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The thematic edit-a-thons with proper planning and community mobilisation are necessary for the movement. On the occasion of Independence day 2018, this event was conducted in collaboration with Marathi community. In all 29 editors participated in this 10 days edit-a-thon during 10 to 20 August 2018.


In collaboration with Marathi Community, we proposed Independence Struggle edit-a-thon on VP. We have mentioned that different language Wikipedia are also doing it across India. The discussions took place on - structure of Category:Independence struggle, sub-categories; Sections on : reference material - offline & online, Campaign Coordinators, Participants etc. are created on this page. We suggested use of Outreach Dashboard to record the contributions during period. Suggestions about incentives to good contributors are also invited.


  • To develop the content on the topic - Indian Independence Struggle
  • To develop proper category structure for the topic
  • To improve quality of articles by adding reliable references, infoboxes and images
  • To list the available offline and online resources on this topic for future reference
  • To arrange onsite edit-a-thons in educational institutes

Event details[edit]

  • Online event during period - 10 August to 20 August 2018
  • Onsite edit-a-thon at Solapur University



Marathi Wikimedia community, supported by CIS-A2K conducted Indian Independence Struggle edit-a-thon on Marathi Wikipedia between 10–20 August 2018. The objective of this edit-a-thon was creating and improving articles related to India's independence struggle on Marathi Wikipedia. Total 29 Marathi Wikimedians participated in this edit-a-thon, created 35 new articles and improved 123 articles on this theme. The community members actively took part in the discussions on the Marathi Wikipedia village pump and decided the structure and rules of the edit-a-thon which includes categorisation, usage of reliable references. A list of 36 reliable resources for citations was prepared to be used during this edit-a-thon.

The Marathi community also planned and conducted offline edit-a-thon. One offline edit-a-thon was conducted at Solapur University on 20 August 2018 in which 14 editors participated.