Importing data to OmegaWiki

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How to get content as lossless and easy as possible from current wiktionaries and other sources into OmegaWiki.

At the moment testing and brainstorming...


  • lemma
  • definition
  • examples
  • translations

datastructure for current testing[edit]


  • <lemma>Bank</lemma>
  • <meaning>
    • <description>Ein Sitzmöbel für mehrere Personen</description>
    • <translation language=it>Banca</translation>
    • <example>asdf asdf bla asdf asdf asdfeien Bank</translation>
  • </meaning>
    • <description>Eine Einrichutng die sich mit Geldgeschäften befasst</description>
    • <translation language=en>Bank</translation>
  • </meaning>


This is nice however, it will be wrong. This is very much based on dicologos. In Ultimate Wiktionary we do not have the concept of a lemma. As I have written in my blog (I will write more fully on this in Meta soon) there is a DefiningMeaning. This is what associates the MeaningText and the SynTrans. The key trick is that all true synonimes and translations should have the same definition text and the definition text in other languages should be ideally be literal translations.

Thanks, GerardM 18:37, 21 November 2005 (UTC)[reply]