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Time: 1800-1900 UTC, February 21st 2012
Location: #wikimedia-office
<alolita> Siebrand: ready to start!
<SueGardner> GerardM: :)
<santhosh> hi SPQRobin
<alolita> SPQRobin: Hi!
<siebrand> Hi everyone!
<SPQRobin> hello everyone
<siebrand> Welcome to the Localisation team office hours of February 2012.
 Today is International Mother Language day.
 According to Wikipedia, International Mother Language Day is an observance held annually on 21 February worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It was first announced in 1999.
 More reading ->
 All of our team members are present today, so we're ready for loads of interaction!
<Ironholds> siebrand: if that's true, why are you telling us about it in English? :P
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<siebrand> I'll describe a bit what we've been working on since the beginning of the year, and why.
<Ironholds> which is not your mother tongue ;p
<siebrand> Ironholds: wil je graag dat ik doorga in het Nederland?
<Platonides> Ironholds, because otherwise we wouldn't understand him? :)
<siebrand> Dat kan… Zeg het maar...
<Ironholds> siebrand: ...okay you're right, stick with English
<alolita> Ironholds: translation please... in your mother language too
<siebrand> ;)
 After that, we'll hopefully have a great Q&A.
 Please hold your questions until after the introduction.
 If you want to ask questions now, please do ask them in a private message to alolita, Nikerabbit, GerardM, or santhosh , and you'll be assured of a place in the front of the queue!
<alolita> Also your requests for the I18n team
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<siebrand> This meeting will last about an hour (so until 19:00 UTC).
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<siebrand> So we're the Localisation team. We deal with internationalization and localization issues, or more accessible, I usually refer to it as "language support".
 Our team's mission is basically that we aim to provide everyone in the world with a local language experience that is equal to that of the one in English in every aspect of the Wikimedia universe. I say mission, because we're quite far from that.
 We currently have four main areas of attention, but the scope can be a lot wider.
 There is input support: people need to be able to enter text in any local language, even if there is no operating system support for doing that. For this purpose, the Narayam extension was developed. You can find documentation for that at
<StevenW> They're also the team with the best page. ;)
<alolita> StevenW: +1
<siebrand> If you're interested and if the extension is relevant to you, you can translate the documentation, and make it even more valuable to your own language community.
<Ironholds> StevenW: but how does it parse if you're reading from right to left? ;p
<siebrand> We also support languages in the MediaWiki core.
 We help to improve plural, gender and grammar support in the interface messages - on the messages generated at php and JavaScript.
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<siebrand> because of the MediaWiki code slush, we're not yet able to put these improvements into the MediaWiki core code.
 Hopefully soon :)
 Next there is output support: There are many languages in the world; over 7000 have been classified. In the MediaWiki software, about 350 of them are supported.
 To improve display support, we have developed the WebFonts extension that will automagically download fonts for improved display of text in browsers.
<alolita> hopefully next month
<siebrand> We still need help on that: both in improving the quality of fonts, as well as in adding more free fonts for rarely supported scripts in operating systems. See for details.
 Wikimedia has Wikipedia projects in about 280 languages. We support the thousands of translators at by maintaining the Translate extension.
 Because of of the development slush for MediaWiki, we have invested a lot of time in improving documentation of the components we feel responsible for.
 You can see more at, and
 All the documentation can be translated using the Translate extensions, so please *do* translate all relevant documentation for your fellow language speakers!
<alolita> and made lots of progress on documentation especially at the recent Pune hackathon
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<siebrand> We're also looking for help from the community. There's a lot to be done, and most needs to be done by community members, as within the language support team, we only speak 10 or so languages.
 * Testing input and output methods (font rendering in your mother language)
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<siebrand> * Bug triages and reporting bugs.
 We have a bug triage every month, and we urge you to subscribe to if you're interested in our field of interest.
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<siebrand> Oh, and ****NEW*****
 we're trying to get into font development..
 We are looking for world class fontographers for developing open source fonts. Currently we have a focus on the Indic languages and would like any font designers interested to contact Siebrand ( or Alolita (
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<siebrand> hiya jsoby

  • srikanthlogic claps

<alolita> supporting font development especially with a focus on Indic languages currently
<siebrand> Mr. Hussain from the Malayalam community is currently designing a free and open font for Tamil which he is going to contribute. That's only a start; we estimate we could use at least 30 more fonts.
<alolita> srikanth: hi! welcome
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<siebrand> You can always see what we're working on *right now* and what we're planning in mingle ( user: guest, password: guest)
<StevenW> Are they mostly for Indic languages or...?
<srikanthlogic> alolita: hi !
<siebrand> Our team is highly distributed. We have people in SF (alolita), Finland (Niklas), the Netherlands (Siebrand and Gerard), Isreal (Amir) and India (Santhosh).
<alolita> StevenW: right now - yes but i have been working with other communities such as Korean to get better quality free fonts identified
<siebrand> We hope to add (part time) resources from Spain and India soon.
<StevenW> Cool
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<alolita> excited to add more folks from spain and india :-)
<siebrand> These new people will be UI/UX experts, skills we've been hoping to get on board for a while now.
 So a little on translations on Meta Wiki.
<alolita> so look out for announcements
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<siebrand> Together with jsoby, who's done a lot of coordination on Meta for the fundraiser,
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<alolita> yuvipanda: hi!!
<yuvipanda> alolita: heya
<siebrand> we've made specifications for new functionality.

  • a_r_n needs to learn fontography too now :D

<sumanah> yay UI/UX!
<yuvipanda> proxying for PlaneMad, who is eating food next to me
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<siebrand> the core of it is already present, but we're adding "translator management" features.
 I'll explain a little...
<alolita> we also have jsoby who will be helping translations for the team
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<srikanthlogic> and to look what planemad is trying to do
<siebrand> We want translators to be able to indicate which languages they want to translate
<alolita> srikanthlogic: thanks for the link
<siebrand> and we want to allow them to indicate how often and where they want to be notified of new work.
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<siebrand> Evnetually, we'd also like to offer "digest" communication to talk page, home wiki or e-mail.
 That's to be expected 4-6 weeks from now.
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<siebrand> Grouping of pages for translation will be added soon, too.
<alolita> nikerabbit: can you post links for the translate documentation also
<siebrand> This so that a page like will get even more structure.
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<Nikerabbit> docs are at
<siebrand> So… Loads of things going on, and we're really wondering what it is you would like to discuss here...
 So… Fire away!
<alolita> q&a time
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<alolita> questions about narayam , webfonts, language translation, mediawiki language support....
<siebrand> StevenW: are people muted, or just stupefied by my wall of text and catching up? :)
<StevenW> Nobody is muted. :)
<siebrand> yes, we did prepare :)
<sumanah> (does this transcript only go up at after the office hour?)
<StevenW> yes
<alolita> sumanah: it should :-)
<StevenW> we keep logs in one place generally
<siebrand> sumanah: we have it in an ether pad, so no problems for the intro.
<sumanah> I want to remind people that and!/MediaWikiMeet are also useful to subscribe to, to get reminders of the bug triages
<StevenW> I actually have a question... is there any expected impact on page load times with WebFonts enabled?

  • siebrand twiddles his thumbs.

<siebrand> StevenW: good question.
<StevenW> I know another big hurdle for editing from say, India or Cambodia is going to be slow connections.
<santhosh> StevenW: yes, for the very first time a user visit that wiki
<sumanah> and siebrand do you have a list of the fonts you want designed?
<Nikerabbit> many of us also have personal blogs where we blog about things we do
<siebrand> sumanah: we're not that far yet...
<santhosh> StevenW: and font get cached for the next page visits
<alolita> sumanah: we are focusing on Indic fonts especially with known rendering problems
 we do have an initial list which we will post
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<StevenW> Ah, good.
<alolita> anirudh: Hey!
<aharoni> hi anirudh
<anirudh> hi!
<siebrand> StevenW: Web fonts have an interesting thing called FOUT
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<siebrand> that stands for Flash of Unstyled Text
<alolita> we are working with mozilla and red hat to support development of high quality fonts especially for indic languages
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<aharoni> "interesting" is an... interesting way of putting it :)
<alolita> :-)
<siebrand> What can happen, it depends on OS, browser and version, is that you see the styling of a page change after loading and display.
<santhosh> the download delay will cause the page to render twice, will appear like a flash.
<siebrand> Some people have reported an issue like "page loads twice".
 They actually render twice, as santhosh states.
<geniice> alolita what about cuneiform?
<GerardM> has the list of languages supported and fonts
<StevenW> heh
<santhosh> but user will not notice once font is cached
<siebrand> Some browser are smoother in doing that than others.
<GerardM> geniice: with a freely licensed cuneiform font, we can support it
<siebrand> StevenW: does that answer your question about web fonts and page loading times?
<StevenW> Yep
 Thank you!
<siebrand> great.
 sumanah: you asked about what fonts need to be developed.
<sumanah> yes.
<siebrand> sumanah: short answer was "unclear". Longer answer:
<geniice> GerardM yes but is anyone working on it?
<siebrand> We know of issues with some of the web fonts we have now.
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<siebrand> We'd like to get those fixed, obviously.
<srikanthlogic> and soon(?) one can download font and documentation will soon have steps to install font, so that way one can get away without using WebFonts too!
<sumanah> I'm also sure that if I look for a few minutes I can see the list of languages where we really strongly desire more translators, but if you already have it handy, I'd love it
<alolita> geniice: yes - as we mentioned earlier - one of the indic font experts Mr. Hussein is working on a free Tamil font.
<GerardM> when you do the groundwork of finding such a font, we are happy to establish if it can be used
<siebrand> sumanah: oh, I can be quick at that:
<alolita> Mr. Hussein has developed Malayalam fonts also.
<siebrand> sumanah: all languages with a score below 75 need more translators.
<geniice> alolita Cuneiform isn't indic
<alolita> geniice: i understand :-)
<siebrand> sumanah: oops. That was a talk page. is the correct page.
<aharoni> geniice, we support all languages, not just Indic.
<alolita> chulki_lee: hi; welcome
<aharoni> ideally, we want to be sure that we support all of unicode
<geniice> aharoni yes but I was asking about Cuneiform
<sumanah> Got it. so, Zulu, Sindhi, Hausa, Hakka, Urdu, Wu, Kurdish, Kannada, etc.
<aharoni> cuneiform is in unicode, so we can support it.
<siebrand> So. Zulu, Sindhi, Hausa, Hakka, Urdu, Wu Chinese, Kurdish, kannada, Gan Chinese, Sorani, Swahili, and a few more...
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<jayanta> webfont help from menu page is not linked with repective language page its always goes to English language help page
<siebrand> sumanah: these are only the 50 languages with the most speakers. But we have to start somewhere...
<StevenW> I thought some of those, like Zulu and Swahili, are written in Latin scripts?
<sumanah> Understood, siebrand - I figure, specific examples help.
<Chulki_Lee> alolita: hi! I'll be away for having brunch. will read it later.
<santhosh> jayanta: The help page is translatable. Once the help page is translated, it will go to the localized help page
<siebrand> sumanah: as you can see from the history of that page of the page few years, the situation has improved.
<alolita> chulki_lee: ok
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<sumanah> siebrand: with the new Kenya chapter, maybe we can improve that Swahili score up from 66...
<siebrand> Large languages in Africa and Asia still do far worse than those in Europe or spoken on multiple contentinents.
<jayanta> :)
<siebrand> I do hope so.
 Also in contact with the SA chapter people to get something done in South Africa.
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<alolita> jayanta: we need the community's help to translate the help page to the local language
<sumanah> (oh wow, SA has 11 official languages)
<srikanthlogic> while chatting with Tanvir, i was asked a question "why Narayam when the local javascript just works fine" , i did try convincing him, but failed :( someone document this why Narayam?
<sumanah> yeah, our Zulu score is pretty not-great. Let's hope the SA collaboration helps!
<siebrand> srikanthlogic: fonts can already be downloaded for local installation:
<srikanthlogic> apparently many Indic communities are comfortable with older js solution
<aharoni> Narayam is better, because its internal engine is the same across projects.
<alolita> aharoni: can you explain a bit about Narayam's internal engine
<StevenW> My understanding that part of the point was also to standardize, rather than continue having each community homebrew its own solution that can't be supported very well in the long term?
<aharoni> also, it's a full-fledged extension, so it's very easy to install and to translate.

  • jeremyb is back

<santhosh> The extension has large number of language support, available anywhere
<StevenW> Hi Jeremy
<sumanah> siebrand: this may be a bit offtopic, but - when you check for translations of "extensions used on Wikimedia" in a certain language, what list are you working off? is accurate enough?
<aharoni> gadgets and local JS scripts are hard to install, modify and manage.
<alolita> StevenW: yup - standardization helps especially with scaling across languages
<jeremyb> hi swalling ;)
<veeven> also, local JS solutions are specific to those projects. With Narayam, we can write in local languages in other wiki's too.
<alolita> veeven: good point
<jayanta> I was in fever of Narayam but community not supported in bn wiki
<siebrand> sumanah: I don't know. I don't really maintain that list. We're working with
<aharoni> veeven - yes, as long as Narayam is enabled for that wiki.
<srikanthlogic> jayanta: i am trying to get points to address that FUD!
<siebrand> sumanah: as well as
<StevenW> Sounds like maybe we should write and translate an FAQ about the advantages of Narayam? :)
 If it doesn't exist already
<veeven> aharoni, of course
<srikanthlogic> StevenW: very much
<aharoni> if the bn wiki has particular reasons to be against Narayam, we are very interested in hearing them!
<Nikerabbit> sumanah: raymond keeps that in sync manually
<alolita> StevenW: A user FAQ would be very useful
<siebrand> well, we have
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<sumanah> jayanta: Ironholds: srikanthlogic: anirudh: geniice: Chulki_Lee: veeven: you may be interested in which is for developers who want to help work on localisation tools such as Narayam, Webfonts, etc
<jayanta> someone document this why Narayam? :-( truely needed
<santhosh> hi PlaneMad!
<aharoni> hi PlaneMad!
<alolita> sumana: thanks for the link!
<PlaneMad> hi :) santhoshn aharoni
<sumanah> yes, big thanks to the i18n team for this user documentation for Narayam and the other extensions!
<alolita> PlaneMad: heya!

  • PlaneMad checking logs

<sumanah> hi PlaneMad, good to see you.
<siebrand> sumanah: does that answer your question?
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<sumanah> siebrand: and are the start of an answer to my question - thanks! I have to ferret around to figure out whether there's a big giant table somewhere of what extensions are deployed on what wikis
<alolita> jayanta: hope we could answer your question - we will also add a user FAQ
<sumanah> (I should know this already)
<Ironholds> Ironholds: I only speak English fluently, but thank you all the same :). I will give it a read
<siebrand> sumanah: yep. Out of my/our scope, though :)
<SPQRobin> sumanah: see also which I try to maintain
<Nikerabbit> sumanah: I haven't seen such table, but in theory the info is in Wikimedias config
<Ironholds> sorry, sumanah. I just pinged myself. duh.
<alolita> any other questions ?
<siebrand> siebrand: ping? You there?
 siebrand: Yes. Hi!
<StevenW> haha

  • siebrand greets Ironholds

<Ironholds> siebrand: hey :)
<alolita> siebrand: :-)
 you're talking to yourself now - oh no... too much work!
<SPQRobin> I have a question.. I'm wondering, are there plans to make WebFonts work on mobile devices? It doesn't seem to be right now (at least on android).
<sumanah> yuvipanda: ^^ (you are mobile, after all) :-)
<srikanthlogic> SPQRobin: they already work! on my S60 :D not the mobile version though
<yuvipanda> SPQRobin: right now, no
<alolita> SPQRobin: yes but that is dependent on what Android supports
<siebrand> SPQRobin: that's an operating system issue, not a WebFonts extension issue.
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<yuvipanda> android doesn't support any indic language stuff up until 4.0
 and even then it's hard.
<StevenW> Hi MF-Warburg
<yuvipanda> s/hard/patchy/
<siebrand> ideally, we'd like WebFonts to be obsoleted.
<alolita> Android is gradually rolling out font support for languages
<MF-Warburg> hi StevenW
<sumanah> Zaran: is there anything you need from the localisation/internationalisation team regarding ProofreadPage?
<srikanthlogic> siebrand: WebFonts on mobile version of the site? is that planned ?
<alolita> we would like to push font support to the browser or os layer
<siebrand> *we* think that a browser should be smart enough to notice that it has no glyph for a character, and offer to download a font for it.
<SPQRobin> But I suppose, if my andoid doesn't support certain fonts, WebFonts should take over? That's what it's for?
<StevenW> Along those lines, has anyone had a chance to test the low cost Android tablet the Indian government has supported?
<Zaran> sumanah : no that I can think of right now
<alolita> and not have to push fonts at the web app layer
<StevenW> Or is that English only too?
<siebrand> srikanthlogic: for the apps or the mobile frontend? No, not yet.
<aharoni> it's not just an operating system issue, it's a browser issue, too.
<srikanthlogic> siebrand: mobile frontend
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<alolita> SPQRobin: yes but within the confines of what the browser os can render
<aharoni> Mobile Firefox admittedly has many shortcomings, but its support for webfonts is (non-)surprisingly quite good.
<siebrand> srikanthlogic: it's in scope, not planned.
<srikanthlogic> StevenW: that tablet is android 2.2 IIRC
<santhosh> StevenW: that low cost device does not support any Indian languages
<StevenW> That is too bad.
<Zaran> sumanah : I think the main problem of PRP and internationalisation is to find a good solution for multi language books, but that's not exactly a problem for the internationalisation team I guess
<alolita> zaran: no it is not part of what the i18n team is focusing on right now :-)
<SPQRobin> alolita: Ok, I see. I see slightly different "blocks" when I reset a font.
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<GerardM> Zaran: multiple fonts is no real problem
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<sumanah> if other people don't have questions, I have another weird question
<alolita> jayanta: what are the pain points for the bn community in using Narayam

  • sumanah can wait

<GerardM> it is a problem that solves issues on commons wikisource incubator
<alolita> jayanta: anyone from the hindi community here?
<srikanthlogic> btw, mr and kn wikipedias took Narayam yesterday!

  • a_r_n is waiting for Narayam on GU WP :)

<santhosh> gujarati is doing testing for deployment
<alolita> srikanthlogic: yup we rolled mr and kn support yesterday
<anirudh> alolita, I am, partially. :-)
<sumanah> srikanthlogic: the Kannada wikipedia got consensus for Narayam, or it actually deployed?
<alolita> anirudh: hi :-) do you know what the pain points are for the hindi community in adopting narayam
<santhosh> sumanah: deployed yesterday
<sumanah> great!
<alolita> sumanah: mr and kn are live
<srikanthlogic> sumanah: both, deployed too! 3 is concensus :)
<siebrand> a_r_n: do test the heck out of Narayam and WebFonts for your language at
 a_r_n: it's been there for a while.
<aharoni> Zaran, we don't have anything quite like this in our current plans, but it can be in our scope. If you could define the problem more precisely we can think about it.
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<a_r_n> siebrand: yea sort of done, few minor bugs reported but santhosh took care of it
<siebrand> a_r_n: be sure to report back to your community discussion and let us know if issues in
 a_r_n: so no open issues as far as you know?
<sumanah> a_r_n: are you in a Language Support Team for Gujarati?
<santhosh> siebrand: I fixed all the bugs gu community reported so far
<anirudh> alolita, nope. ;p

  • siebrand applauds santhosh .

<sumanah> \o/
<a_r_n> sumanah: am helping out GU translators... User:Rangilo_Gujarati on en and GU WP and translatewiki
<alolita> go santhosh!
<aharoni> Arnav did more testing for the Gujarati mapping at the hackathon in Pune. as far as i know it's ready for deployment.
<alolita> a_r_n: thanks for helping with gujarati translations
<StevenW> Yes, how was the Pune hackathon?
<jayanta> Alolita: they can manage them-self in future any update, the logic was there if we implement narayam in our bn wiki we cant maintain, all time we have to submit a bug... the logic mostly was
<sumanah> a_r_n: if I understand correctly, the language support teams are a useful way for the localisation team to reach out to and keep in touch with the liaisons to language communities, and to share information about current issues & progress
<alolita> StevenW: it was very productive
<srikanthlogic> can we reach out (spam?) all distros / FOSS i18n groups to call for language support team members?
<sumanah> a_r_n: so, it's worth it to join -- GerardM can help you
<a_r_n> yes aharoni but I still don't want to take chances... there are few experienced GU translators too working on it... let them come ahead...
<Zaran> aharoni : ok, I'm at work right now, can I recontact you later ?
<srikanthlogic> jayanta: keyboard mappings dont change over time right ?
<siebrand> a_r_n: do consider taking point. We need coordinators to gather feedback and channel that back.
<jayanta> Alolita: @webfont I am bengali
<santhosh> jayanta: cool!
<alolita> jayanta: thanks!
<siebrand> w00t!
<Nikerabbit> yay
<jayanta> sri:yes!
<srikanthlogic> jayanta: then that concern is pointless :D
<jayanta> :'(
<aharoni> Zaran - yes, please. You can contact me any time. I'm User:Amire80.
<jeremyb> who was in pune? what was the topic?
<jeremyb> *click*
<alolita> jayanta: can we help you - i am currently in india and would be happy to help
 jeremyb: we just completed our hackathon in pune - was very successful for mobile development and language support/documentation/translations
<jeremyb> youch, nearly midnight for alolita
<alolita> santhosh too
<jeremyb> alolita: yeah, i knew there was a hackathon there but not much else
<StevenW> We can do the next office hours at a more Asia-friendly time :)
<jeremyb> reading sumanah's link
<alolita> jeremyb: we plan to post a full report on the hackathon
<srikanthlogic> a mail to wikitech is pending may be!
<aharoni> a little bit of background is that this hackathon was held at the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research,
<jayanta> AlolitaSumaanah and all, is it possible to organized one hackathon  kolkata? as like Chennai in future?
<aharoni> an institution which is quite friendly to FOSS.
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<sumanah> jayanta: you can host one
<jeremyb> alolita: i don't see srikeit on the list, was he there?
<alolita> a lot of our community members are online right now from india - thanks to all for joining in - anirudh, planemad, srikanthlogic, jayantha, santhosh...
<sumanah> jayanta: have you ever hosted a hackathon?
<a_r_n> jeremyb: nope srikeit wasn't there
<srikanthlogic> jayanta: BE BOLD :D
<alolita> jeremyb: srikeit was not
<sumanah> jayanta: looking now
<PlaneMad> alolita: thanks. now ive lost my wikimedia-office virginity :P

  • srikanthlogic looks at yuvipanda who is the only one who knows how that page came up :P

<alolita> jayanta: sumana and i would be happy to help you organize one in kolkata
<jayanta> sumanah:no Hackathon only meetups
<sumanah> jayanta: there are many people at Wikimedia India who can help you organize something in Kolkata
<alolita> PlaneMad: :-)
<sumanah> jayanta: we have videos you can watch, tutorials/trainings you can use as exercises, etc.
<veeven> alolita, me too from India
<alolita> veeven: hey thanks for joining in too :-)
<sumanah> jayanta: if you speak more about your goals for such an event then that will enable us to advise you
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<alolita> we plan to do our next round of hackathons in india in the sept/oct timeframe

  • siebrand is happy. Visa still valid then.

<alolita> and would like to see some serious work in language, mobile and mediawiki gadgets again along with other topics
<srikanthlogic> santhosh: any updates on the pdf rendering issue? the single most wanted / complex indic issue
<jayanta> past month we organsed one wiki academy in NSEC among mostly computer sc studends , they eger to organised one commoms Hackathon
<alolita> please feel free to add other areas to work on - e.g. offline, tablet apps etc.
<santhosh> srikanthlogic: not much, I could not spend much time on that project recently.
<sumanah> jayanta: what is it they want?
 jayanta: specifically?
<srikanthlogic> siebrand: mango lassi wont be available in bangalore ;)
<alolita> srikanthlogic: there is excellent mango lassi in bangalore too
<sumanah> jayanta: what do they aim to get from such an event?
<alolita> you just haven't been to the right places ;-)
<srikanthlogic> alolita: ah!
<siebrand> srikanthlogic: I can do without.
<alolita> srikanthlogic: its rachel who looks for the mango lassis :D
 so we have another 7 minutes left ; any other questions or requests
<anirudh> alolita, which city are you in right now?
<jayanta> I am already share all of your mails to them about etc.. till they wish to organised the same...
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<StevenW> Well, with five minutes left, anyone have any burning questions? :)
<alolita> jayanta: great; let me know if i can help in any way
<sumanah> jayanta: I'm still not sure what they want, though!
<srikanthlogic> would translate extension be good to deploy on wiktionary with a shared translate mem ?
<jayanta> me too!
<sumanah> jayanta: different groups want different things from these kinds of events
<GerardM> srikanthlogic to some extend yes
<alolita> jayanta: can you find out if they need a workshop or a tutorial since a hackathon is actual software development working together
<Nikerabbit> srikanthlogic: what would you use it for?
<sumanah> jayanta: if you can ask them, that would be great....
<aharoni> jayanta, sumanah - my wild guess is that they want to hold a meeting where they will try to learn how to join MediaWiki programming?
<GerardM> srikanthlogic: have you looked at ?
<srikanthlogic> GerardM: had long back, checks
<alolita> ok we;re almost out of time
<santhosh> Visit this page and See how your operating system+ browser supports the rendering :)
<alolita> so again - please join us for bug triages, testing, documentation
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<alolita> and if you are interested in software development , we plan to have some gsoc projects also
<GerardM> please let me know if there is something that you thinks need attention
<sumanah> aharoni: yeah, probably they want tutorials
<jayanta> "actual software development working together" I know it is better "how to join MediaWiki programming" may be fulfil their wishes
<GerardM> i blog
<alolita> jayanta: yup but requires a lot more work and preparation

  • multichill is a bit late
  • StevenW will post the logs to Meta shortly, no worries multichill ;)

<GerardM> maarten :)
<alolita> thank you all for joining in - you know where to find us - on irc :-) and on email
<multichill> Hi Gerard, just wondering if you're trying to drag in more Indian languages. These are not very well translated at :-(
<alolita> multichill: hi! i agree - we have been doing translation sprints at each hackathon and have made incremental progress.
 but there is more to be done
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<StevenW> Are we ready to wrap up now then?