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This page contains information on the users, operators and useful contacts for the channel.

Anyone can see the up-to-date userlist using the following command on any freenode IRC connection: /msg chanserv flags #wikipedia-en-admins.

Active channel management[edit]

Channel contacts[edit]

(Founder flags +AFRefiorstv)

Master nick Username Cloak Status
AmandaNP AmandaNP wikimedia/AmandaNP admin
Az1568 Az1568 wikimedia/Az1568


(AccessMod flags +AOfiortv)

Master nick Username Cloak Status
JJMC89 JJMC89 wikimedia/JJMC89 admin
NotASpy Nick wikimedia/Nick admin

Complete list of admins[edit]

These contain the IRC pseudonyms of all other users listed as having access to the channel (on the access list as "VADMIN" with +Ai flags). In many cases, these will not match known Wikipedia usernames, either due to technical restrictions or simply personal preference.

The "Status" column indicates non-admin access, including voluntary resignations, desysopped for inactivity, stewards, and staff.

Nick Username Cloak Status
acroterion Acroterion wikipedia/Acroterion admin
addshore Addshore user/addshore admin
AmandaNP AmandaNP wikimedia/AmandaNP admin
Amortias Amortias wikipedia/Amortias admin
anomie Anomie wikimedia/anomie admin
AntiComposite AntiCompositeNumber wikipedia/AntiCompositeNumber steward note
Aoidh Aoidh wikipedia/Aoidh admin
AzaTht AzaToth wikipedia/AzaToth admin
barkeep49 Barkeep49 wikipedia/Barkeep49 admin
Beetstra Beetstra user/beetstra admin
billinghurst Billinghurst wikisource/billinghurst admin
bishonen Bishonen wikipedia/bishonen admin
Blablubber Blablubbs wikipedia/Blablubbs admin
Bradv Bradv wikipedia/bradv admin
Bsadowski1 Bsadowski1 wikipedia/Bsadowski1 admin
cacheyourdreams Kingpin13 user/cacheyourdreams admin
CaptainEek CaptainEek wikipedia/CaptainEek admin
cdhowie Crazycomputers wikipedia/Crazycomputers admin
Chillum HighInBC user/chillum admin
Cyberpower678 Cyberpower678 wikipedia/Cyberpower678 admin
DanielQ Daniel Quinlan wikipedia/Daniel-Quinlan admin
DatGuy DatGuy wikimedia/datguy admin
deepfriedokra Deepfriedokra wikipedia/Deepfriedokra admin
DerHexer DerHexer user/derhexer admin
dmacks DMacks user/dmacks admin
Doug_Weller Doug Weller wikipedia/Doug-Weller admin
Dragonfly6-7 DragonflySixtyseven admin
Dreamy_Jazz Dreamy Jazz wikipedia/dreamy-jazz admin
Earwig The Earwig wikipedia/The-Earwig admin
enterprisey Enterprisey wikipedia/enterprisey admin
firefly_wp Firefly wikipedia/firefly admin
Fluffernutter Fluffernutter wikipedia/Fluffernutter admin
foks Fox wikimedia/fox admin
gadfium Gadfium admin
GenNotability GeneralNotability wikipedia/GeneralNotability admin
Gfoley4 Gfoley4 wikimedia/gfoley4 admin
GorillaWarfare GorillaWarfare wikipedia/GorillaWarfare admin
Guerillero Guerillero user/guerillero admin
HakanIST HakanIST wikidata/HakanIST steward note
Hasley Hasley wikimedia/Hasley steward note
Ingenuity Ingenuity wikipedia/Ingenuity admin
Izno Izno wikimedia/izno admin
Jake_Wartenberg Jake Wartenberg wikipedia/jake-wartenberg admin
James_F Jdforrester wikimedia/JamesF admin
Jamesofur Jamesofur wikimedia/Jamesofur admin
JJMC89 JJMC89 wikimedia/JJMC89 admin
jonkolbert Jon Kolbert wikimedia/jon-kolbert steward note
jpxg JPxG admin
k6ka K6ka wikimedia/k6ka admin
Ks0stm Ks0stm wikipedia/Ks0stm admin
L235 L235 wikimedia/L235 admin
legoktm Legoktm wikipedia/Legoktm admin
lfaraone LFaraone wikimedia/LFaraone admin
loftyabyss Lofty abyss user/loftyabyss admin
LuK3 LuK3 wikipedia/LuK3 admin
Magog_the_Ogre Magog the Ogre wikimedia/Magog-the-Ogre admin
Mifter Mifter user/Mifter admin
Miniapolis Miniapolis wikipedia/miniapolis admin
musikanimal MusikAnimal wikipedia/MusikAnimal admin
Mykola7 Mykola7 wikimedia/Mykola7 steward note
Mz7 Mz7 wikipedia/Mz7 admin
NotASpy Nick wikimedia/Nick admin
NovemLinguae Novem Linguae wikipedia/Novem-Linguae admin
Oshwah Oshwah wikipedia/oshwah admin
Primefac Primefac wikipedia/Primefac admin
ragesoss ragesoss user/ragesoss admin
ReaperEternal Reaper Eternal wikipedia/Reaper-Eternal admin
red-tailed-hawk Red-tailed hawk wikipedia/Red-tailed-hawk admin
Risker Risker wikimedia/Risker admin
scottishfinnishr ScottishFinnishRadish wikipedia/ScottishFinnishRadish admin
sdrqaz Sdrqaz wikipedia/sdrqaz admin
Seddon Seddon user/seddon admin
Sotiale Sotiale wikimedia/Sotiale steward note
spicy Spicy wikipedia/spicy admin
sqldb SQL wikipedia/SQL admin
ST47 ST47 wikimedia/st47 admin
stwalkerster Stwalkerster wikimedia/stwalkerster admin
Superpes Superpes15 wikimedia/superpes15 steward note
tedwaste Moneytrees wikipedia/moneytrees admin
TheresNoTime TheresNoTime wikimedia/TheresNoTime admin
TheSandDoctor TheSandDoctor wikipedia/TheSandDoctor admin
ToBeFree ToBeFree user/tobefree admin
tommorris Tom Morris wikipedia/Tom-Morris admin
TonyBallioni TonyBallioni user/tonyballioni admin
Urbanecm Martin Urbanec wikimedia/Martin-Urbanec steward note
Vermont Vermont wikimedia/vermont steward note
versageek Versageek wikimedia/Versageek admin
Writ_Keeper Writ Keeper wikipedia/writ-keeper admin
wugapodes Wugapodes wikipedia/wugapodes admin
xaosflux Xaosflux wikimedia/xaosflux admin
Yahya Yahya wikimedia/Yahya steward note
ZombieMaxim Maxim wikipedia/Maxim admin
Zsinj Zsinj admin


  • Ordinary channel problems: Any channel operator listed above.
  • Log and privacy-related issues: If none of the above have helped, which is unusual, and the matter is serious, then please email one of the group contacts. Do not post logs on the wiki itself, without permission from all concerned.

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