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*CableModem stabs Ironholds with a trout
<sonia> CableModem: you might need something sharper for that
<Ironholds> yeah. penetrating my stone heart?
*CableModem stabs Ironholds with sonia?
<sonia> ...
<Ironholds> try find a thermic lance, then get back to me on that one
<CableModem> :\
*sonia is not sure she would be able to penetrate Ironholds
<sonia> and, um, okay, I really should stop talking
<Dragonfly6-7> oh my
<Dragonfly6-7> Simpsons episode $500
<Dragonfly6-7> er, #500
<Dragonfly6-7> guest star will be Julian Assange
<Ironholds> Dragonfly6-7: nice!
<foks> Will he leak the entire plot to the 500th episode two days beforehand?
<Barras> I talked to me about this too. Was a funny conversation.
<name removed> i am sorry but this article simply MUST be written
<pakaran> why must it be written?
<Dragonfly6-7> pakaran - because if it was danced, no one would understand it
<Ironholds> [redacted], if you're fucking a dead goat I think we can conclude 
that fear of jail time is not your biggest issue
<Shearonink>	I 've always been fond of the notice about how -help is not a
    homework service...
<PiRSquared17>	yeah
<PiRSquared17>	but we tend to do homework anyways :S
<PiRSquared17>	or have people ask about it
<QueenOfFrance>	PiRSquared17: just ask them for their school, name and class
<QueenOfFrance>	then mail the professor
<TParis> Timotheus_Canens: How large is your rationale?
<Timotheus_Canens> 4481 bytes
<Fluffernutter> what a personal question!
<geniice>	Isarra on paper its a valid synthesis route
<geniice>	however I doubt the Journal of Apocryphal Chemistry is 
actualy a reliable source
<Pine>	        roots PiRSquared
<PiRSquared>	plants Pine
<Pine>	foks: ping
<foks>	whaa?
<Pine>	Hi. :) I have a question
<Pine>	I've found two articles with different titles that look like they're
talking about the same thing. How do I go about proposing a merge?
<foks>	Ummm
<foks>	I don't really know, actually!
<Pine>	You're an admin, you're supposed to know these things.
<foks>	I would ask at ANI, probably, since you will need an admin
<Pine>	Aren't YOU an admin?
<closedmouth>	{{mergefrom}} {mergeto}}
* Pine	takes foks' mop and hands it to closedmouth
<foks>	yes
<foks>	:D
<closedmouth>	i don't need two, but thanks anyway
* Pine	proposes merging foks into closedmouth
<closedmouth>	ಠ_ಠ
<foks>	closedmuzzle
<Pine>	It will be closedfoksmouth.
<OlEnglish> i like to stick little things into my belly button just to
see how long they'll stay there
<Mathonius> how can I tag that page for deletion...
<Mathonius> the useful tagger Hoo made is covered by something
<hoo>	that input conversion script, that's over it is from me as well...
*MF-Warburg doesn't use the tagger. Hah!
<omtsh>	Hurrah
<omtsh>	MF-Warburg to the rescue
<Mathonius> can the amazing Hoo fix it? found out in our next episode! to be 
<omtsh> Welcome to #cvn-sw drama, with your host, Mathonius!
<hoo> mhm, I think it's a problem with that input conversion script
<Mathonius> Marvel Comics represents... Hoo Man!
<omtsh> XD
<hoo> pity it's mine, so I can't blame another one...
<omtsh> He's a lean, mean, script fixing machine!
<omtsh> *in big, colourful letters* SCRIPT!
<omtsh> *in big, colourful letters* UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION!
<Mathonius> beautiful theme song, Omtsh :D
<Mathonius> the Adventures of Hoo Man and the Broken Script!
<hoo> Mathonius: Today it will more likely be Hoo vs. Drupal 7 :P
<omtsh>	He's on a mission! But can he fix the script in time, before MF-Warburg 
can manually tag the page?
<omtsh>	Find out after the break!
<Mathonius> whahaha :D
<Mathonius> another episode featuring the evil MF-W as antagonist
<Dcoetzee> I just saw this food container in the kitchen labelled "Cheese" in bad 
handwriting but I thought it said Obama and I thought maybe my roommates 
assassinated and were cannibalizing him.
<WilliamH_UK> when I hear "Ironholds is moving to Wales", my mind actually hears 
"Ironholds is adding Wales to his global itinerary of apology".
<+Ironholds> [redacted]: the cabal sent me. Wassup?
<+MartijnH> did someone order the cabal?
<+MartijnH> is there anyone not in the cabal these days?
<+SigmaWP> tommorris: No
<+Earwig> I have no idea what just happened.
<+Earwig> shouldn't cabal members be informed?
<+tommorris> The cabal is pleased.
<+Ironholds> Earwig: the cabal knows. THE CABAL KNOWS ALL.
<+tommorris> There is no cabal.
<+tommorris> Over and out.
<+tommorris> Earwig: [redacted] is a blocked user who was blocked for various things, 
and in the process alleged that all the admins were secretly engaged in cabal behaviour.
<+tommorris> We just wanted to show him that this was not true.
<+Earwig> ah.
<+WilliamH_UK> seems legit
<+WilliamH_UK> i'm entirely convinced
<+tommorris> anyway, on behalf of the cabal that doesn't exist, I'd like to 
apologise for newbies seeking actual help. our bizarre situationist stunts help 
keep Wikipedia awesome. Ta-ra!
<+MartijnH> this entire conversation consisted solely of weather balloons.
Nothing suspicious here. Keep calm and carry on.
<WilliamH_UK> i'm doing the article on the architect behind the auschwitz 
gas chambers
<WilliamH_UK> he was austrian
<WilliamH_UK> what the hell is it with austrians and basements?
<WilliamH_UK> Ironholds what's your favourite Crown Jewel?
<Ironholds> the left one
(from #wikipedia-en-help)
<Pine> Crying does not influence notability. Sorry.
(this day, news reports in the US were full of stories about the 
US Supreme Court finding the "Obamacare" healthcare plan constitutional)
<varnent> hmm..let me ponder that - do we have any other "policies" posted on 
the wm2012 site?
<Pharos> can we have a cupcake policy?
<Fluffernutter> cupcakes for all!
<Dmcdevit> Stroopwafel policy! :-)
<varnent> free cupcakes for all?
<Pharos> Item one on the Wikimania Bill of Rights
<Fluffernutter> socialized cupcakes!
<varnent> and Jimbo came down from the mountaintop and said "let my people 
have cupcakes"
<Pharos> I hope ArbCom finds this constitutional
Thomas Dalton replied to a thread on the wikimedia-l email list about 
Wikimedia sites being offline, "Wikipedia is down for me. I suggest we swarm 
on to IRC in large numbers - that always helps!"
* nickanc thinks we have always kind and gentle stewards
<PeterSymonds> That's because you don't know them.
<closedmouth> he only says that to avoid the beatings
<The_Blade> As much as I get they badly need reform, it's really not helpful 
to apply the *most* stringent application of BLP imaginable and call anyone 
who dares disagree with you part of the "Keep 20 images of blurry penises 
<Fluffernutter> some days I think it's too bad that we don't block for "I'm 
sorry, our crazy quotient is too high as it is, you'll put us over the legal 
<ObsidianSoul> i used to play "house" (more like "tribe" though) with my 
cousins as a kid. we'd be hunter gatherers. and we'd catch snails and small 
fish and gather plants for "resources". we actually drank the unfortunate 
results one time. :x
<ToAruShiroiNeko> Bricks have aerodynamic properties...
<ToAruShiroiNeko> ...very poor properties
<Pine> "Wikiwars Episode 2, Attack of the Spambots"
<soapoff> ===D~~~~~
<Frood> soapoff: i expect more from you.
<soapoff> ok
<soapoff> =========D~~~~
<geniice> I even wear a citation needed T-shit from time to time
<odie5533> proof?
<odie5533> pics or it didn't happen
<geniice> The T-shirts exist and I exist. What more do you need
<legoktm> > I exist.{{cn}}
<SudoGhost> Sounds like [[WP:SYN]] to me geniice.
<StewardBot> Snowolf locked global account Maybe27k with the following 
comment: Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
<[rudolph]> <£
* [rudolph] loves that reason
<[rudolph]> <3 *
<Savh> Only British people can make that mistake.
<Chris_G> MBisanz, you're missing the point; it's like fight club, they've 
gotta wait for 3 months without any comments or encouragement
<Chris_G> and if they can do that
<Chris_G> then we approve them