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Chat on Office Hour and Google Hangout online round table session
7 December 2016
13:00 - 14:00 UTC

13:00:09 <Nikerabbit> #startmeeting Language Team office hour - December 2016
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13:00:38 <Nikerabbit> Welcome to the online+IRC office of the WMF Language team
13:00:53 <Nikerabbit> Our main conversation is happening on Google Hangout/youtube:
13:01:04 <Nikerabbit> #link
13:01:22 <Nikerabbit> Please let us know if you would like to join on the hangout
13:01:37 <Nikerabbit> We will also be taking questions here
13:02:02 <Nikerabbit> Reminder that the logs of this channel will be recorded and posted on meta wiki
13:02:18 <Nikerabbit> The recording from the last meeting is at:
13:02:30 <Nikerabbit> #link
13:02:34 <Nikerabbit> and the logs are at:
13:02:47 <Nikerabbit> #link
13:07:06 <arrbee> #link
13:07:15 <arrbee> #link
13:07:24 <arrbee> #link
13:08:49 <Nikerabbit> Santhosh is currently showing a live demo on our latest new feature: support for adapting templates used in the Wikipedia articles
13:09:10 <Nikerabbit> earlier we just hid those, so you did not see infoboxes when translating, for example
13:10:03 <arrbee> the last link that I posted above is a screencast of the same feature
13:20:47 <arrbee> #link
13:21:11 <arrbee> Kevin shares his project website for Gaelic machine translations
13:47:31 <arrbee> Nikerabbit: you need to endmeeting here
13:49:22 <Nikerabbit> #endmeeting

session video: