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CIS-A2K/Reports/CIS-A2K Quarterly Report 1/Odia

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Workplan for Odia Wikimedia projects was shared and discussed with the Odia Wikimedia community. During this quarter a series of Wikipedia editing training workshops were introduced in the classrooms of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhenkanal. The planning and preparation for this program happened during this quarter. This was one of the major programs that was implemented during this quarter by the community with programmatic support from the CIS-A2K program. Building partnerships with two other organizations: Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), Bhubaneswar and KIIT University were initiated with the idea of including students and faculty of these two institutions to use Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects as an educational tool. Detailed work plan for Odia Wikipedia could be read here.

Key Highlights[edit]

  • Wikipedia workshop for researchers at Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia: To introduce Wikipedia editing to the researchers to the researchers this workshop was organized with successive discussion with the head of the institute with the active involvement of the community. However, this collaboration could not sustain because of lack of sustainability post workshop.
  • Wikipedia introductory workshop and edit-a-thon for voluntary health educators: Educators of Bhubaneswar based voluntary organization "Arambha" were introduced to Odia Wikipedia with an edit-a-thon. The plan was to assess the scope for enriching topics related social issues and health on Odia Wikipedia by building a long term program. This initiative could not proceed despite of effort to support the participating wikipedians. Odia Wikimedia commmunity members based in Bhubaneswar took active part in conducting the event.
  • ଲୀଳାବତୀଙ୍କ କନ୍ୟାଗଣ (Lilavati's daughters) project: A major initiatives to enrich Wikipedia with women Indian scientists across many Indic languages was started. Odia Wikipedian Subas Chandra Rout has been majorly contributing to this project since the initiation of this project where as 23 articles have been created till date.
  • Initiation of of a new model of Wikipedia workshop series: Due to the low output during the Odia Wikipedia Education Program the Education program was modified to more sustainable rigorous Wikipedia training workshops. Planning and preparation for this program was one key activity during this quarter.
  • Partnership building at KISS and KIIT: Assessment of students from indigenous tribes and the faculty at KISS and students from management and engineering disciplines at KIIT.

Total Editors[edit]

The number of total editors has a slow and consistent growth but no significant growth. This is also because of the planning and preparation nature of most of the work. Even though existing Wikimedians took up a new project to create article about villages of Odisha to enhance the WikiProject places of Odisha there were not many new wikipedians joining the community.

Total editors-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)
Total editors-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)

New Editors[edit]

On an average the number of new editors joining Odia Wikipedia was zero for the last quarter (May - June 2013) which got slightly improved during this quarter.

New editors-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)

Active Editors[edit]

Number of active editors went high in the first month of this quarter because of the workshops and edit-a-thon which could not sustain in the following months. This could be the result of the existing wikipedians becoming more active while conducting the outreach events and few new editors. The number remains almost in the second and third month tending growth toward the end of this quarter.

Active editors-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013))

Very Active Editors[edit]

The number of very active wikipedians has been almost same during this quarter and has been the same in the previous months. Most of the activities has not affected most of the very active wikipedians.

Very active editors-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)

No. of Articles[edit]

Growth of articles shows consistent growth during this quarter. However, there is more addition of new articles towards the end of the quarter which is the effect of "WikiProject villages and cities of Odisha" and "Lilavati's daughter's project".

Number of articles-Odia Wikipedia (Jul - Sep 2013)