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Log for VisualEditor[edit]

[00:00:19] <whatami> #topic VisualEditor -- See for link to audio Please note: Channel is logged and publicly posted
[00:00:29] <whatami> #link
[00:02:42] <whatami> Welcome, everyone.
[00:03:03] <whatami> Release criteria for VisualEditor are listed at
[00:03:39] <whatami> If you want to follow along with what James F is saying the WebEx audio call, then please see the instructions to join at
[00:03:59] <whatami> James is asking whether the current objectives, as listed in the Phabricator project, are sufficient.
[00:04:07] * andre__ assumes it is intentional that his microphone checkbox in WebEx is disabled at this stage?
[00:04:15] <andre__> (not that I have something to add yet)
[00:04:29] <whatami> Next up: is the resolved blockers.
[00:04:56] <whatami> andre__, I don't know. Chip set up the WebEx part of the meeting.
[00:05:55] <andre__> because I could not even "shout" even if James asked me to do so via audio (not that I planned to) :P
[00:06:36] <whatami> My WebEx tool has a "raise your hand" button. I've never used it.
[00:06:58] <whatami> I believe that the office can hear us whenever we talk, though.
[00:07:03] <andre__> uh yeah, same here. Maybe I'll try later :P
[00:07:05] <andre__> thanks :)
[00:07:38] <whatami> has been fixed (will show up next week at the Wikipedias).
[00:08:14] <whatami> was fixed before anyone except QA saw it.
[00:08:33] <whatami> was a crasher, and it's fixed.
[00:08:51] <whatami> Sorry, is the crasher.
[00:09:15] <whatami> is a fixed Firefox-only bug.
[00:09:52] <whatami> is a resolved performance issue.
[00:10:14] <whatami> is a resolved crasher.
[00:10:30] <whatami> It wouldn't let you add templates or other nodes in some parts of documents.
[00:10:46] <whatami> is a resolved Parsoid task.
[00:11:25] <whatami> is my favorite of this batch, because it increases the likelihood that users will be able to read nearly all comments.
[00:11:31] <whatami> And that's it for the list of resolved bugs.
[00:11:40] <whatami> is the next list.
[00:12:06] <whatami> It looks like 19 tasks were nominated during the last week.
[00:12:24] <whatami> Anything accepted will be put on the list of blockers for the Q3 goal. He's starting at the top.
[00:12:32] <whatami> is first.
[00:12:37] <whatami> James F says that it's boring but important.
[00:13:06] <whatami> It ought to improve stability in certain situations.
[00:13:49] <whatami> It should turn confusing, complicated bugs into simpler bugs, which is good, but it's a very complex problem.
[00:14:20] <whatami> Accepted.
[00:14:25] <whatami>
[00:14:57] <whatami> This sounds like a user experience bug, about things that are selected, but you can't see them because it's off screen.
[00:15:34] <whatami> Accepted.
[00:16:56] <whatami> is next. This is a report from the Italian Wikipedia that adding a template causes VisualEditor to freeze.
[00:17:37] <whatami> This is being accepted tentatively, because it was reported this morning and no one knows how to reproduce it yet.
[00:17:43] <whatami> is next, for Citoid.
[00:18:14] <whatami> It should be a small fix and has been accepted.
[00:18:22] <whatami> is next.
[00:18:31] <whatami> This is a stability bug and will be accepted.
[00:18:40] <whatami>
[00:19:19] <whatami> This is about showing editors how long they should expect it to take VisualEditor to finish loading.
[00:20:29] <whatami> This might be declined.
[00:21:18] <whatami> Actually, James has decided to accept it as a task to be done when polishing the product at the end.
[00:21:21] <whatami> Next up:
[00:21:34] <whatami> It is about changing the feedback form.
[00:24:22] <whatami> There are multiple improvements being made, but the main goal is to change the library, and therefore performance.
[00:24:28] <whatami> is up next.
[00:25:18] <whatami> The idea is to let people start editing before the entire page is fully loaded. This would improve practical performance for long articles.
[00:26:09] <whatami> This task appears to need more research.
[00:26:41] <whatami>
[00:26:53] <whatami> This is a performance issue.
[00:27:22] <whatami> It would increase the number of API tasks but probably improve speed.
[00:28:22] <whatami> is next, and it's also about performance and API requests.
[00:28:54] <whatami> It might save half a second, on opening a page.
[00:29:22] <whatami> is about PArsoid
[00:30:33] <whatami> This one will probably be rejected or listed as a "polish" task.
[00:30:55] <whatami> Next up is about Parsoid
[00:31:20] <whatami> is similar. They're both about nowiki tags.
[00:31:45] <whatami> Both of these are accepted.
[00:32:01] <whatami> James F is skipping to about loading HTML.
[00:32:06] <whatami> It's being accepted.
[00:32:21] <whatami> Now we're going back to about edit stashing.
[00:33:08] <whatami> This improves performance and takes advantage of improvements made last year in MediaWiki.
[00:33:46] <whatami> Next up is about rearranging the toolbar slightly, to make media insertion more prominent.
[00:34:38] <whatami> Design research indicates that it took some users a long time to find the media item in the Insert menu.
[00:35:22] <whatami> However, horizontal space is limited in the toolbar.
[00:37:51] <whatami> This is a particular problem for people who zoom in significantly because of limited vision.
[00:38:41] <whatami> The conversation has moved on to a general need to identify ways to keep the toolbar from wrapping onto two lines (e.g., due to zooming in or having a narrow screen) and identifying which items are most commonly used or higher priority.
[00:39:34] <whatami> The bug is being rejected for now, and being marked as being blocked by improvements to the toolbar.
[00:40:03] <whatami> should be next up. It's about Citoid.
[00:40:47] <whatami> This is being accepted.
[00:41:20] <whatami> about template dialog boxes in Firefox, which don't display correctly.
[00:42:06] <whatami> Again. This bug has been fixed and broken several times, when the underlying libraries get updated.
[00:42:27] <whatami> is the last in the list.
[00:42:51] <whatami> This is about changing a wikilink, like Fish.
[00:43:22] <whatami> If you click in the word and type something else in VisualEditor, then VisualEditor creates a label: Something else.
[00:43:39] <whatami> Many users expect the link to be changed to Something else.
[00:44:43] <whatami> The proposal in this task is to pop up a question that says, "Do you want to change the link to Something else?"
[00:45:22] <whatami> This one is being declined, in favor of some other work that's being done to improve link editing.
[00:45:33] <whatami> That is the end of this list.
[00:45:50] <andre__> (That explanation (user's awareness) for T56947 is welcome in T56947. Makes sense.)
[00:46:00] <whatami> The last section on the agenda is about feedback on the meeting itself.
[00:46:53] <andre__> again, I cannot enable the Microphone checkbox in WebEx. Sorry. :)
[00:47:44] <andre__> thanks whatami!
[00:48:01] <andre__> I'm the weird person on Linux I guess. :P
[00:48:29] <Risker> andre__, I could not enable the microphone either, and I'm on FF/Win7
[00:48:39] <andre__> Risker, oh, interesting. Thanks for sharing that!
[00:49:04] <whatami> Risker, you seem to have dropped from the call. I hope it wasn't due to technical problems.
[00:49:22] <whatami> We're talking about whether to use Google Hangouts rather than WebEx next time. Would that be preferable for anyone who is on IRC?
[00:50:07] <Risker> no technical problems, whatami, I have to step away shortly. I can't use google hangouts for audio because google hates me
[00:50:24] <whatami> Thanks for that information. I'll pass that along.
[00:50:44] <andre__> To me, it's as closed software and requires registering like WebEx, but my microphone normally works. But inviting non-WMF people will be hard with Google hangout.
[00:50:50] <Risker> but I found this meeting interesting, even if I didn't understand a lot of things. It would be helpful to know who exactly is attending via Wikimedia-office
[00:51:06] <andre__> thanks everybody!
[00:51:12] <andre__> (meeting over)
[00:51:33] <whatami> #endmeeting
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