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Time: 13:00-14:00 UTC
Channel: #wikimedia-office
Timestamps are in UTC.

13:00:00 <arrbee> #startmeeting Language Engineering office hour - November 2015
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13:00:56 <arrbee>
13:01:05 <arrbee> broadcasting live as a hangout on air
13:01:44 <Niharika> o/ Hi arrive.
13:01:53 <Niharika> arrbee^
13:02:04 <Niharika> arrive: Can you give me the stream link?
13:02:06 <Cheol> Hi, all!
13:02:07 <kart_> Hi Niharika
13:02:15 <Niharika> Hi kart_!
13:02:46 <Nikerabbit> does this work?
13:03:08 <Niharika> Yes, it does. Thanks Nikerabbit.
13:04:14 <arrbee> hey Niharika
13:08:33 <Niharika> It'd be nice if people not speaking could mute. Lots of noise.
13:11:42 <Nikerabbit> Niharika: it's better now, right?
13:11:56 <Niharika> Much better.
13:18:26 <Nikerabbit> From hangout chat: Esperanto translation competition:
13:23:59 <Niharika> This is REALLY cool. It's going up all the way.
13:25:04 <Niharika> Is maintained by the Language Engg team? If yes, can we pretty please get Hindi in there as well?
13:26:09 <Nikerabbit> Niharika: no it's not maintained by us
13:26:48 <Nikerabbit> Niharika: our contact is Leila
13:28:25 <Nikerabbit> in research team
13:28:43 <arrbee> Niharika: or Ellery
13:29:48 <kart_> Niharika: it should be available for Hindi too
13:29:53 <kart_> *will be
13:29:55 <Niharika> I see.
13:29:59 <Nikerabbit>
13:29:59 <Niharika> Oh, good.
13:30:10 <Niharika> And where do the suggestions in come from?
13:30:26 <Niharika> They don't seem to be same as the ones in the Recommend tool.
13:31:00 <Nikerabbit> Niharika: partially from the recommend tool and partially from other sources, depending on language pair
13:31:13 <Niharika> Okay.
13:33:23 <Nikerabbit> Niharika: suggestion related code is currently under development, so that things will change a bit in the coming weeks as we progress
13:34:02 <Niharika> Nikerabbit: When I first click on "Translations" under "Contributions", I land up on the "In progress" tab with a blank "More suggestions" heading in the middle of the page, with no suggestions below it.
13:34:28 <Niharika> Okay. Maybe make people with no in progress translations land on the Suggestions tab instead.
13:34:57 <Nikerabbit> Niharika: exactly, those things can still change, and Pau is currently giving a demo :)
13:35:40 <Niharika> Also, when I click on the Suggestions tab for the first time, I see only one suggestion and then I have to click the Refresh link to see more.
13:36:46 <Niharika> arrbee: Q: Is the "campaign" in any way related to Wikiprojects? Can they be?
13:39:02 <Niharika> I like the idea of having campaigns. Brilliant.
13:41:36 <arrbee> Niharika: yep
13:48:35 <Niharika> That helps, thanks arrive.
13:48:39 <Niharika> arrbee: ^
13:48:42 <Niharika> Sorry. :/
13:48:46 <arrbee> lol
13:52:58 <Niharika> Really bad, yep.
13:53:22 <arrbee> :)
13:54:48 <Cheol>
13:55:08 <Cheol> Sorry it is Korean. I feel the list is not organized.
13:55:35 <Cheol> We need to organize them for the machine to read.
13:55:38 <arrbee>
13:59:44 <Nikerabbit>
14:01:04 <arrbee> #endmeeting

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