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The number of speakers of Hindi is highly uncertain. It ranges from 25 crores to 43 crore. The primary reason for this uncertanity is due to the inclusion or exclusion of speakers of certain languages (or dialects). The examples of these languages are Bhojpuri, Rajastani, Chhattisgarhi, Angika, and many others. And some of these languages have its own wikipedia projects also. Even if we consider the low figure of 25 crore native languages speakers of Hindi, we can see that it is the biggest language of India in terms of number of speakers and it is a huge number. So developing Hindi wiki projects is very important since that will serve more than 25 crore speakers.

During 2012 January Hindi wikipedia was hanving close to 1 lakh articles. But the number of active users is just 40. Considering the huge speaker base this active user base is too low. So I feel for Hindi Wikipedia the top priority is growing the community.


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