IRC office hours/Office hours 2015-06-10

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Time: 14:30-15:30 UTC
Channel: #wikimedia-office
Timestamps are in IST.

20:00 arrbee: == Language Engineering Office Hour - June 2015 ==
20:01 arrbee: We are starting the on air session in a minute. Please follow here:
20:06 wittylama: Is this the correct link for the language engineering office hours on Google Hangout right now?
20:06 Nikerabbit: yes
20:07 aharoni_: Sawubona
20:07 Niharika: Hello everyone!
20:07 arrbee: wittylama: you can also join the hangout if you like
20:08 wittylama: That URL is a broadcast URL, not a 'participation' option. just a Youtube feed.
20:10 arrbee: wittylama: participation url in PM
20:11 KuboF: arrbee: I please for participation URL too
20:16 arrbee: hey Niharika!
20:16 Niharika: Hi arrbee . :)
20:25 Romaine: question: what can I/we do to stimulate a certain language pair to become available?
20:30 pginer: Language pairs supported by Apertium:
20:32 Nikerabbit: phabricator ticket for article suggestions:
20:34 aharoni_: Romaine: to make a language pair available in ContentTranslation, just wait till the end of the month ;)
20:34 Romaine: ok
20:34 Nikerabbit: The stats page Santhosh is showing is
20:34 aharoni_: Romaine: to make a language pair available in Apertium, you need to talk to the Apertium developers in the #apertium channel,
20:35 aharoni_: but generally, somebody needs to create a text file with a dictionary and a file with the description of translating grammatical rules,
20:35 aharoni_: apertium developers can give you more details about how to do it.
20:36 aharoni_: Romaine: It may sounds circular, but if a lot of articles will be translated manually between two languages, it will help developers of Apertium and other machine translation engines to create machine translation for these languages.
20:39 Romaine: aharoni_: thank you for the answers
20:40 Romaine: talking to Aprtium developers is a bit feeling myself falling in a depth I have too little background in
20:54 Nikerabbit: Our first version of the api to get list of published translations:
21:02 arrbee: Thanks everyone. Our office hour ends now.
21:02 arrbee: == Language Engineering Office Hour Ends ==
21:03 arrbee: session video available here: