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#wikimedia-office: Language Engineering monthly office hour[edit]

Meeting started by arrbee at 17:00:59 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Meeting summary[edit]

Meeting ended at 18:02:22 UTC.

Action items[edit]

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People present (lines said)[edit]

  • arrbee (98)
  • BPositive (12)
  • Niharika (12)
  • aharoni (10)
  • kart_ (7)
  • kondi (5)
  • divec_ (4)
  • Nikerabbit (4)
  • wm-labs-meetbot (3)
  • purodha (3)
  • santhosh (3)
  • pginer (3)
  • Pavanaja (2)
  • rohit-dua (2)
  • SPQRobin (1)
  • YairRand (1)
  • circeberman (1)


Time: 17:00-18:00 UTC
Channel: #wikimedia-office
Timestamps are in UTC.
17:00:59 <arrbee> #startmeeting Language Engineering monthly office hour
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17:01:15 <arrbee> Hello, Welcome to the monthly office hour of the Wikimedia Language Engineering team
17:01:26 <Nikerabbit> good evening
17:01:44 <arrbee> My name is Runa and I am am the Outreach coordinator for our team
17:01:52 <kart_> Moin
17:02:30 <arrbee> My team mates around are: aharoni divec kart_ Nikerabbit pginer santhosh
17:02:58 <arrbee> Our last office hour was held on February 12, 2014. The logs are at:
17:03:08 <arrbee> #link
17:03:09 <aharoni> Mirëmbrëma.
17:03:41 <arrbee> IMPORTANT: The chat today will be logged and publicly posted. This has also been mentioned in the channel topic.
17:04:02 <arrbee> For those who are here for the first time,
17:04:18 <arrbee> We are the Language Engineering team of the Wikimedia Foundation
17:04:37 <arrbee> and our mission is to build language features and tools to support our wiki communities across the world
17:05:02 <arrbee> aharoni: what is the appropriate response to that greeting?
17:05:28 <arrbee> Our team hosts office hours once every month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month
17:05:31 * aharoni checks his recently-purchased Albanian textbook
17:05:56 <arrbee> This office hour is intended as an open house for our community and us to interact about our work and projects
17:06:18 <arrbee> We look forward to learning more about how the tools are being used, and how we can make them better
17:07:23 <arrbee> Today's session is particularly interesting for us because we also wanted to connect with the students who have been looking at the language engineering projects for this year's Google Summer of Code and OPW
17:08:03 <arrbee> Before that discussion I'd like to introduce you to a new tool that has been keeping us quite engaged since the past few weeks
17:08:28 <arrbee> #info This new extension called ContentTranslation is designed to be used for translating wiki pages
17:08:51 <arrbee> #link
17:09:13 <arrbee> This would include editing features and translation tools to assist in translations
17:09:50 <santhosh> or
17:10:02 <arrbee> This includes (among others) Translation Memory backed by an ever increasing corpus of parallel text, Machine Translation engines, dictionaries, glossaries
17:10:11 <arrbee> Thanks santhosh
17:10:14 <arrbee> #link
17:10:28 <arrbee> We also intend to tap into the resources at wikidata for links and other data
17:11:22 <arrbee> We are at an early stage of developing this system and are focusing both at the backend servers and frontend user interfaces simultaneously.
17:11:58 <arrbee> Presently, we are collaborating with Bangor University to leverage the language technology solutions for the content translation backend server.
17:12:28 <arrbee> The full announcement is at:
17:12:35 <arrbee> #link
17:13:07 <YairRand> this is for translations on multilingual wikis, or from one monolingual wiki to another?
17:13:12 <arrbee> Several features are being designed for this tool
17:14:06 <arrbee> YairRand: the latter
17:14:42 <arrbee> The translation editor is intended to make the translation workflow more fluent (avoiding the constant tab-switching and copy&pasting usually involved in the translation process)
17:15:26 <arrbee> In the translation view the user can see the source article next to your translation, and tools such as automatic translation and dictionary info will be at hand
17:16:51 <arrbee> The extension can also be set up locally, but with limited capability. The instructions are included in the source
17:17:34 <arrbee> We are in the process of documenting our work and you can read more at:
17:17:41 <arrbee> #link
17:17:58 <arrbee> Meanwhile you can view a video that shows how the editor is shaping up:
17:18:06 <arrbee> #link
17:19:25 <arrbee> santhosh and divec_ over to you for some more inputs
17:20:52 <santhosh> That is pretty much about the ContentTranslation project, we will have more updates as the development progress
17:21:29 <arrbee> Thanks santhosh
17:21:39 <kart_> (All: Watch that video on awesome work santhosh and divec_ has put!)
17:21:52 <arrbee> aharoni: anything to add here?
17:21:54 <divec_> The translation memory feature allows recall of previously translated segments which are similar; in some cases this can be useful across similar languages
17:22:35 <aharoni> Not much, except that we are very excited.
17:22:42 <arrbee> :)
17:22:46 <aharoni> This may not say much,
17:22:54 <aharoni> but we really want to do it Right.
17:23:24 <aharoni> [Which doesn't mean that it will be developed very slowly :) ]
17:23:44 <arrbee> also pginer is the leading on the design front
17:24:08 * purodha looking forward to reading more from the links mentioned :-)
17:24:35 <divec_> We're lucky to have experience across many different types of use cases for content translation; this will hopefully allow us to avoid falling into some of the potential pitfalls of a workflow that works for certain common language pairs but not other situations.
17:25:04 <arrbee> divec_: +1
17:25:34 <arrbee> purodha: you may want to bookmark this link
17:25:38 <arrbee> #link
17:25:51 <Pavanaja> is it online only tool or desktop version is also available?
17:25:54 * purodha did that already
17:26:11 <arrbee> purodha: But I have to warn you, its going under heavy editing for the next few days
17:26:44 <santhosh> Pavanaja: it is online only.
17:27:02 <divec_> Pavanaja: it's an online tool optimised specifically for wiki article translation
17:27:26 <Niharika> Oops. Is the meeting over? Am I late?
17:27:29 <divec_> As such, there are certain differences from other tools designed to translate documents or software strings
17:27:34 <arrbee> Hey Niharika :)
17:27:42 <arrbee> We are about half way through
17:27:45 <Niharika> Hey arrbee.
17:27:47 <Niharika> Okay.
17:29:17 <arrbee> Thats possibly all we had for now about the Content Translation tool. We will be providing more frequent updates once we go into the next phases of development.
17:29:41 <arrbee> Please do ping us at any time if you have questions or suggestions.
17:30:07 <arrbee> I'll move to the next segment
17:30:34 <arrbee> Summer of Code and OPW open house which I had announced yesterday at the meeting hosted by qgil
17:31:41 <arrbee> Before we begin can we know who all are here particularly for the GSoC and OPW program discussion
17:32:31 * arrbee looks around for the mentors too
17:32:41 <kondi> o/
17:33:03 <BPositive> Hi all, I am BPositive from Pune, India. I am a GSoC aspirant.
17:33:10 <arrbee> Hello kondi BPositive
17:33:40 <rohit-dua> hey I'm Rohit (8ohit.dua). GSoC aspirant
17:33:50 <arrbee> Hi rohit-dua
17:34:06 <arrbee> The full list of the language engineering projects can be found here:
17:34:12 <arrbee> #link
17:34:21 <arrbee> You may have already seen the list
17:34:40 <arrbee> (Do note that all listed mentors may not be available right now)
17:35:02 <Nikerabbit> I'm here, but in another meeting :(
17:35:05 <arrbee> We have been receiving proposals and queries for quite a few of these projects
17:35:10 <arrbee> Nikerabbit: no worries
17:35:34 <arrbee> Unless unavoidable, we would like not to discuss about specific proposals
17:35:47 <arrbee> These are better handled through the mediawiki pages that you are creating :)
17:36:35 <rohit-dua> is this meeting for language engineering GSoC projects aspirants ? because I'm on a different project
17:36:38 <arrbee> In today's session we would like to address your questions about our work, and what you can expect from these projects
17:37:35 <arrbee> rohit-dua: This is the Language Engineering office hour and we are using some time from it to take questions from the students about our projects
17:38:08 <arrbee> rohit-dua: you are most welcome to stick around and share your thoughts
17:40:02 <arrbee> kondi: BPositive We would love to have some feedback on the projects we listed and what you found interesting
17:41:11 <BPositive> arrbee, I found the project "Tools for mass migration of legacy translated wiki content" interesting
17:41:48 <arrbee> BPositive: I believe you also have a proposal for it
17:42:15 <BPositive> arrbee, Yes. Here is the link to the proposal:
17:42:40 <SPQRobin> arrbee, Nikerabbit: FYI, someone (User:Mep62) interested in participating with OPW for the wiki page translation project sent me an e-mail, I replied but didn't hear anything back
17:42:59 <arrbee> BPositive: Did you find enough information from the project description? (We would like to know if we could make it more informative)
17:43:23 <kart_> kondi: hi
17:43:31 <arrbee> SPQRobin: ahh ok. Its hard to follow up unless a proposal is in place.
17:44:11 <kondi> I chose to work on the LUv2 idea since it seems like a project, if accomplished, will be quite useful for all the projects using as a localisation platform
17:44:15 <kondi> kart_: hey
17:44:23 <BPositive> The project description was a bit short, but I could understand what the project is all about once I migrated a wiki page manually
17:45:07 <kart_> kondi: good choice! We will love to see LU2 up and running. Will be quite useful.
17:45:11 <BPositive> And Nikerabbit, and Nemo_bis have been of great help in doing so
17:45:29 <arrbee> BPositive: yay for Nemo and Nike! :)
17:45:57 <Nikerabbit> ugaga :)
17:46:49 <kondi> kart_: :) I need a proper proposal though. All I have is notes scattered on my desk and disk.
17:47:06 <kart_> kondi: do that soon!
17:47:07 <BPositive> I first did that assignment, and then fixed a couple of bugs related to the Translate extension to get familiar with the code. I have been reading the code in parallel as well :)
17:47:39 <kart_> BPositive: really nice. Loved your commits!
17:47:44 <arrbee> We saw aalekh saying yesterday that he could not get through to the mentors. If that happens, which is not unlikely given the timezone differences, direct emails would be very very helpful.
17:48:27 <BPositive> Thanks kart_ . Looking forward to contribute even more :)
17:48:30 <Nikerabbit> BPositive: thanks for your patches ;)
17:48:49 <arrbee> kondi: yes, do that soon and get started with the page on Its easy for the mentors too once they know the one place where to go and look.
17:49:03 <arrbee> BPositive: Thats a good start :)
17:49:12 <kondi> arrbee: sure, will do.
17:49:19 <BPositive> Nikerabbit, thanks for been a fab reviewer ;) Your detailed and long comments still leave me amazed ;)
17:49:24 <BPositive> *being
17:50:13 <arrbee> We have 10 more minutes
17:50:35 <kart_> BPositive: ask Niharika ;)
17:50:49 <arrbee> Niharika: Did you want to share anything from your OPW experience?
17:50:58 <BPositive> I know the number - 32 or so
17:50:59 <Niharika> arrbee: Yep!
17:51:18 <arrbee> Niharika: please :)
17:51:40 <Niharika> It was an awesome learning experience. I´d like to thank everyone who helped me complete the project.
17:51:41 <aharoni> Now I want to ask a question if I may :)
17:51:56 <Niharika> Also, please do try out the Beta Feature and file as many bugs as possible.
17:52:09 <aharoni> Dear guest students, what makes you curious about internationalization?
17:52:10 <Niharika> I´ll work on every one of them after this week.
17:52:11 <arrbee> bugs.are.important
17:52:41 <Niharika> Special thanks to pginer, santhosh, Nikerabbit. :)
17:52:50 <arrbee> Niharika: we have loved your blog posts!
17:53:00 <Niharika> Thank you!
17:53:16 <aharoni> yes, Niharika - no blog post is too simple.
17:53:27 <aharoni> everything is worth to be written and you did it very well.
17:53:47 <Niharika> :) I am so glad you all liked it.
17:53:57 <BPositive> aharoni, The very fact that language does not become a barrier for people to get information :)
17:54:23 <arrbee> For everyone, here is Niharika's document on her OPW work on compact interlanguage links
17:54:27 <arrbee> #link
17:54:49 <Niharika> Thanks arrbee.
17:55:25 <pginer> I'm also really happy to see the good work from Niharika
17:55:42 <arrbee> BPositive: Thats a good thought. :)
17:56:42 <arrbee> We have just under 4 minutes more on this channel
17:57:09 <pginer> You can also try the beta feature at beta-wiki. One good page to do so is:
17:57:30 <pginer> (you need to enable the feature from the top-right beta link once you log-in)
17:57:46 <circeberman> A bit off topic but the Languages team here is looking for someone to join the fun:
17:57:52 * arrbee realises she has been neglecting the #info tag today *sigh*
17:58:13 <arrbee> Thanks circeberman :)
17:58:15 <Niharika> And you can drop your comments here:
17:58:18 <arrbee> #link
17:58:41 <arrbee> Thanks Niharika
17:59:15 <BPositive> I would like all the team members to go through my proposal and provide some feedback on the discussion page
17:59:49 <arrbee> BPositive: kondi : and if there are more people lurking here today and are planning to look at the internationalization projects for GSoC or OPW: We are on #mediawiki-i18n (Freenode) most of the time
18:00:09 <arrbee> and you can also reach us through the mediawiki-i18n mailing list
18:00:47 <arrbee> our team is spread out all over the world and we may not always be looking at IRC messags, but we will surely reply your mails. So do write to us if you have questions.
18:01:06 <arrbee> We will have to wrap up now.
18:01:15 <arrbee> Thanks everyone who came by today
18:01:29 <arrbee> and for the lively discussions
18:01:45 <arrbee> #info Our next office hour would be on 9 April 2014
18:01:46 <Pavanaja> Bye
18:01:58 <arrbee> Our mailing list is and IRC channel is #mediawiki-i18n
18:02:02 <purodha> bye
18:02:10 <arrbee> Language Engineering office hours are held every 2nd Wednesday at 1700 UTC
18:02:16 <arrbee> Thanks everyone
18:02:22 <arrbee> #endmeeting

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