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7th Icon Button is the FileLinkTool Button

FileLinkTool will help to make a link to the source file for a derivative work. This tool will be very helpful for the users who are working with derivative works on Wikimedia Commons. Because many creative works are derivative works of some other works, and are entitled to their own copyright. As per the Creative Commons attribution statement, the source has to be mentioned appropriately.

In these case, users often tend to mention it as [[File:ABC.jpg]], however it should be [[:File:ABC.jpg]]. The former code results in displaying the entire image in the information box, thereby messing up other fields, whereas as the latter one results in Wiki=-link, which keep everything simple.

This tool will help you to do the process, just select the text and click the following icon: , which is added to the toolbar after installing the following script.

What  it does[edit]

  • File:ABC.jpg ---> [[:File:ABC.jpg]]
  • Image:ABC.jpg ---> [[:Image:ABC.jpg]]
  • [[File:ABC.jpg]] ---> [[:File:ABC.jpg]]


Add the following code to your Wikimedia Commons common.js page: