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CIS-A2K/Work plan July 2015 - June 2016/Making the Hindi Wikisource Live

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Work plan July 2015 - June 2016

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Hindi is one of the official languages of India and is spoken almost across India as a linking language. Hindi also has wide spread literature and texts available. This project aims to make Hindi Wikisource a live project. Towards this three things will be done by CIS-A2K. First, to get content in Hindi re-released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 and to host it on Commons and Wikisource. Second, with the help of ongoing Christ University partnership , undertake a project whereby the students will type and proof read the books on Wikisource. Third, the digitized literature in Hindi will be freely distributed across the government schools in an offline form. This project is inspired by the Malayalam Wikimedia community's efforts of introducing Wikisource in schools as part of the IT at Schools program in Kerala and the Odia Wikisource as OER project from last year's workplan.

Work Done so Far[edit]

  • CIS-A2K team had worked with Christ students in bringing up all of Premchand's stories on Wikisource.
  • CIS-A2K signed an MoU with Christ University, the students with Hindi as second language will help in digitizing Hindi content for WikiSource. CIS-A2K has discussed with the Christ management and faculty to involve students in the the digitization project of Hindi classics

Implementation Plan[edit]

Hindi Literature Donation/Release under CC License[edit]


To work towards getting the Hindi content re-released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 license and put up on Wikimedia platform.

  1. Formalize agreement with Hindi authors.
  2. Organize a formal function for the re-release such that it motivates others to follow suit.
  3. Arrive at priority list from the catalogue to be digitized and typed on wikisource.
  4. Books will be scanned and PDF files will be uploaded on Wikimedia Commons
  5. Digitize and make available the top priority (encyclopedic in nature) books on Wikisource

1. 50 Hindi books to be made available on Hindi Wikisource.
2. This will also contribute to the improvement of articles on Hindi Wikipedia and could result in 50 quality articles.

Revive the HI Wikisource Project[edit]

To revive the Hindi Wikisource project that is in incubation.
  1. Create a group of committed contributors at Christ University consisting of faculty and students.
  2. Upload digitized books on Wikimedia Commons
  3. A core group will be selected by Christ to coordinate the digitization work locally.
  4. Organize regular typing and proofreading sprints.
  5. Hindi Wikisource is currently under incubation. Now active community (at least 5 members) will be digitizing books on the incubation project to bring it live.
  6. Once the project gains momentum write to Language Committee to make the project live
  7. Wikimedians from Hindi community who are interested would be involved in this project to support in training the Wikimedians and on-wiki support for the project.
  • Around 1000 folios will be typed and proof-read on Hindi Wikisource.
  • It is expected to have totally 30 active Hindi Wikisource editors.
  • Hindi Wikisource project to go live.


Parameters Expected Target (by December 2015) Dream Target (by December 2015)
No. of New editors 30 60
No. of New Active editors 10 20
No. of books made available on Hindi WikiSource 10 30
No. of folios typed and proofread 1,000 5,000
No. of Training Workshops 3 5
No. of Events 1 2


Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$) Other Sources and in kind Support (INR) Other Sources and in kind Support (US$)
2 POs x 10% * 143,616/- 2,320.83 - -
Volunteer Support 10,000/- 161.60 10,000/- 161.60
Events/Meet-ups/Workshops 20,000/- 323.20 20,000/- 323.20
Consumables/Printing/Stationery/Swag 10,000/- 161.60 - -
Miscellaneous 5,000/- 80.80 - -
Total 188,616/- 3,048.03 20,000/- 323.20

* 10% time each of Rahmanuddin and Tanveer as Program Officer who will anchor this plan at CIS-A2K


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