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About Indic-TechCom[edit]

Indic-TechCom is a volunteer technical committee which is responsible for providing technical help to Indic Wikipedias and sister Wiki projects. The idea to make this help desk came from CIS-A2K's Wiki Advanced Training, Ranchi. This program is supported by CIS-A2K.


  1. Provide Technical Support
  2. Fix Broken Gadgets
  3. Develop Script and Gadget for Indic community
  4. Help for Enabling Extenions on wiki
  5. Create Technical leadership in Indic community

How to get involved[edit]

  • Requests: Our request page is intended for placing a technical request for help and support from Indic communities. Please write a clear technical request after consulting the community.
  • Tools: Indic-TechCom develops and maintains tools and extensions which can be useful to Indic Wikimedia Communities and Projects. Take a look at Our Tools and extensions, spread the word in community and use them if needed.
  • Help us: Indic-TechCom is a volunteer technical committee. Join us to support Indic Wikimedia projects by fixing issues, developing scripts and gadgets, enabling extensions and other technical aspects.