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Plan - June 2012[edit]

I'm outlining the broad areas that the India Program team is going to be working on during June 2012. This is for your information as well as to elicit suggestions.

Please do add comments on the discussion page, or offlist to me (

  • Indic Community Building
We will continue our efforts to support local community building (across languages) with as many interested community members as we can effectively handle. This will primarily involve a combination of promoting collaboration (through Wikiprojects, for instance) as well as through helping grow communities by supporting community outreach efforts. Specifically in June, we plan the following
  • Support the Assamese community to take forward their plans after their 10th anniversary celebrations
  • Support the Kannada community to take forward their plans after their 9th anniversary celebrations
  • Support the Nepali community to take forward their plans after their 10th anniversary celebrations
  • Providing advisory services to Bengali / Sanskrit/ Telugu / Gujarati / Assamese projects beyond Wikipedia, specifically, Wikisources / Wiktionary
  • Supporting Outreach
  • On Indic languages, we will continue the process of translation of the Outreach Handbook to Indic languages, as well as helping community members interested in outreach.
  • We will continue to fine-tune the Outreach Handbook and other outreach material - building on the feedback and responses we are getting.
  • We will explore the potential for a digital outreach model for an Indic community - and preliminary discussions have commenced.
  • We will be partnering with institutes to set up Wikipedia Clubs. We are already in process of setting up a Wikipedia Club at British Council. The first session for their members is scheduled for 23rd June.
  • Staying-in-Touch with Newbies Post-Outreach
  • Communications
  • We will publish 3 stories on topical community initiatives
  • We will continue to establish the social media / digital outreach plan using the Facebook group for English as well as Facebook group for Odia that has been set up, and now has a number of existing community members supporting the initiative as mentors. Specifically, we will look at supporting the Hindi, Kannada and Assamese communities who have expressed interest.
  • We will work on and improve communication with Indic communities.
  • Education Program
This is a topic we are carrying forward from previous months. We have had a number of discussions with community members and we are working on a plan that around which we will be initiating on wiki discussions this month.