hail Ambi"s instead of "Hail Mary"s
       <Raul654> lol!
     <johnleemk> And Larry Sanger led us from the wilderness of Nupedia to the 
                 promised land of Wikipedia.
       <Raul654> so this is how a wiki religion stats up, eh?
     <johnleemk> Yup.
       <Raul654> The Church of Jimbo Wales of latter day saints
<DanteAlighieri> The Church of Jimbo Wales, Wikipedist
<TimStarling> people have been saying that the confirm deletion checkbox 
              should go too
      <brion> bah
      <brion> i think deletion should generate a complex mathematical equation
      <brion> you are required to solve it and input the answer before deleting
<guenny> text kann man doch durch tabellen und navileisten vollständig ersetzen
<guenny> und kategorien
<guenny> [Kategorie:Mann|Müller] [Kategorie:Vorname|Ernst] 
         [Kategorie:Nachname|Müller] [Kategorie:1959 Geboren|Müller] 
         [Kategorie:2000 Gestorben|Müller]
         [Kategorie:München Geburtsort|Müller]
         [Kategorie:München Sterbeort|Müller]
         [Kategorie:Beruf Kategorisierer|Müller]
<guenny> hey und schon haben wir einen stub
<Rdsmith4> grrr. My enter key got stuck, and now I have a 27-page Word 
* Improv wonders how many people have [[Rolex]] on their [[Special:Watchlist]]
<ambi2> my gosh
<ambi2> there's COTWs popping up everywhere
<ambi2> "Latter Day Saint Collaboration of the Fortnight"
<jill^st^crux> who's up for starting wiccapedia? at least with this one, we 
               *can* help the speed by sacrificing woodland creatures
<Raul654> Yes. I'm going to be in Orlando in the begininng of January. I 
          asked Jimbo if he wanted to do a meetup while I was there, and
          he thought it would be a good idea
        * Luigi30 is 14 though, parents probably won't let him go =(
<anthony> I have to say I wouldn't let my kid go meetup with a pornographer 
          and his followers at the age of 14
    <Luigi30> there's an article whose content is  "Paul Bermeister is a
              poopy head who plays DDR"
   <Arminius> I think poopyhead is one word
<FennecFoxen> I should update it
   <Arminius> indeed
   <Arminius> or at least leave a note on the talk page

(okay, so I was referring to another page... -~~~~ =b)
 <Vague_Rant> Speaking of censorship, what's with people
              who say we shouldn't swear on WP?
 <Vague_Rant> What losers.
 <Neutrality> fuck the censors
 <Neutrality> :)
   <Misirlou> those cocksuckers
 <Vague_Rant> There's nothing wrong with my article on
              [[Sonic the motherfucking Hedgehog]].
<Sillydragon> Do you have properly cited references to
              his carnal relations with his mother?
<joshk> would be cool if a mediawiki browser could be written for windows
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> CXI, lol!
<joshk> then wikipedia CDs could be given out
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> mediawiki browser?
<Raul654> mediawiki browser?
<joshk> well, a daemon, i suppose
<ambi> mediawiki browser?
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> snap!
<Hemanshu> mediawiki browser?
<Raul654> lol
<dysprosia> a branded version of firefox?
<joshk> mediawiki browser?
<dysprosia> mediawiki browser?
<Raul654> mediawiki browser?
<dysprosia> mediawiki browser!
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> mediawiki browser?
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> snap!
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> I win again
       * jwales has joined #wikimedia
 <jibot> jwales is Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales of Wikipedia and  and if you wonder 
         where he is right now, check
       * jwales punches jibot in the nose.
<jwales> quiet, you fiend, I think they know that already
<Dragonfly6-7>Vandalizing Wikipedia is like masturbating.
 It feels good to you, but to nobody else, and it 
 results in a sudden spurt of useless information that
 needs to be cleaned up.

<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> I just got an email that one of the staffers
                  thought I was a troll
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> anyway, that's all over
<SPUI> [19:55:11] <TBSDY> GNAA is back on bloody VfD?!?
<SPUI> [19:55:12] * TBSDY (~ta_bu_shi@<hostmask>) Quit (K-lined)
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> that's what happened
<SPUI> i also got k-lined by saying that line
<Raul654> so I figured I'd meet up with the people there
<SPUI> GNAA is back on bloody VfD?!?
-!- SPUI [] has quit [K-lined]
<innocence> some people just don't learn
<cimon> Pure Nietzceh.
<cimon> (I will never spell that name correctly)
<aliekens> Nietzsche
<cimon> Well it sounds rude, any way you spellit.
<Amgine> sounds like a snack related to pretzels.
<aliekens> because there's "tz" in both words?
<cimon> To me it sounds like somebody pulling out.
<bumm13> ...
<cimon> From a female orifice.
<aliekens> it sounds like a staple to me, as in dutch, that's the translation 
<jimius> aliekens >> nietzjee :)
<bumm13> cimon: and not a certain male orifice? :D
<cimon> To be frank, have no idea what that sounds like.
<bumm13> that's probably just as well =p
<cimon> unless it sounds like taking a dump
* Tom- clears his screen
<kolq_besq> {{PD-user}} - for work released into public domain by a Wikipedian
<kolq_besq> what does this mean
<kolq_besq> something made by a Wikipedian?
   <ugen64> yeah
<kolq_besq> or something that a Wikipedia just uploaded
   <ugen64> it has to be their work of art to copyright
     <avar> "a wikipedia" ?
<kolq_besq> "a Wikipedian"
     <avar> like if de. becomes sentient?
   <ugen64> lol
   <ugen64> no no
   <ugen64> I MUST INVADE PL.