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This page contains information on the users, operators and useful contacts for the channel.

Privacy and last update[edit]

The channel access list was set to "non private" on March 4, 2008. Anyone can see the up-to-date userlist using the following command on any freenode IRC connection: /msg chanserv access #wikipedia-en-admins list (warning: ~300 lines long!).

Active channel management[edit]

Channel contact[edit]

(Founder flags +votsriRfAF)

Master nick Username Invex (based on cloak) Status
wmfgc *!*@wikimedia/utility/wmfgc group contact role account


(SuperOp flags +votsriRfA)

Master nick Username Invex (based on cloak) Status
Deskana Deskana *!*@wikimedia/deskana admin
James_F Jdforrester *!*@wikimedia/JamesF admin


(Op flags +votifA)

Master nick Username Invex (based on cloak) Status
Fluffernutter Fluffernutter *!*@wikipedia/Fluffernutter admin
Rjd0060 Rjd0060 *!*@wikimedia/Rjd0060 admin
slakr Slakr *!*@wikipedia/slakr admin
Snowolf Snowolf *!*@wikimedia/Snowolf admin

Inactive channel management[edit]

Inactive SuperOps[edit]

(SuperOp flags +votsriRfA)

Master nick Username Invex (based on cloak) Status
bastique Bastique *!*@wikimedia/Bastique admin
DavidGerard David Gerard *!*@wikimedia/DavidGerard admin
Dmcdevit Dominic admin
FT2 FT2 *!*@wikipedia/ft2 admin
JimboWales Jimbo Wales *!*@wikipedia/Jimbo-Wales admin
Mackensen Mackensen *!*@wikipedia/Mackensen admin
FloNight FloNight *!*@unaffiliated/poore5 admin
kim_register Kim Bruning voluntarily resigned
seanw Sean Whitton *!*@freenode/staff-emeritus/wikimedia.sean-whitton admin

Inactive Operators[edit]

These are users who retain their channel operator access but have not been seen on the channel (or only very seldom) for many months, or are less active and hence perhaps unlikely to be the best first contact if a channel op is needed:

(Operator flags +votifA)

Master nick Username Invex (based on cloak) Status
AlisonW AlisonW *!*@wikipedia/AlisonW admin
Cbrown1023 Cbrown1023 *!*@wikimedia/Cbrown1023 admin
FennecFoxen Fennec *!*@wikipedia/Fennec admin
franny Fran Rogers *!*@wikimedia/Fran-Rogers admin
jacoplane Jacoplane *!*@wikipedia/Jacoplane admin
JohnReaves John Reaves *!*@wikimedia/John-Reaves admin
martinp23 Martinp23 *!*@freenode/staff/martinp23 voluntarily resigned
kylu Kylu *!*@wikimedia/Kylu voluntarily resigned
mindspillage Mindspillage *!*@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001 admin
PeterSymonds PeterSymonds *!*@wikimedia/PeterSymonds desysopped for inactivity
Prodego Prodego *!*@wikipedia/Prodego admin
Ryanpostlethwait Ryan Postlethwaite *!*@wikipedia/Ryan-Postlethwaite admin
sannse Sannse *!*@wikia/pdpc.professional.sannse desysopped for inactivity
Tawker Tawker *!*@wikipedia/Tawker admin
TheCustomOfLife Mike Halterman admin
Thehelpfulone Thehelpfulone *!*@wikimedia/Thehelpfulone admin

Complete list of admins[edit]

These contain the IRC pseudonyms of all other users listed as having access to the channel as (on the access list as "Admin" with +iA flags). In many cases these will not match known Wikipedia usernames, either due to technical restrictions or simply personal preference.

A number of these are historic and no longer active; like adminship, access to the channel is not usually lapsed for non-use. The "Status" column indicates non-admin access, including voluntary resignations, desysoppal for inactivity, stewards and staff.

Master nick Username Invex (based on cloak) Status
[Coffee] Coffee *!*@wikimedia/Coffee admin
^DarkWind^ Darkwind *!*@wikipedia/Darkwind admin
^demon ^demon *!*@mediawiki/demon admin
_sj_ Sj *!*@wikipedia/sj admin
AaronSchulz Aaron Schulz admin
ABCD ABCD *!*@gentoo/developer/abcd admin
addshore Addshore *!*@wikimedia/Addshore admin
agkwiki AGK *!*@wikipedia/AGK admin
Ajraddatz Ajraddatz *!*@wikimedia/countervandalism.Ajraddatz steward note
AlexandrDmitri AlexandrDmitri *!*@Wikimedia/AlexandrDmitri admin
AlexandriaB Alexandria *!*@wikipedia/Alexandria admin
alexmuller Alex.muller *!*@unaffiliated/alexmuller admin
Alison Alison *!*@wikipedia/Alison admin
alliwull Smalljim *!*@wikipedia/smalljim admin
AmiDaniel AmiDaniel *!*@wikipedia/AmiDaniel admin
Andrevan Andrevan *!*@wikipedia/Andrevan admin
Andy123 Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington *!*@wikimedia/Sir-Nicholas-de-Mimsy-Porpington admin
Anna_Frodesiak Anna Frodesiak *!*@wikipedia/Anna-Frodesiak admin
Anomie Anomie *!*@wikimedia/anomie admin
AnonDiss Anonymous Dissident *!*@wikimedia/Anonymous-Dissident admin
Anthere Anthere *!*@wikipedia/Anthere admin
Aqwis Aqwis admin
Arsten Mark Arsten *!*@unaffiliated/arsten admin
aude Aude *!*@wikipedia/Aude admin
Ausir Ausir *!*@unaffiliated/ausir admin
Avraham Avraham *!*@wikimedia/Avraham admin
AzaTht AzaToth *!*@wikipedia/AzaToth admin
Barras Barras *!*@wikimedia/barras steward note
BasaliskWP Basalisk *!*@wikipedia/Basalisk admin
Bbb23 Bbb23 *!*@wikipedia/Bbb23 admin
Beetstra Beetstra *!*@Wikimedia/Beetstra admin
bishonen Bishonen *!*@unaffiliated/bishonen admin
bjelleklang Bjelleklang *!*@wikipedia/Bjelleklang admin
bjweeks Brandon *!*@wikipedia/Brandon admin
Blurpeace Blurpeace *!*@wikimedia/Blurpeace admin
BobTheWikipedian Bob the Wikipedian *!*@wikipedia/Bob-the-Wikipedian admin
Brian_S Bsadowski1 *!*@wikipedia/Bsadowski1 admin
BSandahl Theda *!*@wikimedia/Sandahl admin
bumm13 Bumm13 $a:bumm13 admin
BWilkins DangerousPanda *!*@Wikimedia/Bwilkins admin
Callanecc Callanecc *!*@wikipedia/Callanecc admin
carl-m CBM *!*@wikipedia/cbm admin
causasui Causa sui *!*@wikipedia/causa-sui admin
cesarb CesarB admin
Chet-Long Coffee *!*@wikipedia/Coffee admin
Chillum Chillum *!*@unaffiliated/chillum admin
Chris_G Chris G *!*@wikipedia/Chris-G admin
closedmouth Closedmouth *!*@wikipedia/closedmouth admin
Cobi Cobi admin
coren_ Coren *!*@wikipedia/Coren admin
Courcelles Courcelles *!*@wikipedia/courcelles admin
crazytales Crazytales *!*@unaffiliated/crazytales admin
Crimedog Ron Ritzman *!*@wikipedia/Ron-Ritzman admin
Crustacean Consumed Crustacean admin
Cyde Cyde *!*@wikipedia/Cyde admin
cyrius Cyrius admin
DanielB Daniel *!*@wikimedia/Daniel admin
Dank55 Dank *!*@wikipedia/dank55 admin
DarkFalls DarkFalls *!*@wikipedia/darkfalls admin
DavidFuchs David Fuchs *!*@wikipedia/David-Fuchs admin
decltype Decltype *!*@wikipedia/decltype admin
delldot Delldot admin
DeltaQuad DeltaQuad *!*@wikipedia/DeltaQuad admin
DerHexer DerHexer *!*@wikimedia/DerHexer admin
DJSasso Djsasso *!*@wikipedia/djsasso admin
dmacks DMacks *!*@pdpc/supporter/active/dmacks admin
Doc_glasgow Scott MacDonald *!*@wikimedia/Doc-glasgow admin
DoRD DoRD *!*@wikipedia/Department-of-Redundancy-Department admin
Doug__ Doug *!*@wikipedia/Doug admin
Doug_Weller Dougweller *!*@wikipedia/Dougweller admin
Dragonfly6-7 DragonflySixtyseven $a:Dragonfly6-7 admin
drini Magister Mathematicae *!*@wikimedia/Drini voluntarily resigned
Eagles247 Eagles247 *!*@wikipedia/Eagles247 admin
Earwig The Earwig *!*@wikipedia/The-Earwig admin
ed_g2s Ed g2s *!*@wikimedia/edg2s/x-0001 admin
edward Edward admin
Elockid Elockid *!*@wikipedia/Elockid admin
Engla Sverdrup *!*@wikipedia/Sverdrup admin
ErikHaugen ErikHaugen *!*@wikipedia/ErikHaugen admin
Errant ErrantX *!*@wikipedia/ErrantX admin
Evercat Evercat *!*@wikipedia/Evercat admin
evil_saltine Saltine *!*@wikipedia/evil-saltine admin
Excirial Excirial *!*@wikipedia/Excirial admin
fetchcomms Fetchcomms *!*@wikimedia/Fetchcomms admin
foks Foxj *!*@wikipedia/fox admin
FooBarMartijn Martijn Hoekstra *!*@wikipedia/Martijn-Hoekstra admin
Fred_Bauder Fred Bauder *!*@wikipedia/Fred-Bauder admin
FreeRangeFrog FreeRangeFrog *!*@wikipedia/FreeRangeFrog admin
Fritzpoll Fritzpoll *!*@wikipedia/Fritzpoll voluntarily resigned
FutPerf Future Perfect at Sunrise *!*@wikipedia/Future-Perfect-at-Sunrise admin
Fuzheado Fuzheado *!*@wikipedia/Fuzheado admin
gadfium gadfium admin
Gazimoff Gazimoff *!*@wikipedia/Gazimoff desysopped for inactivity
GDonato GDonato *!*@wikimedia/GDonato desysopped for inactivity
Ged_UK Ged UK *!*@unaffiliated/ged-uk/x-6623881 admin
geniice Geni *!*@wikipedia/geniice admin
Gfoley4 Gfoley4 *!*@wikipedia/Gfoley4 admin
Golbez Golbez *!*@wikipedia/Golbez admin
GoPhightins Go Phightins! *!*@wikipedia/Go-Phightins admin
GorillaWarfare GorillaWarfare *!*@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare admin
Grue` Grue admin
Guerillero Guerillero *!*@wikipedia/Guerillero admin
Guillom Guillaume (WMF) *!*@wikimedia/guillom staff note
hahc21 Hahc21 *!*@wikipedia/Hahc21 admin
Happy-melon Happy-melon *!*@wikimedia/Happy-melon admin
Heimstern Heimstern *!*@wikipedia/Heimstern admin
Heligoland{{A}} Nick *!*@wikimedia/Nick admin
HelloAnnyong HelloAnnyong *!*@wikipedia/helloannyong admin
henrik Henrik admin
Howcheng Howcheng *!*@wikipedia/Howcheng admin
hta Alvestrand admin
Huntster Huntster *!*@wikimedia/Huntster admin
Huon Huon *!*@wikipedia/Huon admin
Hurricanehink Hurricanehink admin
I_Jethrobot I JethroBT *!*@wikipedia/I-Jethrobot admin
Ian13 Ian13 *!*@wikipedia/Ian13 admin
IceKarma IceKarma *!*@wikipedia/IceKarma admin
ilyanep Ilyanep *!*@wikipedia/Ilyanep admin
Improv Improv desysopped for inactivity
ioeth Ioeth *!*@wikipedia/Ioeth admin
ItIsMeHere It Is Me Here *!*@Wikipedia/It-Is-Me-Here admin
J-Ponyo Ponyo *!*@wikipedia/Ponyo admin
J_Di J_Di desysopped for inactivity
J_Milburn J Milburn *!*@wikipedia/j-milburn admin
Jackmcbarn Jackmcbarn *!*@wikipedia/jackmcbarn admin
Jake_Wartenberg Jake Wartenberg *!*@wikipedia/jake-wartenberg admin
Jamesofur Jamesofur *!*@wikimedia/Jamesofur admin
TheLetterE JamesR *!*@wikipedia/JamesR admin
JamieS93 JamieS93 *!*@wikipedia/JamieS93 desysopped for inactivity
January January *!*@wikipedia/January admin
Jarry1250 Jarry1250 *!*@wikipedia/Jarry1250 admin
jayvdb John Vandenberg *!*@wikimedia/Jayvdb admin
jdelanoy J.delanoy *!*@wikipedia/jdelanoy admin
jesseW JesseW *!*@pdpc/supporter/student/JesseW admin
joedecker Joe Decker *!*@wikipedia/Joe-Decker admin
jodyB JodyB *!*@wikipedia/jodyb admin
joshbuddy Joshbuddy *!*@wikimedia/Joshbuddy desysopped for inactivity
Jujutacular Jujutacular *!*@wikipedia/Jujutacular admin
Juliancolton Juliancolton *!*@wikimedia/Juliancolton admin
Julia_W Julia W *!*@wikipedia/Julia-W admin
KaisaL KaisaL *!*@wikimedia/KaisaL admin
Kanonkas Kanonkas *!*@Wikimedia/Kanonkas admin
Keegan Keegan *!*@wikimedia/Keegan admin
Keilana Keilana *!*@wikipedia/Keilana admin
kelapstick Kelapstick *!*@wikipedia/Kelapstick admin
Kevin_Gorman Kevin Gorman admin
KFP KFP *!*@wikipedia/KFP admin
KillerChihuahua KillerChihuahua *!*@wikipedia/KillerChihuahua admin
Killiondude Killiondude *!*@wikimedia/killiondude admin
Kingpin13 Kingpin13 *!*@wikipedia/kingpin13 admin
Kingturtle Kingturtle *!*@unaffiliated/kingturtle admin
kmccoy Kmccoy *!*@wikimedia/kmccoy admin
KofH King of Hearts *!*@wikipedia/King-of-Hearts admin
KKatie KrakatoaKatie *!*@wikipedia/krakatoakatie admin
Ks0stm Ks0stm *!*@wikipedia/Ks0stm admin
KTC KTC *!*@wikipedia/KTC admin
KuruTX Kuru admin
kusma_wiki Kusma *!*@wikipedia/kusma admin
larryv Larryv *!*@wikipedia/larryv admin
Lazulilasher Lazulilasher *!*@wikipedia/Lazulilasher desysopped for inactivity
legoktm Legoktm *!*@wikipedia/Legoktm admin
lfaraone LFaraone *!*@wikimedia/LFaraone admin
LinguistAtLarge LinguistAtLarge *!*@Wikipedia/LinguistAtLarge admin
lucasbfr Luk *!*@wikipedia/lucasbfr admin
Madmanbum Madman *!*@wikimedia/madman admin
Magioladitis Magioladitis *!*@wikipedia/Magioladitis admin
Magog_the_Ogre Magog the Ogre *!*@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre admin
mailer_diablo Mailer diablo *!*@wikimedia/mailer-diablo admin
Malinaccier Malinaccier *!*@wikipedia/Malinaccier admin
malo Malo *!*@wikipedia/malo admin
MarcoAurelio MarcoAurelio *!*@wikimedia/marcoaurelio steward note
mardetanha Mardetanha *!*@wikipedia/Mardetanha steward note
MasterofPuppets Master of Puppets *!*@Wikipedia/Master-of-Puppets admin
matanya Matanya *!*@wikimedia/matanya steward note
Matthewedwards Matthewedwards *!*@wikimedia/Matthewedwards admin
Maximr Maxim *!*@wikipedia/Maxim admin
MaxSem MaxSem *!*@wikimedia/MaxSem admin
mbisanz MBisanz *!*@wikipedia/MBisanz admin
MECU MECU *!*@wikipedia/Mecu admin
meno25wiki Meno25 *!*@wikimedia/Meno25 admin
Mentifisto Mentifisto *!*@wikipedia/Mentifisto admin
MER-C MER-C *!*@wikipedia/MER-C admin
MessedRocker Harej *!*@wikipedia/harej admin
MGA73 MGA73 *!*@wikipedia/MGA73 admin
Mifter Mifter *!*@Wikimedia/Mifter admin
Mikaey Mikaey *!*@Wikipedia/Mikaey admin
Mike42 MichaelBillington *!*@wikimedia/MichaelBillington admin
MikeSnow Michael Snow *!*@wikipedia/MichaelSnow admin
MikeV Mike V *!*@wikipedia/Mike-V admin
Miniapolis Miniapolis *!*@wikipedia/Miniapolis admin
Misza Misza13 *!*@wikimedia/Misza13 desysopped for inactivity
Mitchazenia Mitchazenia admin
Mkdw Mkdw *!*@wikipedia/mkdw admin
Moabdave Moabdave *!*@wikipedia/Moabdave admin
Moni3 Moni3 admin
Monty845 Monty845 *!*@wikipedia/Monty845 admin
Moonriddengirl Moonriddengirl *!*@wikipedia/Moonriddengirl admin
MrStradivarius Mr. Stradivarius *!*@wikipedia/MrStradivarius admin
MrZ-man Mr.Z-man *!*@mediawiki/MrZ-man admin
Mufka Mufka *!*@unaffiliated/mufka admin
musikanimal MusikAnimal *!*@wikipedia/MusikAnimal admin
MuZemike MuZemike *!*@wikimedia/MuZemike voluntarily resigned
n\ Fl *!*@wikimedia/fl admin
NahidSultan NahidSultan *!*@wikimedia/NahidSultan steward note
Nakon Nakon *!*@wikimedia/nakon admin
Narodnik Skomorokh *!*@wikipedia/Skomorokh voluntarily resigned
NativeForeigner NativeForeigner *!*@wikipedia/NativeForeigner admin
Netsnipe Netsnipe *!*@wikipedia/Netsnipe admin
Newyorkbrad Newyorkbrad *!*@wikipedia/Newyorkbrad admin
Nihiltres Nihiltres *!*@wikipedia/Nihiltres admin
NuclearWarfare NuclearWarfare *!*@wikipedia/NuclearWarfare admin
Ocaasi Ocaasi *!*@wikipedia/Ocaasi admin
OlEnglish OlEnglish *!*@wikipedia/OlEnglish admin
OverlordQ OverlordQ *!*@mediawiki/OverlordQ admin
Oz_ Inter admin
pakaran Pakaran *!*@wikipedia/pakaran admin
Panyd Panyd *!*@wikipedia/Panyd admin
Patar_knight Patar_knight *!*@wikipedia/Patar-knight admin
Pathoschild Pathoschild *!*@wikimedia/Pathoschild admin
pengo Pengo *!*@unaffiliated/pengo admin
Penwhale Penwhale *!*@wikipedia/Penwhale admin
peteforsyth Peteforsyth *!*@wikipedia/peteforsyth admin
Philg88 Philg88 *!*@wikipedia/Philg88 admin
Philippe Philippe *!*@wikimedia/Philippe admin
Pschemp Pschemp *!*@wikipedia/Pschemp admin
ragesoss ragesoss *!*@wikimedia/ragesoss admin
rama Rama *!*@wikipedia/rama admin
Random832 Random832 *!*@wikipedia/random832 voluntarily resigned
ReaperEternal Reaper Eternal *!*@wikipedia/Reaper-Eternal admin
Reedy Reedy *!*@wikimedia/ admin
Riana Riana *!*@wikimedia/Riana admin
Richwales Richwales *!*@wikipedia/Richwales admin
Ricky81682 Ricky81682 $a:Ricky81682 admin
Rifleman_82 Rifleman 82 *!*@wikipedia/Rifleman-82 admin
Risker Risker *!*@wikimedia/Risker admin
robla RobLa *!*@wikimedia/robla admin
rschen7544 Rschen7754 *!*@wikipedia/rschen7754 admin
Salvidrim Salvidrim! *!*@wikipedia/Salvidrim admin
Salvio_giuliano Salvio giuliano *!*@wikipedia/salvio-giuliano admin
Samwalton9 Samwalton9 *!*@wikipedia/Samwalton9 admin
sanchom Sanchom *!*@wikipedia/Sanchom admin
SarahStierch Missvain *!*@wikipedia/SarahStierch admin
SarekOfVulcan SarekOfVulcan *!*@wikimedia/SarekOfVulcan admin
SB_Johnny SB Johnny *!*@wikimedia/SB-Johnny admin
Scott5144 Scott5114 *!*@wikipedia/scott5114 admin
sDrewth Billinghurst *!*@wikisource/billinghurst admin
secretmessages FF2010 *!*@wikipedia/secretmessages admin
seddon69 Seddon *!*@Wikimedia/Seddon admin
SerajewelKS Crazycomputers *!*@wikipedia/Crazycomputers admin
seraphimblade Seraphimblade *!*@wikipedia/seraphimblade admin
shanmugamp7 Shanmugamp7 *!*@wikipedia/Shanmugamp7 steward note
Shastadaisy Mysid *!*@wikipedia/Mysid admin
shimgray Andrew Gray *!*@wikimedia/Shimgray admin
Shirik Shirik *!*@WoWUIDev/WoWIStaff/Norganna/StatisticalEngineer/Shirik admin
Singularity42 Singularity42 *!*@wikipedia/singularity42 admin
SirFozzie SirFozzie admin
Slon02 Slon02 *!*@wikipedia/slon02 admin
Snottywong Scottywong *!*@wikipedia/Snottywong admin
Someguy1221 Someguy1221 *!*@wikipedia/Someguy1221 admin
SoWhy SoWhy *!*@wikipedia/SoWhy admin
Yetanotherx X! *!*@wikipedia/Soxred93 admin
Spartaz Spartaz *!*@wikipedia/spartaz admin
spectei Francis Tyers *!*@unaffiliated/spectie voluntarily resigned
Spinningspark Spinningspark admin
SQL SQL *!*@wikipedia/SQL admin
Srikeit Srikeit *!*@wikipedia/Srikeit admin
ST47 ST47 *!*@perlwikipedia/developer/wikipedia.st47 admin
StevenW Steven Walling *!*@wikimedia/steven-walling admin
Stifle Stifle *!*@Wikipedia/Stifle admin
stwalkerster Stwalkerster *!*@wikimedia/stwalkerster admin
Submarine David.Monniaux *!*@wikipedia/Monniaux/David admin
superm401 Superm401 admin
Tanvir Wikitanvir *!*@wikimedia/wikitanvir steward note
Teles Teles *!*@wikimedia/teles steward note
The_Blade The Blade of the Northern Lights *!*@wikipedia/The-Blade-of-the-Northern-Lights admin
the_ed17 The ed17 *!*@wikipedia/the-ed17 admin
The_Wordsmith The Wordsmith *!*@Wikimedia/The-Wordsmith desysopped for inactivity
thedj TheDJ *!*@unaffiliated/thedj voluntarily resigned
theProject TheProject desysopped for inactivity
Thingg Thingg *!*@wikipedia/Thingg admin
Thryduulf Thryduulf admin
Tim_Song Timotheus Canens *!*@wikipedia/Tim-Song admin
TimStarling Tim Starling *!*@wikipedia/TimStarling admin
Tiptoety Tiptoety *!*@wikipedia/Tiptoety admin
Titodutta Titodutta admin
Titoxd Titoxd *!*@wikipedia/Titoxd admin
TLSuda TLSuda *!*@wikipedia/TLSuda admin
tnxman307 Tnxman307 *!*@wikipedia/tnxman307 voluntarily resigned
tommorris Tom Morris *!*@wikimedia/Tom-Morris admin
TParis TParis *!*@wikipedia/TParis admin
Trijnstel Trijnstel *!*@wikipedia/Trijnstel steward note
Tristessa Tristessa de St Ange *!*@wikimedia/tristessa-de-st-ange admin
TwinsMetsFan TwinsMetsFan admin
Ultraexactzz Ultraexactzz admin
Valley2city Valley2City *!*@wikipedia/Valley2city admin
Vanjagenije Vanjagenije *!*@wikipedia/Vanjagenije admin
Veinor Veinor admin
Versageek Versageek *!*@wikimedia/Versageek admin
Vito Vituzzu *!*@unaffiliated/vito steward note
Waldir Waldir *!*@wikipedia/Waldir admin
Wehwalt Wehwalt admin
Werdna Werdna *!*@wikimedia/Werdna admin
Wgfinley WGFinley *!*@wikipedia/Wgfinley admin
wikiLeon WikiLeon admin
WilliamH_UK WilliamH *!*@Wikipedia/WilliamH voluntarily resigned
Willking1979 Willking1979 *!*@wikipedia/willking1979 admin
wimt Wimt *!*@freenode/staff/wikipedia.wimt admin
Winhunter Winhunter *!*@wikipedia/Winhunter admin
Wizardman Wizardman *!*@unaffiliated/wizardman admin
worm_that_turned Worm That Turned *!*@wikipedia/Worm-That-Turned admin
Writ_Keeper Writ Keeper *!*@wikipedia/Writ-Keeper admin
Xavexgoem Xavexgoem *!*@unaffiliated/xavexgoem voluntarily resigned
Y_Ichiro Yamamoto Ichiro *!*@wikipedia/Yamamoto-Ichiro admin
zocky Zocky *!*@wikipedia/zocky admin
Zscout370 Zscout370 *!*@wikipedia/Zscout370 admin


Official Wikimedia community group contacts

dungodung (Filip Maljković), Barras, Snowolf

Ordinary channel problems
Any channel operator listed above. The channel operators idle in #wikipedia-en-admins-opsconnect.
Log and privacy related issues
If none of the above have helped, which is unusual, and the matter is serious, then please email one of the group contacts. Do not post logs on the wiki itself, without permission from all concerned.

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