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CIS-A2K/Reports/CIS-A2K Quarterly Report 6/Stand-alone Wikimedia Projects

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Bringing Tulu Wikipedia live[edit]

Tulu Wikipedian Vishwanatha Badikana speaks
Tulu Wikipedian Karishma B K speaks

Tulu Wikipedia is in incubation and CIS-A2K is helping the Tulu community to bring Tulu Wikipedia out of incubation. CIS-A2K did not conduct any workshop or presentation about Tulu Wikipedia during this period. But it worked remotely on these task of increasing content in Tulu Wikipedia and growing & sustaining the editor community of Tulu WIkipedia. Active Tulu and Kannada Wikipedian Prof Vishvanatha Badikana alon with another Tulu Wikipedian were interviewed by a local TV channel Spandana TV of Mangaluru. CIS-A2K was instrumental in this interview to happen. Video interviews of two prominent Tulu Wikipedians were conducted and uploaded commons. A tutorial video was created on starting with Tulu Wikipedia. The video is available here.

Month Edits per month New pages Bytes added Editors per month
Jan 2015 127 4 52814 3
Feb 2015 154 3 52561 3
Mar 2015 254 4 181574 3
  • Total Number of articles (as on 10 April 2015): 853 (excluding the redirects)
  • Total number of editors: 70 (with more than 10 edits)

The growth of Tulu Wikipedia in this quarter is not substantial.