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Namaskar, do you know about Hindi Wikipedia?
Hindi Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which anyone can edit.
Hindi Wikipedia has more than 1 lakh articles.
So, how you would write in Hindi Wikipedia?
Please go to this site: hi.wikipedia.org (Read the letters individually like h-i-dot-w-i-k-i-p-e-d-i-a-dot-o-r-g).

(Text: Go to hi.wikipedia.org)

After going to this site click on "Create new account"

(Text: Click on "Create account")

Type the Captcha, your preferred username, password and email address

(Text: Type the captcha, username, password and email address)

Now your account is created!
Now click on "Input mode" and "Enable"

(Text: Click on "Input mode" and "Enable")

After Enabling, type the name of the article in the search bar.
After choosing this type the name of the article in the search bar. Choose the article from the options which you want to edit

(Text: Type the name of the article in the search bar)

Click on "Edit" after the page opens up.

(Text: To add some information click on "Edit")

After clicking the "Edit" button you can add information in the article. You should know that you can add any information which is not there in the article, but please do not add any wrong information.
Scroll down after adding information to the article and write a brief summary of what changes you have made.

(Text: Add a summary of what changes you have made)

After writing a summary Click on "Save"

(Text: To Save your changes click on "Save")

All your changes appear after you click on "Save".
Now you can see the changes on the article page.
See, how easy this is!

<poem>The next step is referencing. Every Wikipedia article needs news articles and books as references to make the information reliable. Let's learn how to add references!
Click on 'Edit'. Go to the line where you want to add a reference link. Click on the Book icon, it will open a small window. Copy the news article link and paste it in the the small box like this. Now click on 'Save'. Your link appears in the reference section! Simple, right?
(Text: Add a reference to the artice)